Tuesday, 31 July 2012

MK haul

im going to jump straight into it, no jibber jabbering on!

cardigan - new look - £19.99  |  leopard print top - select - £8  |  shorts - select - £10

if you read my new look/boots \haul a couple weeks ago, you'd know i bought a dress but it was ill-fitting so i took it back. they gave me a gift card which i used to part pay for the cardigan. i love the pink on it, it makes it a little bit more exciting :) its from the inspire range but i think this particular piece comes up a little small.
im always looking at animal print clothes but never pick them up (no idea why) so i thought id start off small and im sooo glad i did, i loove the top!
the shorts were in the sale, they're a sheer material and could be dressed up or down, i love the floaty material, they'll keep me nice and cool when its hot again!

montagne jeunesse peel off masks: cucumber x2, pomegranit x2 & lemon x2 - boots - £1.00  |  soap & glory hand maid - boots - £2.50  |  coconut oil - superdrug - £1.99  |  MUA: undressed palette - superdrug - £4.00  |  2true: shade #48 polish - superdrug - £1.99  |  natural collection: antique coral polish - boots - £1.89  |  17 lasting fix: spring petal - boots - £2.99

i absolutely love these masks. i get on a lot better with the peel off ones than the clay ones and i deffo notice the difference with my skin since using these more regularly. its also nice to pamper yourself a bit... and the packaging is so bright and colourful they just scream 'buy me!' when i see them :) lol

this stuff smells lush! i hate being out the house and being unable to wash my hands, i hate having dirty hands and im always careful when it comes to germs and putting my hands near my mouth. so this stuff comes in perfect. im now worry-free with lush smelling, clean hands! :D this is my first soap & glory product and it deffo wont be my last, i always hear such great things so i think i need to go for it and try more of their products!

my dads cousins other half recommended this stuff, ive bought something similar before but thought i'd give this a go, you can use it as a leave in conditioner or as a full hair mask. my hair isnt in bad condition at all but i do like to look after it so it never comes to that. i love the smell of coconut and cant wait to give this a go.

does anybody NOT have this palette?! i swear ive been the last to get it but i have my reasons! - the superdrug closest to me doesnt stock even half of what mua sell and dont seem to have stocked anything new from them for months. booo! also i dont like ordering things like eyeshadow online as it will be my luck it turns up broken! i absolutely love the colours - they're all the colours i'd usually wear on one palette so im glad i got to pick it up :)

im always on the look out for nail polish but i dont like spending much cause i have so many and none of them get used enough for me to warrant paying over £5... unless they're REALLY nice of course! ;)

they all have a shimmer to them, which im really liking at the moment.. the coral coloured one doesnt look shimmery once its on your nail though. the blue one has pink shimmery bits in it (i have the pink one too) and the pink one has pink shimmery bits.

the coral one (natural collection) applied the worst.. but shade wise is my favourite. its quite streaky and the brush is really crap so it sort of goes all over the place too which is never good. but for the price i can put up with it.
the blue one (2true) looks nicer in the bottle.. i needed 4 coats for it to look like it does in the bottle and probably wouldnt wear it on its own but it would look nice with the pink one i reckon.. we'll see! its not a favourite but its not my worst one.
the pink one (17) is a really pretty colour and applies nicely. i only needed 2 coats too which is always good! deffo glad i bought it.

so there you have it :) and i have to dash now cause im going shopping again today!
this time with my cousin stacy and her daughter mia.. hopefully we'll buy some nice things :)  xxx


  1. Great haul, dear! Love those face masks! :)

    Stop by and check out my blog :)

    1. thank you :) yeah they're great arent they! :) x

  2. love the shorts! xx


  3. I ADORE Coconut oil also!! I have also blogged about the MANY uses of coconut oil and it definitely makes for a great deep hair conditioner.