Thursday, 26 July 2012

9 things i love

9 loves:

this was easy peasy lemon squeezy :) since we've been together (4 years) he's been my other half, my best friend and my family. he is one of the good ones and im extremely lucky to have him. he is always there for me through everything and is so kind, caring, honest.. and all those other lovely traits we wish for in a bloke.. ooh and a brilliant sense of humour - we're always laughing!

i simply cannot go a single day without listening to music. i love 80s cheese, 90s pop, rnb, hip hop and more! my favourite artist at the moment is nicki minaj, i just think she's brilliant! i also really like lil wayne, rihanna, david guetta, ed sheeran, roxette.. quite a wide range.

i love writing lists.. we're going on holiday - i write a list for everything we need to take. we're going shopping - i write a list of everything we need to buy. i am so organised but if i didnt do my lists, i just know id forget something or spend half the time thinking i had!

i love the colour pink. love it. love it. love it. although aaron wont ever let me decorate our home pink, i have enough pink items to make up for it :) i even have a pink electric fly swat! if its pink AND glittery, well thats even better!

my phone.
i actually would be lost without my phone. im nearly always on it, im addicted.

reeces cups.
yum. mega yum. id eat them every day if they werent so bad. aaron brough some back with him from canada (he went out there to work a few weeks) for me - i think i loved him mostest that day :) lol

facebook addict right here! all my close friends and family are on it so its a great way for me to keep in contact with them all - without it i probably wouldnt half as much. and im always updating my status and uploading pics. addicted i tell you!

im such a big kid. i get so excited when it snows! earlier this year it was due to snow but we'd had nothing so aaron said we'd jump in the car and keep driving til we find some snow. we ended up over 180 miles away from home and the snow got so bad even aaron (who loves driving in the snow) was getting worried.. and i was terrified! raffic was crawling on the motorway (a lot of people had stopped) and we pulled off as soon as we could and stayed in a premier inn. scary much.. but once we booked in we did have a little play in the snow :D

mostly online shopping, unless its a week day and not busy! i cant stand it when its busy - i just get stressed out and dont enjoy it. i love buying new clothes.. i love buying anything actually. its nice being able to get things for myself but its an even nicer feeling buying for other people :)

done :) do you love any of the same things as moi? (not aaron though that would be weird lol!)
this is my last post until monday as me and aaron have a weekend away this weekend so expect a few posts about that!

also, if you missed the post about the future of my blog structure wise, please click here! xxx


  1. Cute blog! I am a new follower of your blog. :)

    -♡ Valerie Angel
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  2. I'm a big kid when it snows too :) It makes it feel magical ha ha *holds hand up and says I'm Tanesha and I'm very sad*

    Tanesha x