Thursday, 26 July 2012

7 wants

7 wants:

rolls royce phantom.
*dreams* if i ever won the lottery i would absolutely *love* one of these cars. the chance of me even getting to sit in one is extremely slim!!

to win the lottery.
well who doesnt want this! it really annoys me when people win and waste it. if i won of course i would treat myself to everything i want and treat the family too but i would also invest a good amount of it so that we wouldnt have to work again. a girl can dream!

and now to be more realistic!!

a home.
me and aaron had to move back to his parents last year and have struggled to get back on our feet since. we're getting so fed up now and really want our own space again. we just need to be a bit patient at the moment..

a holiday.
we have a week away booked in october to wales as we went last year and absolutely loved it (if i won the lottery i would so live there!) but i would love to go somewhere like barbados or the maldives but that costs a lot of money :/

a cat.
i had a cat when i was younger but dad didnt really like them so when he died i wasnt allowed another :( i cannot wait til we have our own place and i can get a little kitty cat! meow!

to get married.
step one, engagement - check! step two, marriage... not check! it wont be happening yet.. click here to read the post on why, if you dont already know. once everything is sorted - hopefully next year - we'll be able to start planning, yay yay yay!

to lose weight.
i love my food but food doesnt love me! we joined the gym but they werent putting any money into it so we quiet and havent joined another as we're trying to save for moving out.. we do eat a lot healthier now though and try to walk more.

what things do you want most? xxx


  1. I live in Wales :) Thats a really nice want list! I want a cat too but im not allowed to get one until I move out :( xx

    1. you're so lucky - i would love to live in wales! everybody there is so friendly :) hopefully we'll both have cats one day! :) xx

  2. Tiffany, making a list like that is the first step to making all of your "wants" and dreams come true. You know what you want and now the next step is to make it happen! EVERYTHING is possible, and I'm sure you can get ALL of it sooner than you think as long as you REALLY want it;-))))