Friday, 26 April 2013

My Weightloss So Far, In Pictures.

Last night I said to Aaron that I don't feel like I've lost weight and when I look in the mirror I can't really see that I've lost any either, even though the scales told me I've got just 2lb to go til I've lost 2 stone! He said to look back through my pictures and I found one where I was wearing nearly the same as I was when I posted a picture of my outfit on Instagram the other day. I had to share it cause I can really see the weightloss and it's given me that boost that I needed to keep me going :)

slimming world weight loss
sorry for the crap quality, blame the phone ;)
As you probably know by now, I started Slimming World in January this year. My reason for wanting to losing weight is to feel healthy again, I was the biggest I'd ever been and I just lost all of my confidence too which I feel is what started my anxiety.
We have diabetes in both sides of dads family and I knew I was heading straight for it the way I was going. I was fed up of being out of breath just from running up the stairs and I also started getting problems with my back, knee and my feet which the doctor said isn't helped by being over weight, obviously. I stopped feeling happy with the way I looked in anything, I stopped enjoying clothes and started not really bothering to make any effort. After Christmas Aaron and I agreed we needed to stop eating so much junk and start eating better and get ourselves into shape. Since eating better I rarely feel ill anymore, I enjoy walking (never thought I'd say that!!), I enjoy eating healthy meals, I feel happier in myself and my confidence has grown a lot - even my mum noticed last time we went shopping :) I still feel anxious in the car sometimes, especially on a dual carriage way but apart from that I haven't really had any problems. I've been going out to shops alone and will speak on the phone a bit more now too.
I always thought losing weight was going to be really hard work but it's literally been a case of eating healthily, cutting down on all the bad stuff and getting off my arse a bit more. Although I'm wearing size 16 jeans and size 18 tops and only want to get down to a size 14 on the bottom and 16 on top, most of my weight is around my middle so I have a way to go as yet til I'm happy but I'm getting there and that's the main thing :)

Superdrug haul

Last week I had a cheeky spend on the Superdrug website. I really wanted to try some Real Techniques brushes so as they're on offer (buy one get one half price) I thought I'd go for it, about time right!? Since starting this blog I've really got into make up - I'm sure this can be said for so many of us! - at first I started off with cheap brushes but I wasn't getting on with them and knew I needed better ones.. and obviously I couldn't just order 2 brushes :) Ordering was easy peasy, I got a confirmation email then another one when my order was dispatched and my items arrived within the stated time too so thumbs up from moi.

superdrug haul

Garnier summer body
This is my 2nd bottle, I love this stuff!

Superdrug hair grips
Cotton buds x2 and hair grips cause you can never have enough!

Superdrug chocolate brown hair dye
The colour on the box is gorgeous. It turned my roots auburn though :(

Real Techniques expert face brush powder brush
So far I'm really impressed with these brushes!

coconut shampoo
This stuff actually smells amazing! I've used it before and really like it.

Barry M glitter MUA strawberry amaretto crush bold blue
Few more to add to the fast growing collection ;) Barry M are currently on 3 for 2.
Barry M - Black Multi Glitter, Barry M - Diamond Glitter, Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream, 
NYC - Smoky Top Coat, MUA - Strawberry Crush, MUA - Amaretto Crush, MUA - Bold Blue.

So there we have it. Do you have/have you used any of the items I got - What were your thoughts? xxx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

30 ways to save money..

Anyone that knows me well knows I don't like to waste money. I love bargain hunting and will always, always shop around - I simply cannot understand anyone who isn't rolling in it that wouldn't want to save money! Does anyone else get that good "feeling" when you find a real good bargain?!
Anyway..! Money Supermarket are holding a competition for bloggers where £2000 is up for grabs if you write about and list your favourite ways to save money.. Say no more, count me in! For all the details click right here! Let's get into it, it could be a long one...

1. Use comparison websites for things like car insurance. Aarons dad was with the same person for years and was sure it was a fantastic deal until I entered his details on a comparison website and found several insurance companies offering more for half the price!

2. Always write a shopping list and stick to it. That way you only buy what you really need and won't over spend when you don't need to.

3. Shop around for your food. We get our fruit and vegetables from the market, some meat and tinned products like tomatoes from Lidl and everything else from Asda. We're saving around £20 a week which is £80 a month or £1040 a year.. That's your holiday paid for!

4. Shop around for everything! From holidays and hotels to household appliances and garden furniture to household bills and everything in between and more..

5. Always check your bills. If you think you're paying too much, ask around your friends and family for an idea or what they're paying compared to yours, then phone your supplier or even change suppliers for a better deal. Aarons parents were paying double what we pay, I suggested they ring up about it and they're now paying the same as us!

6. Consider moving from contact to pay as you go. If you're not using all of your minutes, texts and internet allowance then ask yourself if you really need to be on contract. I was on contract, paying £35 per month (plus £5 insurance) but wasn't using everything up. I changed to pay as you go, top up £10 per month and still get a text and internet allowance.. So I've saved £30 per month, that's £360 per year.

7. Check bus ticket prices against train ticket prices. Or get off a stop early and walk? Buses take a little longer than trains but a lot of the time they're cheaper - not always though so be sure to check in advance. Getting off the bus a stop earlier can save you pennies and help lose a few lbs for summer!

8. Haggle, haggle, haggle! It can be quite fun and it's always worth an ask. You could get the price knocked down a bit or some freebies chucked in, or both if you're lucky! When we wanted a new bed, we shopped around until we found one we really liked then haggled the price down (it was already on sale too) AND managed to get free delivery. We saved between £100-£200.

9. Use Ebay, Facebook selling groups, Gumtree, Preloved, carboot sales etc. We bought a nearly new double bed with matress and headboard for £40 on Ebay for our spare room. Our 6 seater dining table and chairs (clear glass top with cream leather chairs) was £80 and the 3+2 seater leather reclining sofas were £300 - also fantastic Ebay bargains - they looked like new but were less than 1/4 of the price. Look out for free insertion fee weekends when selling on Ebay.

10. Save on fuel by making small changes. Make sure your tyres are always properly inflated, you're not carrying more than you need in the car, only using air con when you really need to, take off roof racks when not in use, drive smoothly - avoid over accelerating and breaking when you could just take your foot off the accelerator.

11. Have a night in instead a meal out. It can be just as nice staying in.. cooking a nice meal together, sitting down and having a nice chat then cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket and some chocolate! Give me that over a fancy restaurant any day.

12. Have a night IN with the girls. Call your friend/s over, get a few drinks in, do some face masks, paint your nails, have some chocolate, watch a girly film or put music on and talk about anything and everything. Again, I'd rather this than wasting £80 in a club.

13. If you're on O2, download the O2 priority moments app. There is always some good deals on there and sometimes even freebies! Restaurants, hotels, holidays, days out, high street shops and loads more deals and offers. I'm always checking on there when we're out!

14. Use the library. If you like to read, instead of paying £10 for a book you'll read once before it's sitting on the shelf with the rest of them taking up space, why not visit your library instead? You'll save money and space!

15. Get rewards cards. Places like Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Beefeater etc. all have them and they're free to get. If you shop there anyway then it's totally worth it, you can save up your points then treat yourself for free!

16. Save your loose change. I used to have 2s and 1s sitting about all over the place, in every pocket, on every side.. Now I collect it all in a jar and when it get's full I change it up and treat myself.

17. Look online for vouchers and discount codes. You can get them for supermarkets, days out, restaurants etc. It's always worth a look beforehand.

18. Keep a record of your expenses. You'll be shocked how much money you actually waste and it will help you know where you can save.

19. 2 for 1 days out. If you've been meaning to go to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park, wait until the 2 for 1 tickets are floating about (in newspapers, magazines, online etc) then rope another couple into going and you'll save on entry tickets and fuel getting there!

20. Cook at home more often. Do you really need a take away every weekend? Do you really need to have a meal out every time you see friends or family? Why not try out new tasty recipes at home instead?

21. Take a packed lunch to work. You don't need to buy from the vending machines, cafe or sandwich van every single day and you're more likely to eat more healthily if you take a pack up.

22. Avoid ATM machine fees. Do this by planning ahead, nobody likes paying to get their own money! Make sure you have some money before you go somewhere or know where you can draw money out for free.

23. Get a more fuel efficient car. Next time you change your car, look on Autotrader at the fuel consumption. Diesel cars are usually better on fuel but petrol is cheaper at the pump so it's worth weighing it up.

24. Get a haircut at the local college. Getting a haircut at your local college is a lot cheaper than going to a salon, don't worry there are always professionals on hand too.

25. Switch from top food brands to the next one down. Most of the time, the products are all made in the same place so are exactly the same product just with different packaging and a higher price tag. Obviously some things will be lower quality (like meat - sometimes) but not everything.. frozen peas are frozen peas!

26. Shop at discount stores for household items/decor. Places like B&M  Bargains often have some really nice bits and they're so cheap. Whilst Next do have gorgeous items, similar things can often be found in discount stores for more purse friendly prices.

27. Why pay for the gym when you can exercise for free? Go for a bike ride, walk more, buy a fitness DVD or even buy a piece of gym equipment second hand, all of these are a much cheaper option than the gym.

28. Make things for cheaper than you could buy them. For instance I really wanted a nail rack so Aaron made one with MDF from B&Q and spray painted it white for under £10.

29. Put a jumper on and snuggle under the throw! You don't need to pay to heat the whole house when you're sitting in one room watching tv, put a jumper on and put a throw over you to take the chill off instead, heating bills soon add up.

30. Give up a bad habit. I gave up smoking 4 years ago next month, I have saved myself £80 per month (£960 per year) and feel much better for it.

Do you have any money saving tips? xxx

Friday, 19 April 2013

Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume

I've never been a great lover of Taylor Swifts music but I can't get enough of her perfume! Her first perfume, Wonderstruck which was released last summer has been my go-to perfume since I won it in a giveaway on a blog. I absolutely love it and always get compliments when I wear it.
When I saw a sample of her new perfume, Wonderstruck Enchanted being given away online I quickly put my details in. A week later and I can't stop sniffing my arm!

Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck Enchanted

It smells very similar to the first perfume, both smell very sweet, musky and fruity but there is a slight difference between them and I can't decide which I like more.. I love sweet smells, all of my perfumes are very sweet smelling. I think maybe Wonderstruck is more mature smelling, ever so slightly less sweet, while Wonderstruck Enchanted is very sickly sweet and younger smelling. I love them both. *huuuuge sniff of the wrist*

Wonderstruck has top notes of raspberry, dewberry, green tea, freesia and apple blossom. Heart notes of sweet vanilla, sundrenched honeysuckle and white hibiscus. Base notes of golden amber, musk, sandalwood and peach.
Wonderstruck Enchanted has top notes of wild berries, pink poppy and passionfruit. Heart notes of peony, champaca and freesia. Base notes of vanilla, white musk and blonde woods.

Wonderstruck Enchanted launched in the UK and Ireland on 14th April in The Perfume Shop. It will be available on 1st May at Boots, Superdrug, The Fragrance Shop, Debenhams etc. Get your free sample here while stocks last.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

On A Hot Summer Night Would You Offer Your Throat To The Wolf With The Red Roses..?

"I bet you say that to all the boys!" - Meatloaf - You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth.

Last week I had a bit of a crappy week - see last weeks post here - but thankfully this week has been my 'silver lining' :)

Something that made me sad..
If you follow me on Twitter you may be aware that last Monday we said goodbye to our cats, Dotty and Callie :( This wasn't a decision we made lightly at all. We took them in because our neighbour wasn't looking after them (they'd been taken from their mum too young and left on their own for 2/3 months, he only went back to feed them) and while Dotty was very loving towards me at times, Callie wouldn't come near me and neither of them would go to Aaron. If we had people round, they'd hide up the whole time. We gave them time, many treats and as much love as we could but nothing was changing and we decided they'd be better off with someone else that didn't mind/could deal with it.. We both love cats and wanted pets we'd get something from, like love and cuddles, do you know what I mean? We made sure they went to a very loving home (a family with 3 children) and the woman has stayed in contact which is lovely. They're getting on really well and Callie has been giving them cuddles already! Jelly!

Something that made me smile..
After saying a teary goodbye to my baby, Dotty, the house felt so empty and it made me really sad. Aaron even said it didn't seem right.. So we had a talk and decided we'd like to get more cats but this time have them straight from their mum at 8 weeks old. We done some searching and found a woman who's cat had just had a litter and she invited us to have first pick. We went down a couple of days ago to have cuddles (with the kittens LOL) and pick the one's we'd like and left a deposit. I can't wait to get them, they'll be ready in just over 2 weeks. One is black with white socks and a triangle of white on his nose, one is full tabby and the other is a stripey tabby with white socks. We chose 3.. Aaron wanted 4 but we have to think of vets bills don't we.
The sun finally showing it's warm face has also made me very happy this week. I find when the sun is out, I'm instantly in a better mood. We also took the car out Sunday with the roof down and it was lush!

Can't stop listening to..
Meatloaf songs! - My parents are going to see him in August and I'm so jelly. I might ask Aaron if he fancies going too seeing as it is his last tour. I do love me a bit of Meatloaf. My favourites are: I'd Lie For You, You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth, Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad..

Looking forward to..
Getting our babies obviously! I've been buying kitten food and things already!
More of this nice weather (please don't go away Mr Sun!)
Getting my order from Superdrug which included some Real Techniques brushes :D
Putting my new chest of draws together tomorrow so I have more space and can get rid of the horrible plastic storage! - Does anyone else really enjoy putting flat packed things together?!

What have you been up to this past week? xxx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Haul :)

Saturday I went shopping in Ipswich with mother dearest and bought a few bits.. This was funded by the Money Supermarket competition I won 100 pennies on but mum bought be a few bits too (marked with *) and I still have some money left so will be getting some more bits online. Sorry about the terrible picture quality.. I don't even have an excuse :/ Here's what I got anyway!


Primark quilted bag

£9. Cream quilted bag, perfect for summer. *

Primark flip flops

£4. Comfies for summer. Size 5-6 was too small :( *

Pink hairbrush

£1. It's pink, need I say more?! * 

Primark earrings
Both £2. Can never have enough cheap earrings! * 

Primark top

£2. Size 20. Can never have enough plain tops! 

Primark skirt

£10. Size 20. My first skirt since I was younger!! :O

New Look skinny jeans

£12.99. Size 16. Love these for summer. 

New Look Inspire floaty top

£12.99. Size 18 (Inspire). Gorgeous, floaty top for summer. 

New Look cat tshirt

£7.99. Size 18. I love cats. Love them. Love love love. 


Miracle Matte Foundation Primer Barry M GellyFoundation in porcelain - £5.99. Primer - £4.99. Barry M Gelly in "lychee" - £3.99.
Barry M Gelly in "Dragon Fruit" - £3.99. 17 Lasting Fix in "Darling" - £2.99.

That's everything! I wasn't going to get clothes while I'm losing weight but the things I bought should still fit me for a little while as yet. Also, I was going to get a couple of the foundations suggested to me on Twitter last week but I put them down for the 17 miracle matte foundation and primer cause of the packaging.. Oops! Let's hope they're good!! :)
Hope you liked my haul.. What have you been buying lately? xxx

Friday, 12 April 2013

17 Lasting Fix - Silver Kisses Nail Polish

Last time I popped into Boots and had a little look-see at the nail polishes, I spotted this and something made me want it. I wouldn't usually pick up shimmery sparkley nail polishes like this.. Normally preferring to go for plain colours then separate glittery ones that would go over another polish, not be glittery on it's own. Does that make any sense?!

This polish made me feel very grown up.. Does that sound daft? I always associate more neutral shades with getting older and mature people.. Cause obviously once you hit your 20s and settle down, you can't wear any bright colours... No, I'm joking :) This is a shimmery/sparkley polish with a slight neutral shade to it. It applies really well and would look gorgeous with just one coat, although I did 2. Unlike a couple of the other shades in the same range, it does last pretty well on my nails with a top coat - I got 3/4 days without any chips which for my rubbish nails is really good going!
I've been loving Boots 17 range, not just their polish, everything is so well priced - these are £2.99. I neeeeed more shades :) - Can you recommend any? xxx

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Two Step Break Out Mask Review.

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I've been using this brand (that nobody knows how to pronounce!) on and off for a few years now and a few weeks ago I stumbled across one I hadn't seen before (no idea how new it is - my local shops are usually about a thousand years behind all the others!) - the two step break out mask. I had to have it.

 I wasn't wearing any make up but I cleansed my face before anything else just to get any rubbish off that might have been lurking about. Next, I stuck my head over a bowl of hot water (with a towel over my head) for 2-4 minutes to open my pores in preparation for the mask - don't do this without a completely clean face or it can make skin worse. Afterwards I rinsed my face with warm water, patted it dry and put step 1, which smells of tea tree, of the mask on my face. There is plenty of it as usual so you can do it with a friend or save it for next time to save a few pennies.

Looking gooood! Haha
Once it had gone hard (don't be rude!) I rinsed it off with warm water, patted my face dry again and put step 2 on, which smells and feels very minty. This step doesn't need rinsing off, you just leave it to soak in and "do it's thing".

Oww red face! :/
I could really feel step 2 working as soon as I put it on, not in an uncomfortable way though. I have quite sensitive skin and found my skin went a little red, it didn't have a burning feeling like when I used Soap and Glorys Peaches and Clean though so I kept with it and it soon passed, phew!

The first time I used this was right before bed so I'll be honest, I didn't pay much attention as to whether it done much but the next day even Aaron noticed a difference (that's gotta be saying something, right?!) most - I'd say 90% - of my blemishes and nasty blackheads had gone and my skin looked bright and fresh and clean and.. nice :) I've always liked this brand but nothing has ever worked as well as this one did. I've used 3 more since and it's worked just as well each time, I'm so impressed.. This will really take some beating!

Have you tried this two step break out mask yet? xxx