Friday, 12 April 2013

17 Lasting Fix - Silver Kisses Nail Polish

Last time I popped into Boots and had a little look-see at the nail polishes, I spotted this and something made me want it. I wouldn't usually pick up shimmery sparkley nail polishes like this.. Normally preferring to go for plain colours then separate glittery ones that would go over another polish, not be glittery on it's own. Does that make any sense?!

This polish made me feel very grown up.. Does that sound daft? I always associate more neutral shades with getting older and mature people.. Cause obviously once you hit your 20s and settle down, you can't wear any bright colours... No, I'm joking :) This is a shimmery/sparkley polish with a slight neutral shade to it. It applies really well and would look gorgeous with just one coat, although I did 2. Unlike a couple of the other shades in the same range, it does last pretty well on my nails with a top coat - I got 3/4 days without any chips which for my rubbish nails is really good going!
I've been loving Boots 17 range, not just their polish, everything is so well priced - these are £2.99. I neeeeed more shades :) - Can you recommend any? xxx


  1. Every time I go to my local Boots for the pharmacy, I end up buying a nail polish or two XD. I bought Silver Kisses recently and it's fast becoming one of my favourite nail polishes EVER! I like to use it for French tips or layer it over Rimmel's Princess Pink or Caramel Cupcake.

    From 17 I have and would recommend Peacock, Fury, Copper, Navy Glint, Orange Soda, Wave and Royal Indigo.

    All of the metallic/glittery polishes from the 17 Fast Finish and Lasting Fix ranges are great for French tips and half-moon manicures. I think they go really well with a contrasting or complimentary matte shade. Also, the ones I have transfer really well with stamping plates.