Friday, 7 March 2014

Storage Heaters

They're big, bulky and bloody ugly and before we moved in I heard nothing but bad things about them from pretty much everyone (apart from my nan!) and read lots of stories online about how rubbish they are. I wasn't looking forward to sitting in a cold house every evening, chucking on jumpers and thick socks with a throw on top.

"They chuck all the heat out in the day time and are stone cold by early evening."

That was the main one, I can't even count the amount of times I read that one! Because of this, I was determined I would only move again if the house had gas heating like we had before. Only, we fell in love with the house and knew we'd be getting really good landlords, a rare thing when renting privately..

We have double glazing throughout but our living room has the stairs in (so we're heating quite a large space) plus a big window, the back door and the cats bedroom spare room door is always open too. We've been here a week tomorrow and only had one of the five heaters on the whole time. We have had it on the lowest setting (1/2 out of 6) all week so that the heat lasts right round the clock and because it's on low, it doesn't all get used during the day so we have the option to turn it up to kick more heat out in the evenings if need be.

The boys have settled in well too.. But Chester is such a remote hog!!!
There has been a frost a few mornings so it has been cold out but we've been toasty the whole time. It's been lush waking up to a warm house and not having to keep sticking the heating on when I get chilly as I haven't actually been chilly yet - baring in mind I'm here all day too. Another thing I like is that you don't hear a peep from them and there is never a worry of a gas leak.

As I say, we've only been here a week so far but I'm hoping by only using one of the heaters on low and both heating and hot water doing their thing on the night rate, it shouldn't be too expensive. As the night rate (cheaper energy) is until 7.30am and Aaron gets up early for work at 6.30am anyway, I've been getting up and getting any washing done while it's cheap too.. I'll report back after a month or so with how much it's costing in comparison to when we had gas :)

So to anyone with storage heaters that thinks they're crap, make sure you're using them right cause it's 10.30pm here, I'm super toasty and the heater is still hot! xxx

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

February Rant

A new bunch of posts for me, monthy rants. A place (my place) for me to have a good ol' moan once a month. You might relate to some of it, you might not. Light hearted, not meant to cause offence so if you're easily offended.. Ya know.. ;)

The Arctic Monkeys singer on The Brits.
The first time he spoke, I asked Aaron "Is he really drunk or a bit of a weirdo?" Turned out he's just an arrogant prick. Did you see him drop the microphone then make the comment about sending him the bill? Like, really??? I cannot stand arrogance at all.

When you're looking at something in a shop and someone leans across you.
I was in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago with my sister. There I was, standing at the Rimmel stand looking at lipstick and a young girl come and stood next to me and was leaning right across me to grab things. Not only could she have stood the other side and not been so bloody rude, she didn't even say excuse me or anything. I just find it really rude. I wouldn't do it so I don't want people doing it to me, thank you very much.

People that moan about our cats being house cats.
I shouldn't have to justify myself here but I find myself having to quite often and it doesn't get any less annoying. We just moved from a house on a busy road with no front garden, behind our house was the main road through the town and we're always hearing about cats going missing. Cats are allowed to be house cats. They're not like dogs, they don't need walking and we always make an effort to play with them to exercise them. They had the run of a 3 storey house and each other for company. We didn't want to risk letting them out and them being run over, going missing or coming home hurt. Plus our vet actually advised us not to let Vinnie out because he's always poorly - his immune system attacks itself and he has to have tablets on a daily basis. If he goes without a tablet he can become very ill. If we let him out and he didn't come home for a couple of days, he could become seriously ill or potentially die. If we separate the boys, they call for each other until they're back together so we keep Chester in too. They're spoilt little boys and get a lot of love and fuss, I know they're happy so there. Piss off kindly.

People on benefits that constantly boast.
You have a child or children, you don't work and you're on benefits. Fair enough, everyone has their own reasons and I'm well aware that for some people, it's not their choice and they don't want it to become their way of life. But some people seem to choose it as a way of life and that is what pisses me off. What pisses me off more than that is the ones that feel the need to tell everybody about all the new living room furniture they've just bought, the new car they've got or the holidays they're having. Is it really necessary? No, it's not.

My old next door neighbour.
Who ran a bath and slamed cupboard doors at 1am? She did. Who stompped around their wooden floors in heels all day/night? She did. Who asked me when I'm due when I'm blatantly just fat? She did (rude bitch). Who watched me put my washing out then lights a BBQ without having the decency to pop round and let us know like we did.. She did. Who didn't get a Christmas card off us last year? She bloody didn't! I don't like rude and/or ignorant people. She is both and I certainly won't miss her now we've moved.. Although our new neighbours aren't shaping up to be much better!

WOWZERS, it's kinda like therapy getting that off my chest but in a way that kind of amuses me. Who knew! xxx