Sunday, 23 February 2014

Catch Up

It's less than a week until we move. Cannot wait to be back in our hometown. I've got loads of the packing done just the last minute bits to do now. Had a bit of a palava with the old tenants not moving out when they'd originally planned to.. We went to measure up and they were still there.. Nobody had told us.. Or the landlord! Thankfully it's all sorted now though, phew! I think this move has been the least stressful - maybe I'm just getting good at it!? Don't forget to check out my last post on how to take the stress out of moving.. If moving is on your radar obvs! :)

Since knowing we're moving, I've been addicted to Pinterest (follow me here) again.. Mainly for home design ideas. We're told we can decorate and hang things on walls as long as everything is neutral and put right once we've left although we will double check before we start digging the paint brushes out!! I'm going to do a post on what we're hoping to do/aiming for. I love interior design and could happily sit looking through images all day.. I do like a home to look homely and lived in at the same time though, I don't want  a show home because to me it doesn't give it that warm, welcoming feeling when you have people round.

I thought I'd be really sad about leaving the place we live at the moment but I don't think I will be anymore. We've wanted to live together in our hometown since we first moved out so I'm certain it's all for the best. It's a much bigger town too so hopefully that means more chance of finding work. I've had a couple of interviews there already but no luck so far. I really hope our neighbour at the new place is nice (and quiet!) we have a good, friendly neighbour here that we're sad to be leaving. I like to think we're good neighbours so I like the same in return.. Fingers crossed.

I have a few posts I'd like to get written and schedule for the next week or two while we move and settle in so I'll try to get those done this week. We've got Sky being installed the day after we move in (and a shiny new fridge freezer being delivered, woop!) and broadband the day after that thanks to me being nice and organised.. I'd hate to have to wait 2/3 weeks after moving in.. What would we do?! Haha... No really.

Favourite song at the moment: Katy Perry - Dark Horse.

Hope you're all well :) xxx

Thursday, 13 February 2014

HOW TO: Take The Stress Out Of Moving Home.

Many people think that moving home is stressful and expensive.. But it doesn't have to be.. Trust me, I've moved often enough - 5/6 times growing up, 4 times in the last 5 years and again in a couple of weeks! The aim of this (hopefully helpful) post is to tell you how to take the stress out of moving.

It's all about being organised and making use of what you've got or can get cheaper/free.. Grab a notebook and a pen for starters, they'll keep you sane throughout so you'll always know where your head is at!

So you've found somewhere you like and you're going to go and view it.. Write down any questions you'd like answered or anything you want to check for so that you don't forget any of them when you get there. (Do they accept pets? What kind of heating is it and can the provider be changed? Is there a phone line? Is it available short/long term? Parking? Can you hang anything on the walls? Will all of your furniture fit?- Try to picture where things may go, roughly) Personally, we like to view a property once to have a good look round then go back a second time to measure up, once we know it's definitely all going ahead. Before you go back to measure up, write a list of exactly what needs measuring/checking so you don't forget anything.. The gaps available for kitchen appliances, measure for blinds/curtains, check for cupboard/storage space, measure room sizes (if you want to figure out where furniture will go beforehand), where the phone/tv points are etc.

Once everything is finalised and you know it's definitely happening, you'll need some boxes. Luckily for me, my mum got me some from work but most supermarkets and shops will happily give them away if you pop in and ask.. You definitely don't need to buy any, it's an unnecessary expense. In your notebook, split 2 pages in half and have 3/4 weeks, 2 weeks, last week and last day sections then in each section, jot down when things will need packing.

For instance..
3/4 weeks: DVDs, homeware - pictures, candles, ornaments, cook books, bread maker.
2 weeks: Shoes, printer, Xbox, some kitchenware, cushions, throws.
1 week: Curtains, lamps, light shades, toaster, clocks, mirrors.
Day before & last day: Dinnerware, kettle, food/drink, sky box, remotes, home phone, router.

This way you can see if you're going to run out of boxes or not before it's too late plus it's a lot less stressful to spread the packing out rather than doing everything at the last minute. You can leave boxes open for just in case too. I like to get hold of bubble wrap for any breakables.. You may be able to get some of this for free but it's fairly cheap in discount/bargain stores if not or plenty of newspaper (like the ones you get through the door that nobody ever reads) and carrier bags will do the job just as well. I like to make sure everything is well packed.. I don't want my things damaged or even scratched - like glass rubbing against glass - I prefer to be extra cautious.

If you can, ask friends/family to give you a hand moving. We're lucky that Aaron is able to borrow a works van for us to move everything ourselves which means it doesn't cost anything but before he worked there we paid a friend of his that has a van to help - far cheaper than using a company. My parents have always helped us move and between the 4 of us, it's never taken too long due to me being so bloomin' organised, which in turn helps keep the stress levels down for everyone else!

Where clothes are concerned, taking everything off the hangers, folding them up then having to unfold and hang everything at the other end is far too time consuming.. Especially if you have as many clothes as I do! I tend to tie something (like rope or bin bags..) around the middle of a bunch of clothes - I usually split my triple wardrobe into 3 or 4 - and through the hangers then put them into a box or bin bag, that way you should be able to just pull them out, untie them and hang them up. Easy peasy :) Don't forget to write on your boxes too, you'll be grateful for this, trust me.. I write what it is for my benefit and where to put it (kitchen living room, bedroom), for everyone to follow which makes it easier for me to unpack!

Another thing I do is write a list of anything I can or need to sell before moving and anything we'll need to buy for the new place. Also, I have a list of things that need doing before we hand our keys back like filling holes we made to hang mirrors and pictures, cleaning, taking meter readings.. Seeing how many lists I have going on during all of this may seem a bit much but I'm the one that's having a stress free move and know what's going on with absolutely everything. There's no chance of forgetting anything and I can cross things off as I go along. It's well worth doing in my opinion.

Packing to move is a great excuse for having a good sort out. If you haven't used it in the last 6/12 months and it holds no sentimental value, do you really need to keep hold of it? Aaron can be a bit of a hoarder whereas I hate clutter so I can be pretty ruthless.. It helps to think if you're going to have space for it at the new place too so if you're not then either bin it, sell it or give it away.

Lastly, don't forget bills need organising too. Whether you're setting bills up for the first time or doing a home move, things like Sky, phone and broadband will need to be set up at least 3 weeks before you move to ensure they're able to get an engineer out the next working day if needed and you're not left waiting... and bored. Don't forget to look online for any bargains or if you're brave, haggle on the phone. I got us a great deal with our fibre broadband for staying and taking a new contract with the same provider :) Other household bills (water, gas, electric, council tax, TV license, contents insurance..) can be done nearer the time, I tend to do it the week before. You should submit meter readings the day you leave/the day you move in too to avoid getting an estimated bill. I also change over any advantage cards and Ebay within my last week.

Wow that was long! If any of you are planning on moving then I wish you all the best and hopefully this may have been helpful for you :) xxx

Thursday, 6 February 2014

I'm Back! & Lifes Latest Happenings.

If there are any of you still reading this blog then howdy, I'm back again :)

If you read my last post, you'll know I was feeling a bit rubbish about my blog and life in general really too! I've had time to think, get things sorted and now feel ready to go again.. I mentioned in my previous post that it made me feel down reading blogs where people spend, spend, spend when I can't. I've solved this by sorting out the blogs I follow.. Obviously some of those I still follow do spend but there's a difference between someone having a lot of money to buy all the latest things/having expensive everythings and someone having a spend once in a while - people more on my level I suppose.

I feel like a lot has happened since I last blogged properly even though it's only been a few months. The biggest thing that's happening right now is that we're moving house, again.. This time it's back to our hometown, yipee!! We've wanted to live in our hometown since we moved out but the houses there are like gold dust.. and pricey.. But my lovely friend Claire put me in touch with her old landlord and basically we move on the 1st March!! I'm going to do a post (or 2) about moving as I thought it may help anyone reading that's moving/thinking of moving themselves.. I've moved 4 times in the past 5 years so I'm getting pretty good at it now haha! :)

Christmas has been and gone and I'm disappointed now that I didn't get to do many Christmassy posts.. but there's always this year. Christmas was alright, we spend it with family. I find now I'm older, the build up is far more exciting than the actually day.. Anyone else agree? After boxing day I just couldn't wait to put the decs away.. but put them up at the end of November cause I was excited!! We mainly got Ikea vouchers from our family as that's what we asked for and we went down in January to get some lush bedding sets.. We just never want to get up in the mornings now!

My sister and her (horrible) other half split up recently and it's made me and her a lot closer again which has been nice. Also our niece Skye likes Aaron much more now we see her more often. It's cute seeing them playing together but I still don't want children, we both say we like children but like giving them back and going home to peace and quiet (and cats) more!! I don't think I was meant to be a mum, I have no patience what so ever and can't handle it when kids grizzle.. I'm good at the fun stuff though like chasing them and tickling them, colouring, playing games.. We just like being able to do what we want when we want and appreciate our time to ourselves too much.. Saying that, we've also said that if it happens, it happens..!

Lastly, myself and Aaron have started Slimming World again. We lost 2 stone each last year but both put 1 stone back on, merrr! So off we go again, armed with several SW books and recipes. I'm tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy with what I see and only I can change that. I've lost 4lb so far and I'm following a few SW blogs and joined some SW groups on Facebook to inspire me to keep going. It will happen! I'm also going to post a bit about how I'm getting on, on here as I go.

That's about it I think! Essay or what.. If you made it this far then you deserve a gold star lol xxx