Sunday, 23 February 2014

Catch Up

It's less than a week until we move. Cannot wait to be back in our hometown. I've got loads of the packing done just the last minute bits to do now. Had a bit of a palava with the old tenants not moving out when they'd originally planned to.. We went to measure up and they were still there.. Nobody had told us.. Or the landlord! Thankfully it's all sorted now though, phew! I think this move has been the least stressful - maybe I'm just getting good at it!? Don't forget to check out my last post on how to take the stress out of moving.. If moving is on your radar obvs! :)

Since knowing we're moving, I've been addicted to Pinterest (follow me here) again.. Mainly for home design ideas. We're told we can decorate and hang things on walls as long as everything is neutral and put right once we've left although we will double check before we start digging the paint brushes out!! I'm going to do a post on what we're hoping to do/aiming for. I love interior design and could happily sit looking through images all day.. I do like a home to look homely and lived in at the same time though, I don't want  a show home because to me it doesn't give it that warm, welcoming feeling when you have people round.

I thought I'd be really sad about leaving the place we live at the moment but I don't think I will be anymore. We've wanted to live together in our hometown since we first moved out so I'm certain it's all for the best. It's a much bigger town too so hopefully that means more chance of finding work. I've had a couple of interviews there already but no luck so far. I really hope our neighbour at the new place is nice (and quiet!) we have a good, friendly neighbour here that we're sad to be leaving. I like to think we're good neighbours so I like the same in return.. Fingers crossed.

I have a few posts I'd like to get written and schedule for the next week or two while we move and settle in so I'll try to get those done this week. We've got Sky being installed the day after we move in (and a shiny new fridge freezer being delivered, woop!) and broadband the day after that thanks to me being nice and organised.. I'd hate to have to wait 2/3 weeks after moving in.. What would we do?! Haha... No really.

Favourite song at the moment: Katy Perry - Dark Horse.

Hope you're all well :) xxx

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