Thursday, 31 May 2012

photoaday: 29, 30, 31.

a number, your personality & something beautiful.

a number:
i've chosen 21 because my 21st was the best birthday i ever had! i managed to talk everyone into helping me pay for a limo so we could go to the city (over an hour n half away) in style where the better bars and clubs are. luckily they're all lovely and said yes and it was a brilliant night!

this is 8 of us getting picked up from our town, we picked another 2 up on the way :)
im 3rd in from the left holding a "21st" balloon! the limo was lush, we had free bubbly, mirror on the ceiling with funky lights and a wellll good sound system which we took full advantage of!
this was also one of the last times i had a proper good night out.. i dont enjoy it like i used to.. am i getting old? :/ lol..

your personality:

i think this pic shows just what im like - silly! i dont take myself too seriously and i love to have a laugh and mess about :) this pic was taken about 4 years ago on one of mine n aarons first camping trips near the norfolk coast. i have absolutely no idea why i was sitting in the boot or why im grinning like a dope!

something beautiful:

this one was easy. anyone that knows me will know i fell in love with Wales when we had a holiday there last year. me and aaron went with my mum and dad and they fell in love with it too.
we stayed in mumbles just round from swansea and didnt want to come home! - its such a lovely place and the people are so, so friendly unlike here in suffolk where people seem so ignorant and miserable!

i took this pic at caswell bay. b-e-a-uuuutiful :)
i would live there in a heartbeat.
we loved it so much, we decided we're not going abroad after all this year, we're going back to Wales! this time we're going to new quay on the went coast, down from aberystwyth. just me and aaron this time, cant wait!

where are you going on holiday this year? xxx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ebay bargains

well i dunno about you but i loove ebay! buying and selling.

anyway, long story short, i have damaged tissue in my heel (very painful) which can last months and was told to get proper shoes - cushioned and with arch support. i got some trainers for when its colder but wanted something summery for summer that was sensible but nice too!

i used to have some birkenstock sandals (2 pairs actually) but ended up selling them on ebay like everything else!
my cousin reminded me how they support your feet, have the arch and dont have hard bottoms.
so i hunted on ebay and found a cheaper version :)

and here they are ^ :) you like? i got the white ones. they can be found/bought here!
they really are no different to birkenstock ones, except they're unbranded and dead cheap. under £10 inc postage - happy days!
i've been wearing them a couple of days now and they're really comfy. highly recommend :)

you probably know by now that i make phone cases too..
i was using one that i'd made for myself but im just not gentle enough to look after it, i often just chucked it in the bottom of my bag with everything else - although nothing fell off until i dropped it on a solid wood floor from standing up and even then only 1 gem fell off..
anyway, i often store my phone down my bra (always the left one! - does anyone else do this?!) and having a case full of gems down my top wasnt the most comfy thing ever!
so i hunted for something new, on ebay.

i stumbled upon some rilakkuma phone cases, i first come across the cuteness that is rilakkuma a few months ago, who can blame me for falling head over heels for the one on the left! i love pink and its just soo cute!

so i ordered it :D from here! for £5.66 with free delivery. only downside is it takes about 3 weeks as they're from outside UK.. i have about 1 more week to wait til its here - cant wait to share my pics when it arrives! :D

something im addicted to is buying nail varnish. (anyone else call it that? even if its lacquer?!) you can never have enough!

and even though i have around 70 different ones, i always feel like there's a colour missing when i go to pick one out! anyone else get this?!

i hate spending too much on nail varnish cause i never use a whole one up before it starts to go gloopy, even if its my fave one.. plus i change it twice a week anyway!

so here are my 2 little nail varnish ebay bargains..

they're by saffron. they're not the best nail varnishes about but for the price you cant really complain.

they need 3 coats to look good and last a few days with a good top coat (i use china glaze first and last)

the pink one was £1.65 and the blue one was £1.80, both free delivery and can be found here: pink & blue.

i put an order in with new look yesterday so that should be here in next couple days, will share with you what i bought :)

anyone else got any bargains on ebay or elsewhere lately? :) xxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

photoaday: 26th, 27th & 28th.

12 o'clock, something sweet & the weather today.

how can you get a good picture of 12 o'clock? :/ think ill skip!

something sweet:

mega yum!
i dont normally like cider (im a barcardi n coke girl) but on a hot day, an ice cold fruity cider goes down a treat! this one is my fave, its so tasty it almost doesnt seem like you're drinking an alcoholic drink. usually on offer in asda, 3 for 5 squids.. you need this drink in your life this summer :)

the weather today:

i think this pic best describes the weather today. hot hot hot! all the windows are open and the fan is on. i like it warm but i cant stand it when its this hot and its all muggy and sticky hot, not nice.. gimme the breeze and ill stop complaining though haha :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

haul - todays bargains :) wilkos!

So today i went to Wilkos.. I was only supposed to get some dye for a top... oops!
I got: 2 pink sponges, 2 packs of wilkinsons razors, pearl drops toothpaste, dylon clothes dye, coolmint listerine, rimmel mascara, palmolive bath milk & a hair brush. i also bought some sarnie bags and cling film but thats not very exciting! all of that come to just over 20 squids. lush.

2 sponges - 40p each. i chose them cause they're pink (i really had to root to the back of the pile for them!) i hate flannels - wheres the lathery bubbley stuff! - so yeah, sponge for moi.
2 packs of wilkinsons razors - £2 each pack. they're normally nearly £4 in asda/superdrug. ive used these ones for a few years now and they're my fave. they also have scented ones but they dont smell once the water has touched them so pretty pointless considering they cost like a squid more!
pearl drops toothpaste - £1. been using this about 2 or 3 weeks now and i've really noticed the difference. my teeth were stained from smoking (gave up 3 years ago this month, yay me!) but yeah, they do seem like they're getting whiter. and it keeps your breath fresher a lot longer than normal toothpaste too which is always a plus!
dylon clothes dye - £2.99. wellllll i shouldn't really have needed this BUT i won a top on ebay that said it was pink (and it looked pink in the pic) but when it turned up it was red and anyone that knows me will know i HATE the colour red (i dont really know why, i just do) i messaged the girl but she was adamant it was pink. obviously colour blind. id have lost more by sending it back as she said she wouldnt refund postage so i kept it and im gonna just dye it black. annoying much.
coolmint listerine - £2.75. well, everyone wants nice smelling breath dont they :) and this after the pearl drops is doing my teeth the world of good. smiiiiiiiiile :)
rimmel mascara: volume flash - £4.98. i usually get the pink one of this (cause its pink) and it has a slightly better brush but this was on offer (save a squid) so i got this one instead. - before the pink one come out i always got this one (the black and red one) and it is really good, so i got it again.. i wonder if ill prefer it to the pink one or not...?!
palmolive bath milk: cherry - £1. i have quite sensitive skin and palmolive is just perfect for me. I have tried so many different brands and i always go back to this one. when i shave using a different shower gel i nearly always come out in a bit of a rash which obviously is a pain. I also find this with their deodrant, which i've been using years now. even if i cut my armpit shaving, i can put deodrant on and it wont sting. perfect :) my fave is the coconut one but thought i'd give cheery a go. plus the smaller one is usually just over £1 in supermarkets and this is double the size and cheaper. bargain!
hair brush - £1.38. ive been looking for a hairbrush like this for a while (a cheap one) - they're like 10 squids in superdrug/boots etc which im not willing to pay so was well chuffed when i found this! i have really long thick hair and the brush i was using was really pulling and ripping at my hair but this is so gentle and pain free, i swear i fell in love all over again tonight when i tried it out! :)

have you bought any bargains this weekend? hope you're all enjoying the sun! i got sun burnt on my arm and chest from just going round looking at cars today! oops! :/ lol xxx

photo a day: 23, 34 & 25.

23: techonology. 24: something new. 25: unusual.

there was nothing else i could really pick.. i've written about my phone before but that really is the only piece of technology i couldnt go without. i dont really miss my flaptop when im away.. and i could watch tv on my phone if i really had to... so yeah :) my trusty little wildfire s :)

something new

for something new, i've chosen instagram. its not massively new but im new to it. i love making pics look a bit arty farty, i always have and this is the best one ive used so far. i love how you can find your friends on there too and see what pics they're taking. if anyone is fussed, my username is "xtiffyxx" follow me :)
the pic is of my nails with a black polish and 'china glaze: cg in the city' on top. i absolutely LOVE that polish, its soo sparkley and you can get away with just 1 coat - although i used 2 in that pic ^


i always love getting pics of the sky when its looking really pretty/cool/weird etc (basically when its not looking normal/boring!) and this was one of those pics. i tried to get it best i could but by eye, it looked like fire and it was soo pretty. we were driving back from my cousins in norfolk as the sun was setting, i look so many pics and my phone was dying so this is the best i got!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

photoaday: day 21&22: where you stand & pink

where you stand:

what? where you stand? ehhhh?! well i dont catch the bus every morning so i dont stand there... i dont really just stand anywhere! so skipping this one!!


thats easy peasy! i have sooo many pink things but have chosen my pauls boutique bag cause i larve it! i bought it not last year but the year before i think.. and i stopped using it for like a year but now im using it again! :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

photoaday: day 19&20: a favourite place & something you cant live without

a favourite place:

my bed! the pic makes it look tiny but its a king size.. we had to get a king size cause im a major bed hog/sprawler and poor aaron was getting annoyed gripping onto the edge with no duvet in the double bed!
aaron always says i must have been a cat in a previous life cause i can sleep for hours! - its just such a comfy bed i cant help it!

i also want to mention our headboard. i bought it on ebay, a right bargain it was!
i saw one with diamantes where the buttons/indents are but it was a lot more money.. so we bought the plain one and got the diamantes seperate and i glued them on myself. i love it! :)

 something you cant live without:

this was easy peasy! (other than aaron - ive mentioned him enough!) my phone! a htc wildfire s.
i love it.
i cant even count the number of phones i've had. but htc has been the best of all of them. not only are they impressive in terms of the app market and how much they do, they're also the most reliable i've had. - im pleased to say that htc has been the ONLY phone ive had that hasnt had problem after problem and has just done what its suppose to and worked perfectly. this is my 2nd htc phone, due to being so impressed.
i have had just about everything apart from the 2 phones that anyone that knows me will know i have a deep hatred for!
blackberry and iphone.. aka crapberry and ipoo.

anywhere you look, you see broken blackberries and broken iphones. what does this tell you?
pants pants pants. not for me thank you. i hate querty so blackberry has never been an option, the buttons are way too tiny for my liking and everyone i know that has had one, its gone wrong.

i dislike iphone even more than blackberry.
again, everyone i know that has had one, its gone wrong. truth be told, most people have an iphone for its name and because everyone else has one. i had an ipod once, to see what all the fuss was about.. i sold it after a couple weeks. it was always jumping/skipping tracks and itunes absolutely ruined my beloved pink laptop (RIP) - since then i have vowed never to get anything by apple again, ever!
also, are their screens made of clingfilm or something? i cant look on a facebook for sale group without seeing an iphone with a broken screen!

2 years ago, htc won me over big time, fact. xxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

photoaday: days 17&18: snack & something you made


nom nom nom! i love these to snack on but oh my goodness dont they make your mouth like fall apart a couple days later!!? still nice though. i love when salt and vinger flavoured things are really flavourey!

something i made:

so, if you've read my about me page, you'll know i make custom phone cases :)
this one ^ was made for my sister. she loves hello kitty and pink girlyness. she loved it!
if anyone is interested please contact me im always happy to help. xxx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

photoaday: day 16: what you're reading

right now im reading the big fat gypsy weddings book. its realllyyy good!
i loved the big fat gypsy weddings tv show too, i dont know what it is about gypsys and travellers but they just really fascinate me.
i dont agree with certain things they do and think sometimes they can be hypocrites plus theres the bad stuff you hear in the news BUT im still so intrigued by them.
in the show they wanted people to see they're not all bad. i think there is good and bad in all people, not just gypsies and travellers.
i think some of their morals are good, some suprise me and some i think are a little strict.
one thing i dont understand is how they're strictly against their own going with anyone non gypsy or traveller, yet they want us to like them and stop thinking they're all bad.
if a gypsy or traveller goes with a non gypsy or traveller, they're usually disowned by their family.
it seems to me they think so little of us non gypsy/traveller lot yet they dont want us to think little of them which is unfair. they're not all bad but we're not all bad either.

heres a pic of my bookmark that aaron got me randomly :) isnt he lovely! x

not sure if you can see but the silver heart says "i love you forever" :) :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

photoaday: day 15: love

i feel like ive already mentioned aaron a lot but he is the only one for me to write about for todays photo a day! :)
think ive shared this pic already but i love it so im using it again! it might not look like a "love" pic to some but to me it reminds me of a good time for us.

i am very much in love and am so lucky to have found one of the good ones.
we've been together 4 years this year and we're soo happy.
we're engaged and hope to get married either next year or year after at the latest. we would like a little family and have started trying already :) so happy and so in love :) xxx

Sunday, 13 May 2012

skipping photoaday today. here's my weekend in a blog.

im skipping this weeks photo a day today. me and my mum really arent that close unfortunately. i wish we were but hey, we're not. so i dont get to talk about how great she is or how she's always there for me and how close we are because sadly it wouldnt be true.

so instead im gonna talk about my weekend, where we went and share what i bought :)

saturday we took a trip to Jimmys Farm (the bloke off the telly, Jamie Olivers friend) we've been before, a couple years ago and i really wanted to go back to see the cute piglets and stuff.
its changed quite a bit since we last went.. there were more pigs (i loove pigs, theyre so cute!) but the sheeps had disappeared :/ there was a few goats and a couple of cows aaand some peacocks and things but that was it :/
its free to get in to where the shop and cafe is but to see the animals is 4.50 per adult which isnt too bad. heres some pics i took and messed about on instagram with:

cute piggies!

there's also a butterfly house full of pretty flutterbies, it has a pond in there and its mega hot!




there is also a farm shop where you can buy meat and other fancy bits. its pricey but its all really decent stuff. the meat is all from animals from the farm and there are eggs, milk plus handmade bits like cookies, cakes, jams etc..
we bought some cookies and a pack of sausages. both were YUM!
the cookies where about £4 for 6 and the sausages were £10 for 15 - 5 different types, 3 of each.

left to right:
classic essex pork, suffolk beer pork, pork apple and cider, guarka lamb & suffolk farmhouse pork.

the classic essex pork was my favourite - it was like the perfect sausage!
then pork apple and cider - usually hate apple in sausages but it was subtle. lovely!
next was the suffolk farmhouse pork, then suffolk beer pork - both alright.
lastly is the guarka lamb. erk! too chewy, lamb shouldnt be in a sausage!

 anyway, on our way home we stopped in a town to have a look about.. heres what aaron bought me:

 hair pins, pearl drops whitening toothpaste, asda nail varnish, select clothing tops and leggings.

the hair pins were a real bargain - from family bargains! - 350 for 99p. im forever losing them so i thought they'll last me ages!
the pearl drops whitening toothpaste i saw on a post by natalievsbeauty and had to get it! i wasnt disappointed, i've used it 3 times now and i really can tell the difference already. this was also from family bargains for 99p.
the asda nail varnish i got today while food shopping after seeing it on a post by somebody on here (so sorry but i dont remember who - if it was you please let me know and ill edit!) it was £2. its mostly blue sparkles with some pink in there too.. you need a few layers for it to look good though.

the 3 tops are from select clothing and were £6 each which is a real bargain. i actually got the black one a couple weeks ago but thought i'd add it in! when i went back yesterday they were 2 for £10 so i got the blue and pink as im always going for black and need some colour! also they fit lovely and are perfect for summer. plus we've been talking about a holiday so i deffo needed them, right?! lol..
the leggings i got were 2 for £8 - again a real bargain - and i got both pairs in white as white things dont tend to last long!! i also have these in black that i bought when i bought the black top.
i dont usually shop in select, its usually just new look but they're getting so expensive lately (is it just me that thinks that?!) so got to bargain hunt! select have got way better and often have some really nice things - the quality isnt as good but if you look after them a bit more than you normally would its ok, you get what you pay for!

hope everyone else had a good weekend! :) xxx

photoaday: day 12: something that makes you happy

as i started this, aaron turned to me and said "what ya gotta do today then?" so i said "something that makes you happy" and he goes "oh thats me then!" hahaha i was like how cocky is that! he was messing though, he's far from cocky or arrogant which is good or i wouldnt be with him!
he is right though, it is him! (i did tell him i wasnt going to pick him after he said that and he was like "oh chocolate then!" hahaha i think he knows me too well..!)

so yes, something that makes me happy is my fiance, aaron.

i took this pic 3 years ago on our holiday to Ibiza, its my favourite one of him ever :)
i took a few of him sitting on the bench, this is the only one where he isnt pulling a silly face!

we've been together 4 years this year and they have been the best 4 years of my life.
he is the one person i know i can always count on no matter what. i dont care where we are or what happens, as long as i have him i know nothing can really be that bad.
we get on so, so well, we clicked right away and havent looked back since! he really is one of the good ones, he makes me the happiest i've been and treats me so well. i love him millions! xxxx

Friday, 11 May 2012

photoaday: day 11: kitchen

seeing as we dont have our own kitchen atm (back at parents for time being due to quitting our jobs - long story but was basically pushed out so walked - and had to give our old place up as we couldnt find work near it - we moved out the way cause it was cheaper. we worked at the same place but not together.) so im going to share my dream kitchen! ill probably never ever have it but hey, a girl can dream, right!?

WOW ! i know not everyone will like it cause its black but i LOVE it!
*want want want*

how do you get more followers on this thing, i feel right lonely!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

photoaday: day 10: a word you like

ok so im not one of those people that has a favourite number, letter, word etc.. i have a favourite colour (pink!) but favourite word..? thats hard!
well, seeing as it says word you like not favourite word..... im gonna have to go with.....


not like pork chops though. like your cheeks on your face, chops..
its what me and aaron call each other "hi chops" "alright chops?"
i like it :)

what do you and your other half call each other? :) xxx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

photoaday: day 9: something you do every day


<- arr! well, something i do every day without fail is tell aaron i love him. since we've been saying it not a single day has gone past where we havent said it, which i think is lovely :)

i am also pleased to say there is never a day go by where we dont make each other laugh.

i think i am so lucky to have met aaron and even luckier that he liked me back! we met in a nightclub 4 years ago and i never in a million years thought he'd like me - i thought i was destined to be single forever, a cat lady in a little overgrown bungalow! lol..

we clicked instantly and everyone always says we're such a good, well matched couple that will last. i agree! we just get on so well, we're always making each other laugh and we know each other so well - probably better than we know ourselves!
i know that i want to grow old with aaron and i really will love him forever. he's the best thing to happen to me and i cant wait to get married (hopefully next year, how exciting!) and start our own little family. xxx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

photoaday: day 8: a smell you adore

i didnt even need to think about the answer to this!
without a doubt its that perfume i get through too quickly! :)
paco rabanne - lady million.

other smells i really like the smell of include: coffee, coconut, bbqs, fresh bread and aaron! (joop splash) :) xxx

Monday, 7 May 2012

photoaday: day 7: someone that inspires you

inspires3rd person singular present of in·spire (Verb)

  1. Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: "his enthusiasm inspired them".
  2. Create (a feeling, esp. a positive one) in a person: "inspire confidence"

Ive found this one really hard because i dont really feel there is anyone or anything that strongly inspires me..?! like, nothing i can instantly think of like: yep its them/that..

thing is, you see, im a very strong minded person, im not easily lead at all.
i just i really cannot think of anything that would give me the urge to do or feel something, other than myself and the way i choose to deal with the sitution.
if that makes any sense whatsoever?!
if i really was pushed for an answer i would say music - but nothing inparticular..

for instance, provided im in the right mood, putting a good cd on and turning the volume up usually makes me want to have a good tidy and clean.
a song with really meaningful lyrics can get my mind thinking about different things, good and bad..
but when the music is turned off, im back to normal so its not reallyyy done anything, has it?! - maybe short term but not long term..
anyway! what inspires you? xxx

photoaday: day 6: you

moi? :) well ok then! ill share a few that i've messed about with on instagram.

me and my fiance aaron
in our old house:

me and my cousin/best friend, stacy
on a night out:

me and my sister, ocean
messin about:

me and my mum
before heading out for a meal:

me, my mum & my sister
on a family holiday in menorca:

today has been a really nice day. went over to my sisters and her other halfs (karl) bungalow, her other half cooked a very yummy roast!
they're tv recently broke and they took this plastic sheet off of it, had us in stitches messin about (little things..!) - ill share a few pics, we found them really funny so hope it brings a smile to someone elses face! :)




ocean and karl:

LOL :) xxx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

photoaday: day 4&5: fun! & bird

i completely forgot yesterday to do photo a day so this is a 2 in 1 :)

i cant say i done anything mega fun yesterday really but aaron did take me for a meal to frankie n bennys then we rented a couple of films from blockbusters so we had a really nice evening together.

we both enjoyed our meal but it was SO loud in there.. louder than any other time we've been anyway and there was 4 happy birthdays in the hour odd time we was in there, there was kids screaming constantly it really wasnt enjoyable not being able to have a conversation and i come out with a headache :/
anyway we walked across town to blockbuster and picked a dvd each to rent. i chose paranormal activity 3 and aaron chose planet of the apes. i never in a million years would have thought planet of the apes was going to be better than paranormal activity 3! - it was pants compared to the first 2.

photo a day for today is bird. bird?! im not big on birds... and the only birds i see out the window are dirty pigeons, who wants a pic of them!

so heres a pic of the cutest ever little penguin! arrr int it just the cwootest! :)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

photoaday: day 3: something i wore today

well, unfortunately i havent really worn anything exciting today just leggings and a top.. but i do love my new slippers and they havent come off my feet all day! they were a bargain from tesco a couple weeks ago - aaron said i had to get some cause i kept nicking his :D they were way too big anyway!

i took this on instagram ^
they're pink inside and grey with pink roses on the outside. they're so warm and comfy :)

does anybody else have instagram? xxx

things i use regularly.

so i see many posts about the latest products etc and others about peoples daily products that they use and it made me wanna do something similar.
this one is hair, face & body. gonna share with you the stuff i use on a regular basis.
i also really like the idea of doing a make up one - to include nail varnish - so ill be doing that in next few days too.
maybe even a whats in my bag one if ya lucky! haha :)

so, a few of the products i use i havent seen on blogger so far. could well be cause they're not new out so may have been reviewed way before i started looking on here. but anyway, here goes!

please remember! im just a normal girl, im not rich and i dont like to spend much on products so please dont expect fancy stuff! :)

1. trevor sorbie - beautifully straightened blow dry spray.
ill be honest, i was initially drawn to this cause its in a pink bottle! heat protection, shine enhancing and meant to help get kinks out as you put it on damp hair before blow drying. well my hair can be a bit wild so im not sure about the kinks bit, havent really noticed anything different there but it deffo makes my hair a lot more shiny and healthy looking. it also smells SO good unlike other ones ive tried!! i really do love the smell and the way it gives my hair a healthy shine. you can get it in boots and it costs about £4-£5 but it lasts ages so well worth it.

2. herbal essences - hello hydration.
i first chose this cause my poor hair has to put up with me dying it, blow drying it and curling or straightening it quite often and i didnt want it to dry out or end up with loads of split ends inbetween cuts. any product i use HAS to smell nice, its a must. and this smells gorgeous! its coconutty and even after drying and styling my hair i can still smell it which i love. it leaves my hair feeling soft and this, along with the trevor sorbie and bed head products, really leave my hair in brilliant condition. also i have my hair cut every 10-12 weeks and i very rarely find split ends. you can get this everywhere (that sells shampoo!) and it costs about £2-£3.

3. batiste - dry shampoo - blush.
again, i first chose this cause its pink! i had tried samy fat hair dry shampoo but didnt think much of it to be honest which was so disappointing cause it cost a lot and smells really good. so i decided to try this one as i spotted it while doing a food shop! i didnt really know what to expect after the samy one but its much better. you dont seem to have to use as much to get a result so it lasts longer than the samy one. it smells real good too. when you spray it, it makes you look like you're going grey hahaha.. it says to brush it through, im not sure if its cause i have really thick hair but that didnt work for me so i pray it then rub it in, works much better and quicker for me.
the only downside i found was that its a pain to wash out, i have to give it an extra wash but again that could be cause my hair is just so thick. you can get it from supermarkets and places like boots/superdrug and it costs around £2.

 4. tigi: bed head: self absorbed conditioner.
i hate when my hair gets tangled. this is the solution to my problem. after ive shampooed my hair, i stick this in and comb through it with the shower comb. it leaves my hair lovely and soft to touch and helps me get a brush thought it after! it smells quite nice - its citrus - orangey, not my favourite smell but its not horrible by any means. tigi isnt the cheapest of products but they are generally pretty good. i used to use the oatmeal and honey shampoo (highly recommend -smells divine!) but it does cost a bit more than i can afford right now. the conditioner lasts forever though hence i've still got it! - ooh i did buy the salon size though (around £11. varies in price depending on size and where you buy it. i always bought mine on cheapsmells - cheapest i found. (also recommend this site for perfume! so much cheaper than any of the shops!)

5. samy fat hair - "0" calories - amplifying hair spray.
in 5 words: the. best. hair. spray. ever! the amount of hair sprays ive tried, this doesnt come close to any of them! i first bought it when it was on bygof. i hate when i tie my hair up and have all the little short baby hair bits all at the bottom - this hair spray was absolutely perfect for holding it all up for the whole day and considering how thick my hair is, i was well impressed - it also smells real nice! if you want a hair spray that doesnt just say hold, it actually does hold, then you need this! its not the cheapest but its deffo worth the money, around £5-£6, i always wait til they're on bogof :)

 1. ceramic babyliss curling tongs.
has a 38mm barrel so perfect for big bouncy curls. did try a curling wand but really didnt get on with it, i found it took a lot longer and my hair was always sliding off! so these are perfect cause you like clamp yr hair in and twist! has a swivel bottom too which really helps and different heat settings - i always put it on the highest but thats cause i have thick hair. always always use heat defence with these cause it really dried the ends out where you clamp it in (dont clamp it right on the ends of your hair if you can help it). these were a real bargain (£20 from argos) considering how lush my hair looks when i've used them.

2. ghds.
i dont think i know any girl that doesnt have ghds! my fiance aaron bought me these a couple years back for christmas, what a star he is! as you probably know by now i just LOVE pink so you can imagine the excitement when i opened these. i dont know any straighteners that do a good job like these do, especially on thick hair that tends to have a mind of its own half the time. a must for any girl!

3. shower comb.
another must for anyone with quite long hair, especially if it tends to tangle. i always wash my hair then put conditioner in and comb through my hair. i swear i was a really fluffy cat in a previous life cause it malt like a gooden! which is why i always comb my hair through when i wash it, if not when i come to stick a brush through it, i have half a wig on the floor! this was only like £1 from wilkinsons.

 1. palmolive shower milk for dry skin.
i have tried a couple of different smells of this but this one is my favourite - its the coconut one.
i dont have dry skin i just love how soft it leaves my skin feeling and the smell and its perfect for shaving too. some shower gels bring me up in a rash when i shave with them but this one doesnt. its just over £1 i think so well worth it.

2. st ives invigorating apricot scrub.
the best facial scrub ive ever bought. you really notice the difference even after the first wash. my mum got me using this, it leaves your skin really soft and doesnt leave it dry. its got like bits in it that really get in your pores and give a good, thorough clean. another one that smells nice too! about £2 or £3 from places like superdrug and boots.

3. johnsons 24 hour moisture - hand cream.
the first time i used this was where i used to work, i had real dry hands and one of my friends said they had some in their locker i could use, off i went and this is the hand cream they had. the funniest part was the person is a bloke! i so laughed at him for it but he was like "hey, its good stuff! my girlfriend uses it!" haha, so yeah.. its silky soft but not greasy. yet another that smells good. and its pink! :)

4. skin system cleansing facial wipes.
yet another product that i chose for the colour. these are the fragranced ones, they have a nice smell. it says facial wipes but they're handy for anything - my other half uses them for fishing just to give his hands a clean lol.. some facial wipes are so expensive. i cant see the point spending that much myself! they're from asda for £1, bargain!

5. montagne jeunesse blemish mud mask.
who doesnt love chilling out with a face mask on?! to be fair cause i use the st ives scrub i probably dont even need to use this but i do cause i enjoy it! its like a nice treat for my face lol.. i use it every couple of weeks and like the st ives scrub, it leaves your face soft and doesnt dry it out. if i had to choose this or st ives it would deffo be st ives cause its more of an every day (i use it every other day) product. these are great for every now and then though - and for girly nights! £1 from supermarkets etc.

1. perfume: paco rabanne - lady million
my absolute favourite perfume. ive nearly finished my 2nd 50ml bottle since xmas. oops! i cant just squirt it a couple of times, i get a bit carried away! it just smells SO good. i used to get paco rabanne - black xs but then this come out and i fell in love! i cant think how to describe the smell, you'll have to pop in somewhere and try it yourself :) it is a little more expensive than id like but i love it too much not to have it. for 80ml your looking at £63 from the perfume shop or boots but from cheapsmells you can get it for £50. quite a saving.

2. perfume: pacha - psicodelic (i know its spelt wrong but thats how they spell it!)
i found this lush perfume when me and aaron went to ibiza 3 years ago. it has such a lovely, sweet smell with a hint of cherry (the logo for the nightclub pacha is 2 cherries) - its a real summery smell. i actually hate cherries so its strange that i like this but its not like cherry cherry.. its hard to explain, its just really nice!! ive searched the internet and you cant buy it in england which is such a shame. although luckily for me my parents go to lanzarote every year and they sell it over there so i always get them to get me some :) its only like 15 euros for 50ml so pretty cheap considering how nice it smells.

3. palmolive soft and gentle anti-perspirant deodrant.
ive tried the other smells of this but i like this one the best. and it just so happens to be the pink one! i hate those deodrants that really sting when you put them on after you've shaved your pits. my skin can be quite sensitive and it took me a while to find one that didnt sting or give me a rash - even the pricier brands like sure and nivea were no good for me. so i tried this and was pleasantly suprised - no rash and no sting whatsoever even straight after shaving and even if i cut myself by accident. it doesnt leave white marks and i never have bo bo, even after the gym :) cant remember the price but its always on offer - thats when i stock up! lol..

so, thats all the stuff i use on a regular basis. - i havent just bought it to give it a go, every item above is not my first time using it and i really do recommend all of it!
hope it hasnt been too boring to read! will be doing a make up one next.

do any of you use any of these items? what are your views - good or bad? xxx