Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ebay bargains

well i dunno about you but i loove ebay! buying and selling.

anyway, long story short, i have damaged tissue in my heel (very painful) which can last months and was told to get proper shoes - cushioned and with arch support. i got some trainers for when its colder but wanted something summery for summer that was sensible but nice too!

i used to have some birkenstock sandals (2 pairs actually) but ended up selling them on ebay like everything else!
my cousin reminded me how they support your feet, have the arch and dont have hard bottoms.
so i hunted on ebay and found a cheaper version :)

and here they are ^ :) you like? i got the white ones. they can be found/bought here!
they really are no different to birkenstock ones, except they're unbranded and dead cheap. under £10 inc postage - happy days!
i've been wearing them a couple of days now and they're really comfy. highly recommend :)

you probably know by now that i make phone cases too..
i was using one that i'd made for myself but im just not gentle enough to look after it, i often just chucked it in the bottom of my bag with everything else - although nothing fell off until i dropped it on a solid wood floor from standing up and even then only 1 gem fell off..
anyway, i often store my phone down my bra (always the left one! - does anyone else do this?!) and having a case full of gems down my top wasnt the most comfy thing ever!
so i hunted for something new, on ebay.

i stumbled upon some rilakkuma phone cases, i first come across the cuteness that is rilakkuma a few months ago, who can blame me for falling head over heels for the one on the left! i love pink and its just soo cute!

so i ordered it :D from here! for £5.66 with free delivery. only downside is it takes about 3 weeks as they're from outside UK.. i have about 1 more week to wait til its here - cant wait to share my pics when it arrives! :D

something im addicted to is buying nail varnish. (anyone else call it that? even if its lacquer?!) you can never have enough!

and even though i have around 70 different ones, i always feel like there's a colour missing when i go to pick one out! anyone else get this?!

i hate spending too much on nail varnish cause i never use a whole one up before it starts to go gloopy, even if its my fave one.. plus i change it twice a week anyway!

so here are my 2 little nail varnish ebay bargains..

they're by saffron. they're not the best nail varnishes about but for the price you cant really complain.

they need 3 coats to look good and last a few days with a good top coat (i use china glaze first and last)

the pink one was £1.65 and the blue one was £1.80, both free delivery and can be found here: pink & blue.

i put an order in with new look yesterday so that should be here in next couple days, will share with you what i bought :)

anyone else got any bargains on ebay or elsewhere lately? :) xxx

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