Sunday, 13 May 2012

photoaday: day 12: something that makes you happy

as i started this, aaron turned to me and said "what ya gotta do today then?" so i said "something that makes you happy" and he goes "oh thats me then!" hahaha i was like how cocky is that! he was messing though, he's far from cocky or arrogant which is good or i wouldnt be with him!
he is right though, it is him! (i did tell him i wasnt going to pick him after he said that and he was like "oh chocolate then!" hahaha i think he knows me too well..!)

so yes, something that makes me happy is my fiance, aaron.

i took this pic 3 years ago on our holiday to Ibiza, its my favourite one of him ever :)
i took a few of him sitting on the bench, this is the only one where he isnt pulling a silly face!

we've been together 4 years this year and they have been the best 4 years of my life.
he is the one person i know i can always count on no matter what. i dont care where we are or what happens, as long as i have him i know nothing can really be that bad.
we get on so, so well, we clicked right away and havent looked back since! he really is one of the good ones, he makes me the happiest i've been and treats me so well. i love him millions! xxxx

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