Tuesday, 31 July 2012

MK haul

im going to jump straight into it, no jibber jabbering on!

cardigan - new look - £19.99  |  leopard print top - select - £8  |  shorts - select - £10

if you read my new look/boots \haul a couple weeks ago, you'd know i bought a dress but it was ill-fitting so i took it back. they gave me a gift card which i used to part pay for the cardigan. i love the pink on it, it makes it a little bit more exciting :) its from the inspire range but i think this particular piece comes up a little small.
im always looking at animal print clothes but never pick them up (no idea why) so i thought id start off small and im sooo glad i did, i loove the top!
the shorts were in the sale, they're a sheer material and could be dressed up or down, i love the floaty material, they'll keep me nice and cool when its hot again!

montagne jeunesse peel off masks: cucumber x2, pomegranit x2 & lemon x2 - boots - £1.00  |  soap & glory hand maid - boots - £2.50  |  coconut oil - superdrug - £1.99  |  MUA: undressed palette - superdrug - £4.00  |  2true: shade #48 polish - superdrug - £1.99  |  natural collection: antique coral polish - boots - £1.89  |  17 lasting fix: spring petal - boots - £2.99

i absolutely love these masks. i get on a lot better with the peel off ones than the clay ones and i deffo notice the difference with my skin since using these more regularly. its also nice to pamper yourself a bit... and the packaging is so bright and colourful they just scream 'buy me!' when i see them :) lol

this stuff smells lush! i hate being out the house and being unable to wash my hands, i hate having dirty hands and im always careful when it comes to germs and putting my hands near my mouth. so this stuff comes in perfect. im now worry-free with lush smelling, clean hands! :D this is my first soap & glory product and it deffo wont be my last, i always hear such great things so i think i need to go for it and try more of their products!

my dads cousins other half recommended this stuff, ive bought something similar before but thought i'd give this a go, you can use it as a leave in conditioner or as a full hair mask. my hair isnt in bad condition at all but i do like to look after it so it never comes to that. i love the smell of coconut and cant wait to give this a go.

does anybody NOT have this palette?! i swear ive been the last to get it but i have my reasons! - the superdrug closest to me doesnt stock even half of what mua sell and dont seem to have stocked anything new from them for months. booo! also i dont like ordering things like eyeshadow online as it will be my luck it turns up broken! i absolutely love the colours - they're all the colours i'd usually wear on one palette so im glad i got to pick it up :)

im always on the look out for nail polish but i dont like spending much cause i have so many and none of them get used enough for me to warrant paying over £5... unless they're REALLY nice of course! ;)

they all have a shimmer to them, which im really liking at the moment.. the coral coloured one doesnt look shimmery once its on your nail though. the blue one has pink shimmery bits in it (i have the pink one too) and the pink one has pink shimmery bits.

the coral one (natural collection) applied the worst.. but shade wise is my favourite. its quite streaky and the brush is really crap so it sort of goes all over the place too which is never good. but for the price i can put up with it.
the blue one (2true) looks nicer in the bottle.. i needed 4 coats for it to look like it does in the bottle and probably wouldnt wear it on its own but it would look nice with the pink one i reckon.. we'll see! its not a favourite but its not my worst one.
the pink one (17) is a really pretty colour and applies nicely. i only needed 2 coats too which is always good! deffo glad i bought it.

so there you have it :) and i have to dash now cause im going shopping again today!
this time with my cousin stacy and her daughter mia.. hopefully we'll buy some nice things :)  xxx

Monday, 30 July 2012

weekend in milton keynes

for aarons birthday i booked us a weekend away to milton keynes.
we went the weekend just gone and stayed in a novotel hotel which was really nice. we usually stay in a premier inn but there always seems to be a problem so we paid a little bit more for something better and it deffo paid off!

at the hotel - no make up!

we left friday morning, stopped at little chef on the way for breakfast and got to MK around midday (it only takes an hour n half from ours to MK without a stop) we checked in and then headed out to the shopping mall, yay!
firstly can i say, without a map or asking people for directions, we'd never have found our way back to the car hahaha! we're not used to such big shopping centres - we dont even have one in our town!

mango & passion fruit frap from starbucks

we had a quick look about.. went in new look and was a bit disappointed to be honest.. i *love* new look usually but i thought being a city and in a massive shopping centre it would have been bigger but it wasnt and i only bought one thing! i was very impressed in superdrug though as the MUA selection was way better than our town.. i bought a few bits from there too.
we had a starbucks then went cause we were hot n bothered! we found our way to the xscape place and had a meal in wetherspoons.. i didnt take a pic of my food cause it didnt look great and my steak was over cooked. merrr! after, we got some pick n mix and headed back to the hotel to watch tv and chill out :)

saturday we had breakfast at the hotel (it was really good!) then headed out to find some retail parks.. i did ask on reception where the retail parks were but both girls didnt have a clue what i was on about! then i looked a right tit trying to explain it.. "errrm.. like an industrial estate.. with big shops?" lol im rubbish at explaining! we decided to just drive and find them ourselves, which we done.
unfortunately we didnt go in ikea cause we dont have a home atm and didnt want to tease ourselves with all the lovely things we couldnt get! however, i did make up for that in boots and bought lots of nice things :)

saturday night we headed out to TGI fridays for a meal. it was possibly the best meal ive had out, ever! :O
strawberry daiquiri (yummm!)

we got seated near a family and the baby was sick which really smelt bad so we asked to move before we got our food, luckily they were really nice about it and moved us!
i ordered ribeye steak and aaron ordered sirloin on the bone. they were both cooked perfect!!
we pigged out big time and had desert.. aaron had a sundae and i had choc fudge cake which was sooo sickly i just could not finish it! - but it was lush!
id never been in a TGI fridays restaurant before.. it was a little noisy like F&B but the food more than made up for it! i wouldnt hesitate in going back.

we went for a walk to have a look about and to try and stop the full-over eaten feeling we both had then got in the car and headed to willen lake for a nicer walk :)

it was really pretty there as the sun was setting. the clouds looked funky and the swans coming in in a V shape made us giggle. it was lovely and peaceful and kinda romantic i suppose! after a little walk we sat on a bench for a bit just staring out at the water, it was so lovely :)

at willen lake
after a while we headed back to the hotel, had a drink in the bar (bacardi n coke mmmmm) then went up as we were both knackered!

sunday we had breakfast at the hotel again then headed back to the shopping centre, this time to look for new trainers and a jacket for aaron.. we didnt find either as he's really not liking the new trends at the moment - yellow/red trousers, cuffed hems on trousers, deck shoes, girly/camp tshirts... he said to me "i dont want to look like ive just stepped out of the only way is essex! they look gay, im not gay!"
- i completely agree. i hate that look on blokes! i want my man to look like a man and be manly!
aaron doesnt own anything from places like topman and h&m.. the brand he wears the most of is henleys and he likes new look (when they dont have the camp stuff in! although if i didnt go in there he probably wouldnt either!) and JD too.

aaron was messing about!
after the mall we headed back to the hotel for a final time, grabbed our stuff and checked out.
on the way home it decided to absolutely pee it down! merrr!

funky new design window wiper or slow shutter speed on the camera phone...? hmmm lol..

overall we both said we had such a nice weekend and it was so good just to get away from things for a few days. i didnt wanna go back! lol..
although the weekend was good, i dont think i would go back to milton keynes. its not a bad place at all i just expected bigger, better and more shops i think.. although maybe we just didnt find them all? i enjoyed leicester and birmingham more for shopping and unlike other cities in the uk, the roads are in grids so it can be so confusing.. aaron said it was like being in canada again!

the most disappointing/annoying part of my weekend was the pure ignorance of some people!
ignorance is my biggest hate. there is just no need for it at all.
the amount of times i moved for someone or held a door open and didnt get a thankyou for even any acknowledgement.. it makes me so annoyed because i absolutely always thank people for those things! (leicester was the worst place for this - and its nearly always a foreign person)
the worst one was when i was walking and a girl turned backwards and walked into me. at this point i would be like "oop, sorry!" straight away without even thinking about it. but no. this blonde skinny little runt turned, looked me up and down (judging if i was worthy of an apology maybe?) then made a face and walked off. i was gobsmacked!!

i havent included anything i bought as im going to do a seperate post on that! - this post would have been huuuuge otherwise!
what did you get upto this weekend? xxx

5 foods.

5 foods:

indian food.
my favourite take away. i always have mushroom rice with chicken tikka masala and a keema naan. mega yum! i hate spicy food so would never even give curry a go but aaron pestered me and kept saying i dont have to have a spicy one.. so i gave it a go and now i love it! mmmmmmmm....

chinese food.
my (very close) second favourite take away. i also enjoy cooking chinese food too (- i highly recommend gok wans book as its more healthy than a take away but still has all the taste there) i love mushroom chow mein, crispy beef, smoked chicken and char siu pork the best.

roast dinner.
i love a good sunday roast! pork is my favourite but i also really like chicken. i love my roast potatos crispy, my veggies soft and my gravy thick and full of flavour :) perfect! aaron cooks the tastiest roast i've ever had, he's such a good cook, although i do most of the cooking as he works very hard :)

i love lasagne so much! the best lasagne ive had is from the restaurant 'ask'. ive tried lasagne from so many places, i have a top 5! the other 4 places are just pubs in our area. i cook a pretty good lasagne myself too, everyone thats tried it has always really enjoyed it - yay me!

when me and aaron go out for a meal, i either have lasagne or steak.. more often steak though! i used to always pick rump but i never, ever have it now. sirloin is wayy nicer and far less chewy so thats what i have. beefeater do lush steak and cook it so well, same with TGI fridays. rib eye and t-bone are also very tasty. yummers!!

what are your favourite foods? xxx

my posts will have more structure starting in august, if you missed the post and would like to know what on earth im on about, click here! :) xxx

Sunday, 29 July 2012

6 places

6 places:

i had a week away in wales (mumbles near swansea) last year and i absolutely loved it! the people were so, so friendly compared to here in suffolk. it was also very pretty where we went. i just loved everything about it so we're going back this year to the west coast of wales this time and i cant wait! if i could live anywhere it would be there.

i havent been there with aaron (yet - we're hoping to have a weekend this year) but i went with my family, a load of cousins and auntie and uncle about 12 years ago. we went to disneyland and stayed at davy crocketts ranch - it was brilliant! we also visited paris and i really enjoyed it. i dont get why people dont like the french, we thought they were really friendly!

i went to ibiza with aaron 3 years ago, my parents paid for us to have 2 weeks which was my 21st bday present. when people say ibiza you automatically think clubbing.. can you believe we went to ibiza and didnt go in a single club!? we stayed in san antonio bay which was ok but if i went again id stay in es canar as its a much nicer area (less riff raff, less people trying to sell you drugs!!!). there are so many nice beaches and restaurants away from the drunken touristy bits, best holiday we've had together :)

i went to turkey with my cousin stacy when i was 17 (she was 18) it was very much unforgettable!!! we booked it last minute (6 days) and had to eat cheap food/go without meals in order to get drunk each night as we didnt have enough pennies but it was worth it!! so many funny memories that we still laugh about, even now - 7 years on!

my bed.
seriously, we have THE most comfiest bed, ever! would you believe we got it from........ carpet right!?! as if carpet right sell beds lol. it was in a sale and we knew it was 'the one' as soon as we laid on it! its a kingsize as aaron says im a bed hog lol.. well i do like to be comfy!! i think our bed is the reason i can always fall asleep at any time and why i never want to get up!

ive never been but i would absolutely *love* to go there over christmas and stay in a log cabin with looads of snow outside and a lovely fire going and a cosy blanket for cuddles with aaron :) doesnt it just sound so nice already!! i cant ski or anything and the thought of it terrifies me so i wouldnt be going for that - just the snow and the cosyness!! :)

im baaaack!

hellooo again :)

we're back from 3 days away in milton keynes so thats why i havent replied to anybody but have posted a couple of posts - my phone let me publish blogs i'd saved as drafts but wasnt so keen on letting me reply! - so appologies for that.

i bought some clothes, make up and nail polish and a couple other little bits so will get a haul post up about those either tomorrow or tuesday. i took some pics so will get those on here too.

i havent even unpacked yet so ill leave you with this pic of me and aaron at willen lake :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

7 wants

7 wants:

rolls royce phantom.
*dreams* if i ever won the lottery i would absolutely *love* one of these cars. the chance of me even getting to sit in one is extremely slim!!

to win the lottery.
well who doesnt want this! it really annoys me when people win and waste it. if i won of course i would treat myself to everything i want and treat the family too but i would also invest a good amount of it so that we wouldnt have to work again. a girl can dream!

and now to be more realistic!!

a home.
me and aaron had to move back to his parents last year and have struggled to get back on our feet since. we're getting so fed up now and really want our own space again. we just need to be a bit patient at the moment..

a holiday.
we have a week away booked in october to wales as we went last year and absolutely loved it (if i won the lottery i would so live there!) but i would love to go somewhere like barbados or the maldives but that costs a lot of money :/

a cat.
i had a cat when i was younger but dad didnt really like them so when he died i wasnt allowed another :( i cannot wait til we have our own place and i can get a little kitty cat! meow!

to get married.
step one, engagement - check! step two, marriage... not check! it wont be happening yet.. click here to read the post on why, if you dont already know. once everything is sorted - hopefully next year - we'll be able to start planning, yay yay yay!

to lose weight.
i love my food but food doesnt love me! we joined the gym but they werent putting any money into it so we quiet and havent joined another as we're trying to save for moving out.. we do eat a lot healthier now though and try to walk more.

what things do you want most? xxx

8 fears

as you probably know if you've been reading my posts lately, im away this weekend.
as im writing right now its thursday. im hoping i can save the posts as drafts and publish them on my phone.. if you're reading this, its worked! lol :)

8 fears.

if im on a ride at a theme park or fun fair, im not as bad, although i wont look down or i close my eyes! but if its by foot, like on a ladder or something, im terrified! i shake and my legs go to jelly. i dont like see-through stairs either or piers because you can see through *shudder*

i wouldnt say its a phobia but its not far off! even small ones.. just no! i cant even kill them, they proper freak me out. i usually freeze... then run or get aaron to get it! luckily he's not bothered by them.. phew!

i used to be fine with it but the last few times ive proper freaked out.. cold sweats, shaking, feeling sick.. i have no idea why though! it just come from nowhere. i hope one day i can get over this cause im missing out as im so reluctant to go abroad on holiday again after the last few times :/

im pretty sure most of us are scared of dying.. i really hope its not painful, dont we all? - not that we get much choice obviously. it just really upsets and scares me that one day i wont exist.. goodness knows how ill cope when someone really really close to me dies.. i dont even wanna think about it.

i do not like storms at all! the thunder scares me way more than the lightening cause it just sounds horrible and scary! when i was young, i used to sit in my parents bedroom next to the bed cause i dont like being alone, i never woke them, i just sat there quiet til it went away. last year i was home alone and there was a storm and i was really freaking out big time!! im not toooo bad anymore if im with someone though.

small boats.
aaron took me on a row boat once. never, ever again. it was suposed to be romantic but i was so scared! i nearly fell in the water trying to get in and then was too scared to move at all because it rocked about so much! i just kept imagining water leaking in which made it worse cause i cant swim!

i dont mean like the drug!! - i mean like going fast.. more so in a car. on rides im not too bad but if im in a car and the driver really has their foot down i do not like it at all. especially round corners/bends.. there really is no need to scare me like that! just saying ;) ooh and i would never ever get on a motorbike. no siree!

quiet roads at night.
when we're driving along a back road at night, i always think 'omg what if someone jumped out and tried to attack us!' while i know this is highly unlikely, its not impossible either! ..i think ive watched too many american films!!

what do you fear? xxx

9 things i love

9 loves:

this was easy peasy lemon squeezy :) since we've been together (4 years) he's been my other half, my best friend and my family. he is one of the good ones and im extremely lucky to have him. he is always there for me through everything and is so kind, caring, honest.. and all those other lovely traits we wish for in a bloke.. ooh and a brilliant sense of humour - we're always laughing!

i simply cannot go a single day without listening to music. i love 80s cheese, 90s pop, rnb, hip hop and more! my favourite artist at the moment is nicki minaj, i just think she's brilliant! i also really like lil wayne, rihanna, david guetta, ed sheeran, roxette.. quite a wide range.

i love writing lists.. we're going on holiday - i write a list for everything we need to take. we're going shopping - i write a list of everything we need to buy. i am so organised but if i didnt do my lists, i just know id forget something or spend half the time thinking i had!

i love the colour pink. love it. love it. love it. although aaron wont ever let me decorate our home pink, i have enough pink items to make up for it :) i even have a pink electric fly swat! if its pink AND glittery, well thats even better!

my phone.
i actually would be lost without my phone. im nearly always on it, im addicted.

reeces cups.
yum. mega yum. id eat them every day if they werent so bad. aaron brough some back with him from canada (he went out there to work a few weeks) for me - i think i loved him mostest that day :) lol

facebook addict right here! all my close friends and family are on it so its a great way for me to keep in contact with them all - without it i probably wouldnt half as much. and im always updating my status and uploading pics. addicted i tell you!

im such a big kid. i get so excited when it snows! earlier this year it was due to snow but we'd had nothing so aaron said we'd jump in the car and keep driving til we find some snow. we ended up over 180 miles away from home and the snow got so bad even aaron (who loves driving in the snow) was getting worried.. and i was terrified! raffic was crawling on the motorway (a lot of people had stopped) and we pulled off as soon as we could and stayed in a premier inn. scary much.. but once we booked in we did have a little play in the snow :D

mostly online shopping, unless its a week day and not busy! i cant stand it when its busy - i just get stressed out and dont enjoy it. i love buying new clothes.. i love buying anything actually. its nice being able to get things for myself but its an even nicer feeling buying for other people :)

done :) do you love any of the same things as moi? (not aaron though that would be weird lol!)
this is my last post until monday as me and aaron have a weekend away this weekend so expect a few posts about that!

also, if you missed the post about the future of my blog structure wise, please click here! xxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

10 facts about moi

i love things like this and it gives people a chance to get to know you a bit more.. i think everybody should do it... right now :) lol

10 secrets:

im really shy.
im fine with people once i get to know them a bit more but at first im terrible - although i have got better since being with aaron. it used to be so bad that i wouldnt get on a bus alone or pop up town alone.. i now do both but not with as much ease as id like!

i was bullied at school.
it wasnt physical bullying luckily but the name calling and tormenting made me hate school so much that i stopped paying any interest and left with poor grades. i was an easy target because i was shy and didnt have many friends.

i quit college half way through a (health and social care) course.
this is one of my biggest regrets. id made friends unlike at school but enjoyed having fun and going out so much that i stopped caring about college. one day my tutor spoke to me and told me i could do better and to buckle down and i told her that wouldnt be happening because i quit. she said i couldnt do that and i said i could and did.. this is why i think putting the leaving school age up is a good idea - i was only 16 and just didnt care like i would have if id been older and more mature.

i rarely wear make up.
i can imagine the gasps of beauty bloggers right now lol.. honestly i only wear make up probably twice or 3 times a month. i dont think twice about walking down the shop or nipping up town with no make up on. although i do think i look way better with it on, i just dont see the point unless im meeting up with friends or having a night out/meal out.

i dont like flying.
in an airplane of course - red bull does not give you wings. i used to be fine with flying when i was 17/18.. but the last few times i've been on one ive got my panic on, felt faint, got sweaty palms, cold sweats, struggled breathing properly.. it was horrid! so last year we went to wales and this year we're going back cause we loved it. we have said we want to go to the usa for our honeymoon though which will of course mean flying but it will be so worth it!

i havent read fifty shades.
and its 99% likely i never will. books like that just arent my sorta thing. although i like to read, i wouldnt say im a massive book worm at all and much prefer biographies and autobiographies or books about things that intrigue me like gypsies/travellers, dreams, ghosts etc.

im pretty good in the kitchen.
when i lived at home i wasnt interested in cooking whatsoever, its not that i couldnt do it, i just didnt *want* to. when i first moved in with aaron and his parents i was quite happy to let his mum do all the cooking but when we moved into our own place i had to learn and i picked it up really quickly and with ease. its all about timing, organisation and common sense, which luckily i have plenty of. we're back at aarons mums atm (long story) and i cook for me and aaron every night, i love it and he loves it too - luckily! - he's always saying im a good cook :)

i have no idea what i want in life.
obviously i want to marry aaron one day and maybe have a kid together but i have no idea what i want to do work wise. im so bored of sitting home every day (although i do like that i have time to clean, tidy & cook proper meals) but i just dont really know what i want to do. luckily for us aaron is earning a really good wage but i would like to be bringing some in myself. id absolutely love to work from home but have no idea how to get work that way.

i dont have a close bond with my parents or sister.
some people are so close to their family but im not one of those people. for reasons i wont go into right now, we just cant seem to get along. i would like to get on with my parents better but i just dont see it happening. and my sister i dont want anything to do with at all. may sound harsh but i have my reasons. she is really close to my parents so i think thats why im not close with them but i have aaron and he makes me happy. he's my family, best friend and fiance all in one :) x

i dont like apple.
iphones, ipods, imacs.. they can all lick my big itoe! (toe.. lol?) everyone i know thats had an iphone, its broken, fixed, broken, fixed.. all you see on for sale groups on facebook is iphones for sale... with a broken screen! i had an ipod once to see what all the fuss was about.. it crashed and skipped songs (usually when i was singing along... embarrassing much!) and itunes absolutely ruined my beloved barbie pink laptop (RIP) so i got rid of it (after only a few weeks) - useless crappy thing. phone wise, HTC all the way!!

there you have it, 10 random fact about yours truely!
your turn! let me know if you do it too, we'd all like a nosey :) xxx

Monday, 23 July 2012


app used: instagram: @xtiffyxx

17 (lasting fix range) - royal rose.
so today i decided to wear a colour i havent worn yet (apart from to review) because i really love it and want to see just how much of a lasting fix it has!

for the review, please click here :)

my posts will have more structure starting in august, if you missed the post and would like to know what on earth im on about, click here! :) xxx

monthly/weekly posts: future structure

last night i decided i need a bit of structure on my blog.
im very much an organised person and like to know when im coming or going and whats happening and when.. so i wrote a list - like i do - and after some scribbling out, rearranging and whatnot i have 4 out of 7 of my days allocated for certain things.
i didnt do something for saturdays because im usually busy and dont want to say ill do it then not BUT i have tuesdays and thursdays with nothing so far so if anybody has any ideas of what they'd like to see please let me know :) i aim to please!

here's what i have so far which will start at the beginning of august:
if anybody wants to join in with any or all of the following, please do! let me know so i can follow you if im not already and please use the pictures below to link my blogger to the post each time. in return i will link anybody that joins in on the bottom of every post they've joined in with :)

monthly/weekly: sunday: ebay finds.
im an ebay addict so each sunday will be a post showing 5 ebay finds, each week in the month will be different.
week 1: bags/purses. - bags of any kind & purses.
week 2: shoes. - shoes of any kind.
week 3: beauty products/jewellery. - make up, nail polish, body/face/hair products & jewellery.
week 4: other. - anything that doesnt fit into the above categories.

if the month has 5 weeks, ive decided i will skip it and carry on as normal the week after.

weekly: monday: pintagram.
each monday will be a post of a picture ive particularly liked from pinterest or instagram.
it doesnt have to be anything in particular it really can be anything!

weekly: wednesday: wishlist.
each wednesday will be a post made up of items im lusting after.
it can be anything from clothes to shoes to bags to household items, nail polish or books.. anything at all that i would really like to buy.

weekly: friday: life.
each friday will be an update on my life.
i will share what i've been upto, whats been happening, how im feeling and or future plans i may have or any news of any type.

hope you're looking forward to this, i am! :)
if you have any ideas of other things you'd like to see please let me know :)
and if you're going to join in and take part in this, again let me know so i can follow and we'll link each other in every post to spread the word and bring people together! xxx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

latest products reviewed.

last week i popped up town and got a few bits (click here for that post) and among my items were 5 nail polishes. if you saw my last NOTD (click here  for that post) you'd see 3 of the colours and also know this post was on its way! :)
to re-cap, these are the 5 polishes..

so as i mentioned in my NOTD post, 3 out of 5 of the nail polishes disappointed me.. here goes!

from thumb to little finger is the same order as the first pic and the reviews will be in the same order, to keep things simple! :)

17 (lasting fix range) - royal rose.
this is my favourite out of all 5 which was such an easy choice. as i said before, this colour makes me think 'grown up' and i like that about it :) it went on lovely, no streaks or anything and the formula was just right too - not too thin and not gloopy and i only needed 2 coats to look good. i will deffo re-purchase this once i've used it all!

17 (fast finish range) - catwalk couture.
its crazy how 2 nail polishes from the same brand can be so different.. this is the one i disliked the most out of all 5 polishes. i really love the colour, it screams 'sunny summer colour!' but it went on horribly.. it almost seemed like it had glue mixed in, it was slightly gloopy and didnt want to glide down my nail at all. it was also very streaky so application was, quite franky, a nightmare! oh and in the bottle it looks shimmery but on my nails it looks pastel.. i only needed 2 coats and i deffo wouldnt re-purchase but i would look for a dupe from another brand.

rimmel (lasting finish range) - strawberry fizz.
i love the colour of this - obviously because i love pink! the formula seemed fine - same as the other rimmel colours i have but it was really streaky and looks patchy on my nail if you look closely (you cant really see in the pics but i kid you not!) which my other rimmel colours are not. one thing i do like about it is that it smells of strawberry! even after a bath, it still smells and it hasnt flaked off like some do after a bath, so thats good! this one needed 3 coats and still didnt look brilliant but i didnt bother with a 4th. i wouldnt re-purchase this one but there are plenty of dupes about for this colour so its not a problem.

rimmel (lasting finish range) - marshmallow heaven.
i really like the colour of this one too and the formula was absolutely fine, again like my others. it wasnt streaky like the pink one, it went on nicely and i only needed 2 coats. this one didnt smell but i dont walk around with my fingers up my snozz so its really not a problem! lol.. after a bath its still very much on my nails (unlike NYC polishes) so im very impressed with this one. i would re-purchase this one.

maxfactor (max effect) - fantasy fire.
this is the polish im most disappointed about. the bottle is tiny for the price and in the bottle the colour and the tints are so gorgeous but what a let down upon application :( its so see-through hopefully you can see in the pics how see-through it looks and thats with 4 coats! goodness knows how many you'd need to make it look as it does in the bottle and you certainly would be lucky to get 3 uses out of the bottle after all those applications. it applied fine and the formula seemes fine it just wasnt dense enough at all. i deffo would never repurchase this and its put me off trying any of the other colours in the range.

do you have any of these colours? - what do you think of them? xxx

Friday, 20 July 2012


if you read my new look/boots haul (click here if you havent) you'll know i bought 5 new nail polishes.. todays nail of the day is 3 of those :)

purple: rimmel (lasting finish range) - marshmallow heaven.
blue: 17 (fast finish range) - catwalk couture.
pink: rimmel (lasting finish range) - strawberry fizz.

i will be reviewing these (plus the other 2) in the next couple of days so please look out for that :)
as a clue/taster: 3 out of 5 of them disappointed me. xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

new look/boots haul

firstly... where has summer disappeared to, eh?! i had to pop into town today for a new look order i had delivered to the store... and had to dress in my winter clothes... seriously! merrrrr.
i dont like it too hot cause i get all hot n bothered... but i dont like it all dull and dreary like this either cause it just makes me feel rubbishy!
anyway, as i said, i had a new look order to pick up so i thought id pop (by pop i mean over half an hour.. oops!) into boots while i was in town and spend my advantage card points.. i had £17 worth, yay! - this doesnt mean im a shopperholic though cause id been saving them since i went to college 7 years ago! lol :)
so this is what i got..

multi-coloured maxi dress, blue top and a bag from new look.
face masks x2, nail polish x 5 and a free mag thingy bob from boots.

ill start off by telling you i wont be writing about the dress in detail because im sending it back. unfortunately its really ill-fitting.. such a shame cause i really love it but i dont wanna look a numpty!

for £7.99 i couldnt resist this blue top, i really like the colour and its such a great every day top without being too plain. its from the inspire range. at the moment im lucky that i can shop in the normal section and the inspire section for tops and dresses.. but only the normal range for bottoms as im an 18 on top and a 16 on the bottom. me and aaron are on diets though so hoping to lose some weight and get back in my size 14 clothes.. i dont want to be skinny or anything, just a nice comfortable size 14 :)

i larrrve this bag!! - i love quilted things. and a girl can never have too many bags, right?! i dont actually have that many though.. only 6 or 7 (my pink pauls boutique one is the most used!) also, i really dont go for certain brands with things.. if i like it, i like it - its that simple.
this bag is £9 in the sale.. they do have it in a light pink but i dont like the shade so got this one instead.. its reduced from £18 so a proper bargain :)

when i walked into new look today the first thing i noticed was that literally half of the downstairs part of the store was all sale rails! i did have a quick look but its such a jumble sale i just cant be bothered sometimes.. and after walking in the rain i just wasnt in the mood!
so if you're after a bargain, head to new look!

i havent tried the peel off ones from montagne jeunesse before, ive always used the clay ones or self heating (feel so strange!) so i had to give these a go! i loove peel off masks, they remind me of when i was at school and used to smear PVA glue all over my hands just so i could peel it off! (did anyone else do this?!) i love how bright and fun the packaging is on their face masks too. as you can see the first one is pomegranate and the 2nd one is cucumber and they were 100 pennies each :)

i have just under 100 nail polishes. i've also stopped calling it nail varnish now lol..
me and aaron worked out i have over £300 worth of the stuff.. woah!
i love doing my nails and having a wide choice to choose from and its very rare you'd see me with the same look on my nails.. i like to mix it up :)

these 2 polishes are 17 by boots and cost £2.99 each.
the dusty pinky colour to me is a very grown up, cute but subtle colour! i think ill use it for meals out and family get-togethers more :) it has a slight shimmer to it but not in an oldy woldy way - i think its gorgeous and i just know ill feel all grown up wearing it! (weird?! lol) its called royal rose and is from the lasting fix range.
the blue one is so summery and nice! it has subtle silver shimmery bits in it, making it extra lovely. once the warmer weather gets here i know it will get lots of wear. its called catwalk couture and is from the fast finish range.

these 2 polishes are by rimmel and both are from the lasting finish range. they were 2 for £4.
i was drawn to the rimmel polishes cause they were on offer.. i kept looking and didnt see any i liked... then i saw another bit with a few more colours on and found these 2 beauties! wahey!
im really liking purple at the moment and i have a really dark and a medium shade so thought id give a lighter shade a go! i dont think ill wear it on its own but ill deffo be wearing it with pink or pink and blue. its #702 and called marshmallow heaven.
i love pink. love it. i have so many different shades of pink but im pretty sure none of my others are the same as this.. i really like it against the purple. i really like it on its own too! i just really like it haha :D (not that you can tell, right?! lol) its #025 and called strawberry fizz.

this polish is max effect by maxfactor, its #45 and called fantasy fire.
this really caught my eye as i was walking past. its such a tiny little bottle (about 4 or 5ml?) so the £3.99 price tag was a bit annoying as ill probably only get a few uses out of it but i really couldnt not get it cause it looks gorgeous! i have seen a few bad reviews on this but not everything is to everybodys liking so im hoping it doesnt disappoint me. i havent used it yet but ill deffo be reporting back once i have.  its a deep purpley colour mostly but its got shimmery blues, pinks, orange, green.. everything lol.. is it called multi-tonal? something like that! i hope it looks like it does in the bottle when its on my nails.

have you bought anything in the new look sale?
have you got any of the nail polishes i bought? - what do you think of them? xxx


im still loving my sally hansen - hidden treasure so today i decided to try it on top of rimmel - blue my mind (which to me is more of a purple than blue?!)
when i tried hidden treasure on top of black, it showed brown and green colours when the light caught it.. on top of purple it shows mostly a pinky/bronze colour and sometimes a greeny/yellow colour in darker light.
i cant wait to try it out on other colours! :)

app used: photo shake

have you tried sally hansen - hidden treasure? - what colour do you prefer it with? xxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

gok wan: gok cooks chinese

so if you read my previous post you'll know that me and aaron done some cooking saturday night.
when i first got with aaron i never cooked a thing! but when we got our own place i had to learn to cook and i really started to enjoy it. now i cook everything and let aaron do the washing up ;) lol.

we got gok wans book - gok cooks chinese and after sitting and looking through it together we couldnt wait to try out some of the dishes!

at the front of the book, gok shares which 7 sauces/oils to use and explains what they do and why he uses them.. i like that he explains what it brings to the dish so you know why and when to use it so you could experiment with it and not always have to refer to the book.
he then tells you over a few pages about some of the main ingredients he uses and lets you know what you can use as a substitute if you cant get hold of it - which i thought was great as some of the ingredients you may not find in normal supermarkets.

next he tells you about the 5 pieces of essential equipment to use. i have a wok, ladle and wooden chopping board but i dont have a cleaver or bamboo steamers. to me, the last 2 arent essential like the first 3 - a wok is just brilliant to cook with and you wouldnt be able to do certain dishes without one. a ladle is very handy for dishes like soup and a wooden chopping board is definately essential for your knives. if you use a glass chopping board or hard plastic you'll blunt your knives quickly.
i decided against getting a cleaver because i have a good set of knives. gok uses a cleaver for everything so if you dont mind switching between a couple of knives then you deffo dont need to go out and spend more money. i also decided against a bamboo steamer for now.. i just use tin foil (shiny side down!) or a saucepan lid and it does the same job and saves a few pennies :)

we were so hungry so we decided to do chicken and sweetcorn soup first, eat it and then do the rest!
the recipe was for crab and sweetcorn but we prefer chicken so just swapped it for that.
it turned out looking like this..

it was absolutely delish! the light floaty bits are egg. it was so tasty and easy to do so we'll deffo be having it again!

after that we done egg fried rice (cooked the rice before the soup so it had a chance to cool down which you're meant to do) garlic chicken and soy-glazed chicken. mmmm mmmm mmmmmm!

the garlic chicken was my favourite! but also the least healthy as its shallow fried in groundnut oil. but the taste was out of this world. it was seriously so, so tasty and had so much flavour. i mostly done the garlic chicken and egg fried rice and mostly aaron done the soy glazed chicken although we did help each other out too :) the soy-glazed chicken was really tender and also very tasty and full of flavour.

everything we cooked tasted like a chinese person had cooked it. thats how tasty it was! the only difference is that gok has made the dishes as healthy as possible whilst still keeping all the flavours in. so its not gloopy and full of fat and you can see yourself whats going into it.
we made sure we got all the sauces/oils and used every single ingredient that he said to use (except when we swapped crab for chicken for the soup)
we found everything in asda apart from shaoxing rice wine which we nipped to waitrose for.

i 100% recommend this book to anyone that loves chinese food and want to enjoy it guilt free!
if you follow the recipes 100% i promise you will not be disappointed :)

so what do you think? - will you be going out to get it or have you had a go already? xxx