30 Before 30

I love lists. 
I love being organised. 
I love crossing things off my lists once I've completed them. 

I compiled this 30 before 30 list to give me things to strive towards in the next 5 years. I'm really hoping that they're all crossed off by then and I will post about each one as it happens :)

  1. Find a job I enjoy doing.
  2. Get my hair back to chocolate brown from black (without killing it!)
  3. Find a nice new home to settle into long term, if I can! (I like moving)
  4. Visit North Wales and WALK up Snowdonia.
  5. Spend (another) weekend in London.
  6. Fit back into my size 14 jeans.
  7. Try sushi.
  8. Take the car across to France for a long weekend/week.
  9. Go to a Christmas market in Belgium.
  10. Drive up to Birmingham and become a God Mother to my friends son.
  11. Put a padlock (with mine and Aarons names) on the Pont Des Arts bridge in Paris.
  12. Go on the London Eye.
  13. Use our brand new tent we bought 2 years ago and haven't used yet!
  14. Buy a newer (and bigger) car that will enable us to do #13. (Convertibles are not practical!)
  15. Move back to our hometown.
  16. Own another DSLR and learn how to use it fully this time - no giving up/being lazy!
  17. Have an Indian head massage.
  18. Go on a BIG shopping trip with my friend from Birmingham.
  19. Fill my nail polish rack.
  20. Do a fly drive across America (from New York to LA) for a month.
  21. Have a meal in a celebrity restaurant.
  22. Pull an all nighter with Aaron - something we both feel we'd be uncapable of now a days! Lol
  23. Lose one stone.
  24. Lose two stone.
  25. Lose three stone.
  26. Go to a cinema where they have sofas as seats and a bar etc.
  27. Have a spa day.
  28. Watch the sun rise at the beach.
  29. Have a commitment ceremony with Aaron as we can't get married yet.
  30. Host a games and drinks night at our house.

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