Friday, 22 February 2013

Mini Haul

I might have accidentally on purpose popped back to Boots to see if there was anything else I wanted in the Rimmel 3 for 2 offer.. OOPS! ;) There was a mascara I saw the first time I picked some things up but didn't get it.. Then regretted it so I got it this time and I'm really glad I did, it's brill! It's the Glam Eyes Day 2 Night mascara with 2 different wands, one to lengthen (day time) and one to give volume (night time). I'm going to do an in depth review on this soon so I won't say too much apart from that I love it!

In my local matchbox Boots store, I couldn't find anything else I wanted make up wise so I looked at the 10 nail polishes they had to chose from and saw these.. Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat and Nail Rescue 10 Day Nail Hardening Treatment. I never trust when a top coat says it will last X amount of days but for as long as it does last, it's a fairly good top coat with a great brush on it too. I tried the Nail Rescue as directed on the bottle and it didn't do bugger all unfortunately. It says to use a single coat on the first day, apply a second coat the day after then remove and repeat after a week for another week. I hated not wearing any colour on my nails but wanted to give it a proper go. My nails are still flimsy and brittle 2 weeks later which is pretty annoying. Can anyone recommend a good nail strengthener? I need one badly!

On my way to the til (the long way round, that is!) I spotted some lovely looking polishes at the Max Factor stand. I was hesitant because of the utter disappointment Fantasy Fire caused for me last year, having been my first polish I wasn't sure if their other polishes would end up crap too but thankfully they didn't! They were buy one get one half price so I picked up Rose Petal (pink) and Dusky Rose (red) I wouldn't normally pick up anything red as if you know me, you'll know I really don't like that colour BUT this is a very pinky red with a gold shimmer. I love pink (as you probably already know!) and this looked gorgeous as it has a silver shimmer to it. It chipped after 3/4 days with no top coat which is really good going for me and even then it was still really shiny. Unfortunately you can't see the gold or silver shimmer when it's on your nails at all (not even a little bit!), it just seems to disappear like it never existed :O However, I still really like both shades and would love to pick up a couple more. I don't usually like to spend too much on polish plus I have so many, most of them don't get worn much but cause I have sooo many polishes, I need to spend a little more to get different shades now. Anyone else noticed all the cheap polishes are all the same colours?!

Can you recommend any different but good and affordable nail polishes? xxx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Boots/Rimmel 3 for 2.

Every man and his dog have rushed to Boots these last few weeks to get the much hyped Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer on their 3 for 2 deal. Unfortunately the Boots store in my town is pretty matchbox-like and only had 4 shades to choose from which sold out straight away anyway. Last week I was over my sisters and we went to our hometown and luckily for me, the Boots there had the 2 shades I was dying to get my mitts on, yippee! (Big thank you Ocey if you're reading! - she rummaged through the draws under the displays to find them!) I've always been the kind of person that won't go out and buy all the new products coming out unless I actually like it and know I'll use it, hence not buying every shade of Apocalips - I only liked 2 of them. I also picked up a mascara.. And concealer.

I chose Nude Eclipse and Celestial. I love my nude lippys and glosses so naturally, I had to have Nude Eclipse and I love pink (but not bright pink on me) too so I'm pleased to say they didn't disappoint. They apply lovely and you don't need to keep dunking the wand in to get more product which is a bonus. They're creamy with a slight gloss, don't feel sticky/gloopy, they apply evenly and don't wear off unevenly. So what's not to like? In my opinion, nothing! Although a few more shades wouldn't go a miss ;)

Apologies for the naked, make up-less face, I can't be arsed with make up when I'm home all day!!

Now for the "Extra Super Lash" mascara.. Unless there has been a complete mix up of the packaging, there isn't a lot about this product that's extra or super! It's a very average mascara. I like that it's not too wet, I'm not a big fan of mascaras that take too long to dry - I'm too impatient for that! I also like that it isn't one of those plastic brushes with teeny tiny spikey bits that are supposed to coat your lashes.. As you can tell, I don't like those either! It didn't give an awful lot of length and not a lot of volume either, I definitely wouldn't use this for a night out BUT it didn't leave black under my eyes at the end of the day so that's another plus point.. It's just what I like to call an "every day" mascara, nothing special.

I'm pretty sure you've heard all about Collections concealer a thousand times already!? It's another much hyped product that everybody seems to have or at least had and for good reason too. It stays put and does what a concealer is supposed to do, unlike so many others. I bought this after seeing many bloggers praise it and hearing my sister praise it too so I'm glad I did, it's a very reasonably priced, little tube of magical magic.. stuff :D

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts? xxx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

TAG: 50 Facts.

I saw this tag on Pretty In Pink and really wanted to do it, I love these kind of posts! I'm going to jump straight into it as it's pretty long. Let me know if you've done it or going to do it so I can have a nosey nose!

My favourite...
1. Colour is pink. I'd have a lot more pink in the house if it didn't look so tacky!
2. Animals are cats, of course! Love, love, love them.
3. Movies are Matilda, Dirty Dancing, Twilight, Pretty Woman, Uptown Girls, The Holiday..
4. Food is Chinese. Yum. Yum. YUM.!!
5. TV shows are Home and Away, Big Brother, Take Me Out.

(image source)
My least favourite...
6. Season is summer. Yes, those 2 weeks we have every year where it's so hot, sticky and uncomfortable. I hate it!
7. Thing about myself is my weight. I'm on Slimming World now though, wheyy!
8. Weather is rain.. It makes my hair go frizzy :( 
9. Part of the day is mornings, I'm just not a morning person at all.
10. Celebrity is Katie Price.. Urgh she's just SO annoying.

(image source)
I have...
11. No qualifications. I did badly at school due to hating it.. Due to being bullied.
12. 2 kitties. Dotty and Callie. They're 6 months old and sisters. And the cutest!
13. Naturally chocolate brown coloured hair but I dye it dark brown cause I prefer it.
14. Been abroad 6 times.. France, Corfu, Turkey, Rhodes, Ibiza & Menorca.
15. A small make up collection compared to a lot of bloggers although since blogging it's easily doubled!

Dotty & Callie having a cuddle :)
I love...
16. Reeces Cups.. They're so good but soo bad!
17. That my first serious boyfriend turned out to be my soul mate. Aw!
18. Apple & blackcurrant squash, it's pretty much all I drink.
19. Camping, it's so fun and cheap too.
20. Music. 80s cheese, 90s cheese and chart stuff, I love it all. I can't go a day without listening to music and I'll probably beat you in a music quiz ;)
(image source)
I am...
21. Unhappy with my blog but not sure what to do to rectify it. Any suggestions welcome!
22. Scared of heights, apart from when I'm on theme park rides, which I love..
23.Quite a tidy person, I hate to see a mess but don't like things so neat it looks like a show home.
24. Not allergic to anything, that I know of.
25. Not a fan of shopping, I prefer to do it online cause I hate busyness and not being able to find what I want quickly enough or in my size.

(image source)
I hate...
26. Ignorance. There is never any need for it, ever. Like if I hold the door open for you there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't thank me for it.
27.When girls look OTT. Fake (orange) tan, fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake books, fake hair, too much make up.. Why?! It's usually the naturally pretty girls that don't need all that too..
28. Two-faced people. If you don't like me, don't pretend you do. If you do like me, then be a real friend and be loyal and honest!
29. The fact that I don't have a job. I WANT to work. I apply for everything I can. Merrr.
30. Shit stirrers, liars and people that don't make an effort, people that always pick problems in everything.

(image source)
I'll admit...
31. I don't tend to use blusher or bronzer. I don't know why.
32. I still regret quitting college halfway through a course when I was 17, even though I didn't enjoy it and it probably wouldn't have been much use to me anyway.
33. I pretty much live in leggings or jammie bottoms.
34. I wish so bad I had a close-knit family but unfortunately I don't.
35. I had chocolate fudge cake when we went out Saturday night (sorry diet!) in my defence it was free cause they messed our order up several times!?

(image source)
When I was younger...
36. I always swore I never wanted kids.. Then I met Aaron, changed my mind and now can't seem to get pregnant :(
37. Me and my sister, Ocean, never got on, at all. Now we do :)
38. I used to want to be a teacher. Not now though!
39. I used to love clubbing. I'd go every Friday and Saturday without fail and sometimes Wednesdays or Thursdays too.. Now I can't stand it.
40. I went through a chav, goth and emo phase! (not all at once hahaha!)

Cherelle, me and Sarah at Kiss FMs Dance Party Weekender, 2008.
In the future...
41. I want to to married to Aaron and for us to have a child :)
42. I'd like to have an income!!
43. I'd like to think I'll have a driving license. Although I only like driving at night!
44. I would like to be slimmer ;)
45. Aaron and I would love to drive across America together, stopping at every city we've ever wished to stop at! 

(image source)
And finally...
46. I can't sleep with the bedroom door open or the window shut.
47. I hate that Facebook causes so much drama but I can't be away from it for more than a day incase I miss something! #saddo
48. I think Sean Paul is the sexiest man on the planet. Closely followed by Ne-Yo. Pwoar!
49. I would really love to make some good friends through blogging.
50. I wish there were more genuine, honest, kind, down to earth, nice, good people in the world.

(image source)

If you're reading this, I now tag YOU! xxx

Friday, 1 February 2013

MUA brushes Giveaway!

When I bought my MUA make up brushes, I got 2 sets, one of which I reviewed here. Now I'm giving the 2nd set away! There are 7 brushes in the giveaway; kabuki face and body brush, powder brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, blending and shadow brush, eyeshadow brush and lip brush. They are brand new and unopened.

As promised in my last giveaway, this one is international and it will run until the end of February. The winner will be contacted via email and given 2 days to respond otherwise another winner shall be picked. The only mandatory requirement is that you follow me via GFC, everything else is optional and don't forget you can earn extra entries by tweeting every day ;) Good luck!! xxx

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