About Me

Tiffany, 25. England.

I live in Suffolk with my fiance, Aaron and our 2 gorgeous children kitty cats - Vinnie and Chester.
I can usually be found attached to some form of technology.. There's worse things I could be addicted to though, right!?
I'm a very genuine, honest and down to earth girl - what you see is what you get. I love to have a good laugh and I don't take myself too seriously.. you only live once! I like sitting outside a coffee shop or cafe to people watch. I think that's why I like blogging - I'm nosey other peoples lives really fascinate and intrigue me.

I likey: The colour pink, shopping, friends and family, cats, Nicki Minaj, visiting new places, socialising, music, cooking, reading, Twilight films, milky coffee, a boiling hot shower, walks along the coast, Earl Grey, finding new blogs, watching videos on YouTube and of course spending quality time with my other half, Aaron.
I no likey: Ignorant people, noisy eaters, arrogance, 2-faced people, posh accents, liars, trouble makers, OTT fake tan, grumpy old people, TOWIE and similar programs, stuck up or self-centered people, people that get too close when they talk to you, being watched while I eat, people that put others down to make themselves feel better.

Leave me lovely comments :) xxx

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  1. Hey, Tiffany! It's really nice to "meet" you! you forgot to mention here that you're also gorgeous;-))))