Saturday, 30 June 2012

NYC nail polish on offer

So at the moment, Superdrug are doing a 2 for 2.99 offer on NYC nail polish - instore and online here! i think its only til 3rd july so if you havent been yet, you have 3 days left!
As we needed to pop into town today, it was only right i took advantage of the offer :)
Unfortunately for me, everyone else seemed to have the same idea beforehand so there werent as many colours to choose from as there usually is. I was hoping to get 4 but i wont get anything unless i know ill actually use it so i just got 2 :)

sorry about the poor picture quality! i cant afford a stupidly priced camera! - you get the idea though.
i got 'gramercy glitz' which is the one on the left and 'lights-camera-glitter' on the right.
they state you get upto 7 days wear, which is unlikely on my nails but we'll see!
ive only tried the colour over the pink i already had one at the moment and im pretty sure gramercy glitz will become one of my faves!

i purposely took this blurry so you could see the colour of the glittery bits. they're mostly blue, orange and bluey/green bits. on its own i imagine it look pretty much clear with sparkley bits but looks fab on top of other colours.. i put it on barbie pink and it looks lush :)

again, i purposely took this blurry. its another clear one but this has mostly silver glittery bits in it with a few multi coloured bits plus some bigger pieces that are blue and silver. because of the blue bits, it doesnt look very good on top of the pink i had on but black, white, silver, blue.. they'd look good i reckon. ill prob wear it on top of black if im goin for a night out or something.

one thing i did notice (and that made aaron winge) was the strong smell of them. they're quite strong compared to many of my other brands. once they're dry (which they do quite quickly) they dont smell though - unlike the glittery ones i tried from asda - they smell chemically even after a bath!

also, i only needed one coat of each for it to look nice which is always a bonus. oh and they're nice to hold! overall i am very pleased with my purchase. just wish i could have bought more!

next week aaron is taking me shopping in ipswich (cause i wanna go to primark!) and for a nice meal out so hopefully ill find lots of nice bargains to show you all after :) - we was meant to be going this week BUT as it happens, im the worlds bestest fiancee - aarons mates asked him if he wanted to go out drinking tonight so i said we can go shopping and for a meal next week instead. arent i nice! :)

have you taken advantage of this offer? - if so what colours did you get?
do you know of any other offers on nail polish? xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

7 things update 2

as you may (or may not) know, i joined in with the 7 things in 7 days post from Louise over at sprinkle of glitter. except ive chosen to do mine in 7x2 days :)
if you dont know what on earth im on about, click here!
if you missed my first update and would like to see it, click here!

im pleased to say ive nearly ticked them all off! however, im sorry to say im rubbish at remembering to take pics to prove it.. oops!

so as you can see from the above picture, i have got my backside into gear and cooked, visited my grandparents, sorted aarons birthday and had a good sort out of my clothes/shoes for ebay.

one of the things i cooked was lasagne. i know i said i wanted to try new things BUT i dont cook this very often anymore because its quite bad for you and we've been trying to eat better.
everyone thats tried my lasagne proper loves it! i dont thnk i do anything overly special to be honest but it is pretty lush :) maybe ill do a post on what i use and how i do it next time i make it.
this is what it looked like: YUM!

the second thing i done was pasta and meatballs. id never done meatballs before and always wanted to so i thought why not! it wasnt as nice as my lasagne but for my first go it was alright. i put phili and herbs in with the pasta to make it less boring so the pasta was nice but the red sauce was too tomatoey, a bit tangy. i know for next time though :)

another thing i done was made choc crispy cakes. i know they dont need cooking but i thought id add it in.. i hadnt made them before and aaron really likes them so i thought id make some for him, arent i good! they were soooo delish! very sickly though. ill have to share how i done them too. i deffo plan on making them again!! mmmmmmmmmm....!!!

next on the list was to visit my grandparents as they're only a street away and i dont see them very often. oopsy.. i went round yesterday. they're both alright, apart from grandad has to have an operation saturday as he can barely move his hand and is in a lot of pain after a fall in town where he broke his wrist.. so i said ill pop in next week as well to see how he got on. nan is well, as always :)

next is aaron birthday. ive bought him some socks as most of his seem to have disappeared and he keeps moaning about it and i also got him some oral b replacement heads for his toothbrush - another thing he's been moaning about not having yet not doing anything about!
i am also planning on booking a weekend away and a nice restaurant for the saturday night, ive had a look at a few and have a good idea but payday isnt til tomorrow so havent been able to book it yet so will depend if they're all booked up yet or not! he was talking last night about hopping on a plane for a weekend away so ive also been looking into that too but prices change every day so i cant really do anything til tomorrow.. but at least i have a shortlist so its as good as done, right?!
i also want to bake him a cake.. ive never baked a cake before so should be a laugh! lol.. ill keep you posted on how that goes!

lastly, i sorted out my clothes and shoes for ebay. it feels great sorting everything out and even better when you get some pennies for selling them so you can go buy some new ones. as well as selling on ebay, im also addicted to buying things. i often find some bargains on there and bidding is SO addictive. if i really want something, losing out is NOT an option! lol..

are you doing/have you done your 7 things? let me know! xxx

Monday, 25 June 2012

music music music

music music music. i larrrve my music. im pretty good when it comes to music quizes like guess the song etc. i just love it. cant go a day without hearing music.
so ive decided to do a post on music :)

first off im going to share my current favourite songs:
(no particular order - links will take you to the video on youtube)

flo rida - whistle - i love all his new stuff and most of his older stuff but not that applebottom jeans one. nooo, cant stand that one. this is such a summer song, just need some sun now!

flo rida - let it roll - another summer tune - this makes me wanna get up and dance so bad! - but not bad like the bloke in the video hahaha - a must watch!!

nicki minaj ft. chris brown - right by my side - obviously her latest song would be in this cause i do love a bit of nicki :) shes my favest :) this is more of a chill out one. she looks so pretty in the video too. lucky bish!

pitbull - back in time - when i hear this song i simply cannot keep still! gotta love the song from dirty dancing in it and the little dubstep bit... and pitbulls dancing in the video ahahahaha..

sean paul - she doesnt mind - i dont care if he'll be 40 next year, id still marry him. phwoar!!! he is a very sexy man! i also wouldnt mind if he re-released this song over and over, geddit?!

some of my all time favourite songs, ever ever:

prince - purple rain - i go into my own little world when i hear this song. its the only song by him i like and im yet to hear someone else sing it and me like it.

westlife ft cristian castro - flying without wings - this song is going to be mine and aarons first dance song :D the lyrics just seem so fitting (soppy i know!) and i absolutely love this version with cristian castro. it gives me goosebumps. and yes, i do daydream about dancing to it too lol..

shakespeares sister - stay - if i could only pick one favourite ever song, this would be it. mum told me once that i loved this song even when i was little. i just love it, plain and simple.

chris brown & keri hilson - superhuman - this song gives me goosebumps too, its such a lovely song. i love keri hilsons voice.. if you're anything like me, its better off being loud so you cant hear yourself trying to hit the notes hahaha :)

B52s - love shack - who doesnt love this song?! its such a happy sing-a-long! used to dance to this on friday nights out clubbing with my cousin when they played 80s cheese in one room, swear we were always the youngest... and the drunkest with the most energy lol! good memories :)

i had to pick just 5 current favourites and 5 favourites ever or id have kept adding and adding to it!
what is your favourite song at the moment and favourite song ever? xxx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

about me tag

i was browsing through blogger and stumbled across lauras all made up beauty  blog, where she's done a post with questions and tagged anyone and seeing as i love filling in questions i thought why not! so here goes :)
I tag: anyone and everyone!

Vital Statistics:

Me: tiffany

Nicknames: tiff, tiffy..

Birthday: 25th september '88

Place of Birth: west suffolk hospital

Zodiac Sign: libra

Male or Female: female

Occupation: -

Residence: bury st edmunds


Hair Colour: naturally choc brown but i dye it darkest brown.

Hair Length: long :)

Eye colour: blue

Best Feature: if i asked aaron he'd say boobs or smile lol

Height: 5'4 (almost)

Braces?: never had em

Glasses?: meant to wear them for reading :/ oops

Piercing: each ear pierced twice and my lip.
Tattoos: a large star on my forearm, a heart on my little finger and a swirly thing on my ankle

Righty or Lefty: right

Your 'Firsts':

First best friend: cousin stacy

First Award: yeh right lol 

First Sport You Joined: i used to play netball and quick-cricket for the school does that count?

First Real Vacation: disneyland paris in 2000 was our first proper family holiday.

First Concert: ooh i cant remember, i used to go to loads all the time.

First Love: aaron is my first real love.. arr!


Movie: pretty woman

TV Show: home and away

Colours: pink

Song: my favourite song ever ever is prince - purple rain

Candy: choc peanut butter cups, yumm

Restaurant: ask or beefeater

Store: new look

School: i left school 8 years ago i think?!

Book: katie piper - beautiful or kelly osbourne - fierce. couldnt put either of them down

Magazine: closer is the only one i have never missed in over 4 years

Shoes: birkenstock sandals. soo comfy.


Feeling: not 100%

Single or Taken: taken

Eating: nothing atm

Typing: this lol..

Online: obviously lol

Listening To: tv.. animal cops housten lol

Thinking About: what me and aaron can do today!?

Wanting: some luck!

Watching: tv

Wearing: jim jams


Want Children?: yeah :)

Want to be Married: well im engaged so yeah!

Careers in Mind: no idea :/

Where do you want to live?: anywhere as long as its our own place!

Have you ever:

Kissed a Stranger: yeah.. was drunk :/

Had Alcohol: yeah lol.. although i rarely drink nowadays.

Smoked: yeah i used to smoke but i gave up 3 years ago in may, woop!

Ran Away From Home: no but wanted to, just didnt have anywhere to go!

Broken a bone: no, touch wood.

Got an X-ray: no

Broken Someone's Heart: doubt it lol

Broke Up With Someone: yeah when i was younger and it didnt really mean anything lol

Cried When Someone Died: yeah, obviously.

Cried At School: yeah :/

Do You Believe In:

God: no, im not religious.

Miracles: not really, no

Love At First sight: not at all. you cant love someone by looking at them! you have to know someone to love them. you can lust though of course.

Ghosts: yes, ive seen one.

Aliens: not sure. fascinates me though.

Soul Mates: yes, definately.

Heaven: no

Hell: no

Kissing on The First Date: well i have so i cant say no can i lol..

Yourself: sometimes i do, sometimes i dont... depends on the situation.
your turn! :) if anyone else does this, leave a comment and let me know so i can have a read :) xxx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

nicki minaj

commonly known for her big bum, wacky outfits/hair, foul mouth (for a woman) and bright pink lippy.. but anyone that knows me will know i think nicki minaj is the best thing since sliced bread!
i just loove her music loads! i also think shes so pretty and sometimes she wears some really nice stuff... other times its a bit too out there for me! im going to share some of my likes and dislikes..
plus my fave songs of hers at the bottom :)

some of the outfits i've liked..

nicki minaj 2 alberto e rodriguez getty images [Get The Look] Nicki Minaj Freaks Up Your Boring Casual Friday With Pink Friday Attitude

at the national basketball players association all star gala.
this one is pretty normal for nicki.. im not sure about her hair (its the fringe!) but i really love the jacket and i suprised myself by liking the leggings too and shoes too, although im not sure i'd wear them myself.

at a MAC viva glam event.
not something you'd get away with just wearing up town and it probably wouldnt be top of peoples list for a night on the town BUT i cant help it, i really do like it! i love pink and i love that shade of blue.. i want the bag especially.
get the jacket: [here] get the shoes: [here]

at the billboards 6th annual women in music event.
i like i like i like.. i want! its pretty 'normal' for nicki but she has a lovely figure and pulls it off so well. i'd prefer her hair if it was straight though.

at an appearance for her MAC viva glam lipstick.
ok so i dont like the colour red and i dont like orange all that much either but i really think nicki looks fantastic in this outfit! it makes her look teeny tiny though! again, i looove the bag! oh and i like her hair this time too :) the bag is chanel but its not on their website.

Nicki Minaj At BETs Rip The Runway
hosting BETs rip the runway
do i really need to explain why i like this?! - its pink!! i really like the silver shoulder detail too. although i could never get away with the dress, nicki looks fandabbydosey. and those shoes! wowzers! get them [here]

and now for some of the outfits i really didnt like..

nikelodeon kids choice awards.
oh nicki, you're so pretty.. why would you do this to yourself! :/

billboard music awards.
this outfit reminds me of jessy j a bit.. but i wouldnt be smiling either if i stepped out wearing this.. it squashes her boobs right down, making them look really small and it makes her legs look chunkier. not flattering. the shoes are ok. i dont like the patchy hair though, even if it is pink!

mercedes benz fashion week.
dear nicki, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?
i dont like any part of this outfit or the hair or shoes.. hello socks :O yeah i dont like you either..
this outfit is awful.

54th annual grammy awards.
i do hope she's got her arms up like 'come on, who the hell made me wear this?!' no? oh..
it makes her look plus size.. oh its just horrible! horrible, horrible.

Nicki Minaj VMA Outfit
at the VMAs.
oh nicki.. what have you done. who attacked you? after them!! what do you mean nobody?!
no part of this outfit is nice or even a little bit nice.. its just.. no. grim.

so what did you think of all those outfits i picked out? do you dislike any i like or like any i dislike? let me know! :)

while i dont really dislike any of her songs (no, really!) there are obviously a few i LOVE a bit more than others.. the links will take you to the youtube video. they're in order of how much i loove them!

gun shot - has a caribbean feel to it.. i love it.

marilyn monroe - sing along song.

pound the alarm - party song.

beez in the trap - bassy/grindy club song (know what i mean?! lol)

moment for life - sing/rap along song.

songs ft. nicki minaj that i like:

so those are my 7 absolute faveourites.
i highly recommend you check out the top 3 as they're not like anything shes released. if you do, let me know what you think :)

anyone else love nicki minaj? what are your favourite songs of hers? xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

7 things update 1

firstly, if you havent read the post before this [7 things in 7x2 days] then theres a good chance you wont know what im on about!

so the picture above is my 7 things. (sorry about my scruffy writing i hadnt planned on taking a pic and couldnt be arsed writing it neater!.. oh and the top word is gym not gum lmao!)
- i wrote them down so i didnt have to keep checking the flaptop to remind me! (any excuse to write a list!! - im terrible!)

as you can see, i have ticked 2 of my things off already, yay! :)
i had a good tidy and sort out in the bedroom today.. it didnt take as long as i thought!
and we went to the gym tonight too. i thought id find it really hard getting back into it but it wasnt too bad. i hadnt been in like a month :/ oops! feel so much better for it so hopefully we'll stick to it again!

i also done just over half an hour reading of my book this afternoon so hopefully ill have that finished by next week :)
plus i ordered another part of aarons birthday present but still struggling to think of a main present so i havent ticked it off.. what do you get someone who doesnt need anything!? he is soo hard to buy for sometimes.

have you joined in the fun of doing 7 things? how are you getting on? xxx

Monday, 18 June 2012

7 things in 7x2 days

there is one blog i can honestly say i have thoroughly enjoyed since i first joined blogger and that is sprinkle of glitter by a very pretty girl named louise. if you havent already then i suggest checking out her blog :)

anyways, shes been doing a post called 7 things for 7 days where she sets herself 7 realistic goals to achieve in 7 days.. like things that you keep meaning to do; finish a book, cook, clean etc.. and has just done a post [link here] about others joining in the fun and maybe making some new blogger pals along the way!

i have decided to join in, however instead of 7 days, im going to do 14 days so i dont feel too pressured!
(7 things in 7x2 days... 7x2=14.. geddit?! oh dear!)

the 7 goals i have chosen are:

1: gym - now my foot is starting to get better (i tore the tissue in my heel a few months back) i want to get back down the gym to shift some weight. im hoping to start back this week, if not then deffo next week.
2. finish my book - im currently reading the big fat gypsy weddings book (i find gypsies and travellers so fascinating and intriguing) im over half way and although its a really good book, i have a pretty short attention span so books can take me ages no matter how good they are!
3. tidy/clean/organise - our bedroom has become a little bit messy again so its deffo in need of a good sorting out. cue a good cd with the volume up.. and some pretty good awful singing!!
4. cook - i always have a meal waiting for aaron when he gets home from work in the week anyway but there are a couple of recipes ive been meaning to try out so i need to just go for it!
5. visit my grandparents - they only live 2 streets away but i dont see them as often as i probably should so i really need to do that. my grandad thinks a lot of me and loves when i go to visit.
6. aarons birthday - aarons birthday is coming up (9th july) and i really need to get my backside into gear and find him a present! i have a couple of little bits but im really struggling this year for what else to get!
7. sort out/ebay - i have a double wardrobe and 5 large storage towers chock-a-block full of clothes and ive run out of room again, oops! so i need to have yet another sort out and stick things i dont wear anymore on ebay.. then i can buy new stuff with whatever money i make, yay!

so those are my 7 things that i intend to get done in 7x2 days :)

each time i complete one, i shall post about it so keep your eyes peeled!

are you joining in too? - let me know! xxx

who means the most to you?

for me, that is an easy question to answer.
without a doubt there are 2 people in my life that understand me, never fail to make me laugh, can always cheer me up when im down and who i know are always there for me whether its for a giggle or an offload of all my problems! i honestly think i would be lost without these 2. i love them both massively and appreciate all they do for me and hope they know how much i think of them and that im always there for them too.
so you're wondering who im on about? well i can tell you for certain its not my parents or my kid sister. we're not close, we never will be and im slowly accepting that.. but thats another story!

the 2 people i am on about is aaron - my fiance and stacy - my cousin/best friend.

me and stacy:
we've always been close, since we were little.. and im always on the left in pictures?! lol..
if anyone ever read our longversations or overheard us, we'd probably be chucked in a loony bin, i kid you not. we call each other frank (long story! but we havent really used our proper names in over 7 years!!) and we have our own 'frankionary' which, should it actually exist on paper, would be bursting at the seams with all of our sayings and words.. and would leave somebody shaking their head at the end of it! :D

most of my best memories have included frank.. most of them between the age of 17 and 21 are drunken memories, but good memories none the less! also, there isnt many cheesy 80s songs that dont hold fond memories for us either :)

frank is more like a sister to me than a cousin. if you ever work blogger out and read this frank, wuvvvoooo xxxxxxxxxxx

she also has the most adorable daughter in the whole world, mia. she is so cute and i love how she calls me frank :) :)

shes deffo gonna be a heart breaker! isnt she just the cutest little girl ever to be born?!
i think she is :) shes such a spitting image of frank as well, dont you think? bless her.

next is aaron. 4 years this year.
sometimes i think if i didnt have aaron, i dont know what id do. hes my rock. we laugh every single day and we tell each other we love each other every single day without fail. he always knows what to say or do and he is always there for me.

i love him so, so much and he makes me SO happy.
we also have funny sayings and stuff, not as many as me and frank but ive known her forever! the other half of my best memories include aaron. we have had so many good times and im sure there will be loads more to come. i hope we grow old together xxxxxxxxx

so who means the most to you? xxx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

big brother 13 housemates - my opinion updated.

so when BB first started, within the first couple of nights i done a post [here] with my first thoughts on each housemate. i have to say, my opinions on most of them have changed somewhat since then so i decided to do another post. again, ill score people out of 10 for how much i like/dislike them.
im really enjoying watching it so far, although i do think they should give them more tasks.
the no laughing task was pretty good - especially chris getting a pie in the face! get some!!

becky: i still really like becky. she speaks her mind which i love and wish people done it more. i think a lot of the housemates arent as keen on her but at the moment i dont really get why. we dont see everything though and they can edit things to make it look better or worse so we'll see. 8/10

ashleigh: she seems to have toned the swearing down a bit which is good but i still dont really know what to make of her.. she was sort of all over luke then told people she didnt actually like him so was going to stop whatever was going on with him... then was all over him again! 4/10

adam: still really like this housemate. he seems genuine and an interesting person with a lot to talk about - i just wish he was getting more screen time so we could see more and get to know him more. i think he'll go far. 8/10

arron: he's quite cocky and arrogant.. i dont personally think he's good looking but i think thats the only reason he stayed last night - cause he's a pretty boy. sometimes he seem alright, other times he annoy the hell out of me.. 4/10

benedict: he always has his head tilted upwards when he's talking to people and his bottom jaw right forward, its a bit weird! i dont particularly like or dislike him still.. he just blends in. 3/10

caroline: after the date thing with chris i started to like her a bit more but there are still moments when i think 'nope i dont like her!' she come out with some very funny things about chris that made me laugh so maybe she's not so bad afterall... 5/10

chris: i said in my first post i liked him but thought my opinion would change and it did. at the end i was constantly thinkin 'yr a knob mate' so im glad he's gone now. he seemed very snappy with certain people (like becky) and most of the time i feel it was really uncalled for. 3/10

conor: hes not one of the big personalities in the house so he's not getting any screen time so another kinda pointless housemate at the moment.. liven up conor! 3/10

deana: i feel a little bit sorry for deana. i didnt like her at first but i dont dislike her now.. just feel sorry for her. she doesnt seem to have a close bond with anyone so i think she feels a bit left out. i especially felt sorry for her when luke started goin on about her drinking. wtf! 5/10

lauren: still dont know what to make of her but all she seems to do is cry! i feel a bit sorry for her when she says girls never like her cause shes not that bad but maybe she should stop crying and make a bit more effort. i like that shes down to earth. 5/10

luke a: he acted like a right girl the other night over food, becky didnt know he'd planned it all but he sulked off like a right girl... which would make sense really wouldnt it. i dont dislike him but im not sure i like him as much as i first thought. 5/10

lydia: she needs to go. seriously. she seems to want to make a song and dance about everything (geddit?! lol) which causes an atmosphere. plus, she doesnt need the money - she doesnt need to win so her being there is pretty pointless. has anyone heard her laugh yet? 2/10

luke s: he would still be blending in if it wasnt for the little thing goin on with ashley. - which is so not genuine. he doesnt seem to have anything about him - boring! 3/10

sara: another one that doesnt seem to have much about her. shes very pretty but omg what a knob when shes drunk! what was that whole crying about the royal family thing?! get a grip woman. i think shes just a pretty face (with nice hair) and thats it :/ 4/10

scott: his voice still annoys me but he seems friendly enough. i certainly dont dislike him but im struggling to think of good things to say! oops :) 5/10

shievonne: still like shievonne but give her more airtime BB!! she seems pretty genuine and down to earth and nice. hopefully we will see more of her in the coming weeks. 7/10

is anybody else watching BB this year? who are your favourites and who would you like to see evicted? xxx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

pretty nails & instagram (14 pics)

hands up if you larrrve instagram! *raises hand*

i just wish more of my friends did too! i have a few on there but none of them post as much as moi. if any of you have instagram, feel free to follow me: xtiffyxx
all of these pics were taken using instagram. i love the effects and how it can really help inhance a picture and make it a bit more exciting.
i always take pics of my nails, i have just under 100 nail varnishes and paint my nails a different colour every week. so here are a few of my favourites :)
they're all taken between the christmas just gone and today.

'w7 - metallic jupiter' with 'china glaze - cg in the city' on top:

'saffron - colour 53' with 'george (asda) 3d glitters - starfish' on top:

'saffron - colour 59' with 'nyc - # 021' on top:

'nyc - uptown':

'nyc - park ave' & 'nyc - uptown':

'rimmel - blue my mind' with 'nyx - pink avenue' on top:

'gosh - flamingo', 'barry m - matt white', 'gosh - black passion' and a silver nail art pen:

'china glaze - ahoy!':

'china glaze - pink underground':

'2true - shade no. 47' with 'nyx - pink underground' & 'saffron - colour 07' on top:

'china glaze - afterglow' with 'nyx - pink avenue' on top:

'barry m - peach melba' with 'nyx - pink avenue' on top:

'china glaze - laced up' with 'nyx - #021' & silver nail art pen on top:

'china glaze - laced up' with a nail art sticker:

id love to be able to do nail art (i have tried!) but im just not very good so i try to get nice nail varnish and do what i can with it like the nyx - pink avenue with shiny foil bits in it or nail art stickers or diamantes - simple things that make it look a little less boring.

so, what do you think; do you have any of these colours too? do you have any tips on doing simple nail art? do you know any good tutorials on youtube? xxx

Monday, 11 June 2012

my hairdressers reviewed

looky at my hair! this was taken after i had a WCB and curled at john michael on saturday. i've always had it straightened afterwards but my hairdresser suggested curling it as i keep on about how i like my hair curly but struggle doing it myself..! this was after walking round town with the wind blasting it:

i LOVE it! anyway!

i first started going to this hairdressers when i was 17 (im nearly 24 now) and to be honest, i had completely wrecked my hair when i first when in, looking back i feel so sorry for the girl that done it! (hannah) i had hacked at it myself for a couple years and dyed it nearly every other week to the point where my hair had started falling out.
after a few cuts it was under control and in much better condition. i kept returning and i ended up with lovely long, healthy hair, styled beautifully - hannah done a fantastic job!

we ended up moving out of the area for nearly a year and stupidly i stopped going to the hairdressers.
when we moved back last year, mum paid for me to have my hair done at a different salon and the girl made a right pigs ear of it (and it wasnt cheap) so i decided to return to john michael.

hannah had left by then so i had to book in with somebody else, which i didnt mind.
i've now been going again for just under a year, a girl called sian does my hair and she also does a fantastic job and shes so friendly - hence i keep going back!

i highly recommend this salon to anybody!

one thing i really like about this salon is the atmosphere. there's nothing worse than going to a salon where you could cut the atmosphere with a knife and you can really tell half of them dont get along and its bitchy.
this salon is not like that at all and never has been since i've been going. the staff arent the bright orange dippy girls you see in some salons.. everybody seems very genuine and friendly.

they have salons in ipswich (x2), newmarket, colchester, great yarmouth, gainsborough and bury st edmunds - which is the one i go to.
i get a wash, cut, blowdry & straighten or curl for £35 (every 12 weeks) which i think is a really good price (compared to places like tony & guy -which i dont rate) considering i know i'll never leave disappointed. you also get a complimentary drink. (i always have coffee. i dunno what they do to it but its so nice!)

click here for the JOHN MICHAEL HAIR website

they also have a beauty salon upstairs: click here for the BEAUTY at JM website

where do you get your hair cut and how do you prefer it styled at the end? xxx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

big brother 13 housemates - my opinion.

anybody else love big brother?! i certainly do and im so glad its still going and its back on :)
me and aaron have both watched it from the start and thanks to sky plus we dont need to miss any of them, woop!
so i thought i'd do a post about big brother and give my views on the housemates so far.
ill also mark them out of 10 for how much i like/dislike them. 1= i dont like them, 10=i really like them. ill do another of these posts further down the line once we get to see what they're like more.

ashleigh hughes: she hasnt had a lot of screen time at the mo so so far im not sure if i like her or not. i know she swears too much, which i dont like.. and she come out with some weird stuff when she was drunk but that was prob the drink talking?! i like her common essex accent though! 5/10

adam kelly: he's the one who has been in prison for numerous things then turned his life around and now helps youngers going through the same thing. again, he hasnt had much screen time but from what i have seen, he seems like quite a nice bloke. 6/10

arron lowe: i thought he was going to be another 'pretty boy' that fades into the background but after watching last night, i warmed to him a little. - he was honest and said exactly what he thought/how he felt to/about victoria to her face instead of saying it behind her back which is a good thing in my opinion. he seems honest and not 2-faced which is always good. 6/10

benedict garrett: another one that hasnt had much airtime apart from when caroline was asking him about his career doing porn.. he doesnt seem to have much about him though but maybe there is more to him and we are yet to see it. so far he seems like a bit of a pointless housemate. 3/10

caroline wharram: okay so i live on a council estate and im the most down to earth person ever. this girl is posh and talks ever so proper. im not a fan of posh voices at all! so as you can imagine, im not liking this housemate so far. i wish she would sort her hair out too. 2/10

chris james: i really like chris so far! it makes me chuckle how he looks soo camp and has a squeaky voice and dresses a bit camp too.. but he's straight and a bailiff! he seems quite a likable character so far. i do think my opinion of him may change though, im not sure of how genuine he is, he seem like he could bitch and stir a bit? i dunno, we'll see! 7/10

conor mcintyre: there isnt really anyone in the house i think is good looking personally but he's the best looking of all of them! havent seen much of him yet but he seems nice enough.. hopefully there is more to him than looks, time will tell. 6/10

deana uppal: im not a deana fan at the moment and im unsure if that will change. she seemed to play herself up before she went in and has disappointed so far. when she found out she'd have to nominate on the first night her reaction impressed me. but she wimped out big time! her excuses for nominating were lame and she could have done better. she doesnt seem very genuine but its early stages.. 4/10

lauren carre: oh my goodness her mouth is huge! and her laugh is proper irritating but she seems alright. she's not a girly girl, shes more like one of the lads so hopefully she wont be bitchy and 2 faced. i dont have anything bad to say about her but im not sure if i like her or not yet. 5/10

luke anderson: he's a bloke but not. he looks like a bloke but he's got a lady garden. and a wife. but i quite like him. he seems nice enough, i think he'll be pretty genuine and hopefully not too boring. he was quiet at first but now he's told everyone he was born a girl and they've all taken it well, hopefully he'll relax and join in more. potential winnder due to background story. 7/10

lydia louisa: her other half used to be semi famous. she keeps bangin on about how she doesnt want people to know as she doesnt want to be judged.. so how did they find out? keep your mouth closed and they wont know and you wont need to keep causing an atmosphere over it?! she also sold a story about jack osbourne and i like the osbournes so i dont like her much. 2/10

luke scrase: who? he really blends in. he looks quite like arron too which can be confusing as there is so many of them in there at the moment. i cant even think of anything to say about him because he doesnt stand out for any good or bad reasons! 3/10

sara mclean: im not keen on her accent (probably cause it reminds me of my old boss who was a dick) but she seems like a really nice girl. she comes across as down to earth and genuine, hopefully she's being real. she's been a pal for luke a as they met at auditions, they seem to have a friendship forming. she's pretty too. 8/10

scott mason: another one that talks far too posh for my liking! i dont like his hair - why would you do that?! he hasnt had much airtime yet so dont really have an opinion of him yet.. im not sure if ill ever like him based on the fact that his voice annoys the hell out of me but we'll see. 2/10

shievonne robinson: i think she seems like a good housemate so far but she needs more airtime. she comes across well at the moment so im hoping she wont disappoint once we see more of her. 7/10

victoria eisermann: i wasnt keen on her so im glad she left last night. she seemed like a right misery and who wants to watch a misery! it probably didnt help that she was the only older woman in there and everyone else is young but big brother is a once in a lifetime opportunity so i feel she should have made the most of it and made more of an effort. 2/10

becky hannon: she was one of three wildcards and went in after victoria left last night. and boy did she make an entrance! she ran in shouting "come on you b*st*rds!!" and run right around the house before jumping into the pool! shes bonkers in a good way and i think she'll be really entertaining to watch. its also a breath of fresh air to see a girl in there that isnt stick thin! potential winner and my fave already. 9/10

have you been watching big brother? who do you like/dislike so far? xxx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

yay! my rilakkuma phone case arrived!

rilakkuma is a cuuuute jap character.
i first found out about rilakkuma when i started designing phone cases (here!)
i am such a big kid sometimes.. and this is one of those times!
if you can look at my phone case without going "arrrrr!" then... i dunno lets test it! :D
my phone case with my phone in it:

without my phone in it:

and it even arrived in cute packaging..!

i bought it on ebay and it cost me £5.75 with free delivery. - mine is for my htc wildfire s. they're much cheaper for more popular phones like iphones.
you can also get them in the original brown colour or creamy white and are made for many different phones.
the person i bought mine from doesnt currently have any items for sale but if you search "rilakkuma phone case" or "bear phone case" (as they're not always listed as rilakkuma) then you'll deffo find them :)

do you have any rilakkuma items? xxx