Tuesday, 5 June 2012

mini haul - mixed.

wanted to share a few things i got over the weekend and my opinions on them, having already tried them out :)

nail varnish x 4, earrings x 3 and the benefit porefessional that everyones going mad for! :)

if you didnt already know, i larrrve my nail varnish. i have just under 100 now and still going!

ill start with the one aarons mum bought me when she had a shopping trip with one of her friends.
collection 2000: hot looks: neon art. no idea how much these cost.

its not exactly neon but it is quite bright. one of those colours you have to really be in the mood to wear. its quite small but who actually uses them big bottles anyway!? i know i dont!
i wouldnt really say its anymore fast drying than other makes i have.. im not sure how long it lasts cause i took it off and used a different colour in the end! overall its alright, nothing to rave about.

the next 3 i got at superdrug, 3 for 2.

2true glossywear: shade no. 47: £1.99.

i have this polish in shade no. 8 too.. its exactly the same shade of pink except instead of the really fine shimmery/glittery silver this one has, it has a very slight bluey tint in the light.
it says it lasts 5 days.. it doesnt on me and i always wear a top coat.
it doesnt dry mega fast either but it doesnt claim too so cant really moan!
one thing i dont like about this make is the brush.. oh and the lid as well actually. its quite big to hold which can be awkward and theres something about the brush that makes application a bit hit or miss.. but for the price is alright and i love the colour :)

NYC - in a minute. shade: 246 - park ave: £1.79.

never bought this make before so didnt know what to expect, i just hoped it would be alright as i got 2!
i really like this colour, its like a nice warm mocha kinda colour.. i always think this colour looks grown up or is that just me?! i like it either way :)
this applied nicely, it was nice to hold and the first layer dried super quick.. but the next coat didnt seem to dry quite so quickly?! not sure how long it lasts as i took it off to try the pink one.. you'll have to keep reading to see if that one lasted ;)

NYC - in a minute. shade: 242 - uptown: £1.79.

i REALLY love this pink! really really really a lot :) its my perfect shade of pink and is now my favourite of all my nail varnishes. i just loooove it! - can you tell?! haha :D
it has a very very slight shimmer to it but once you have it on your nails you really have to look to see it.. this isnt a bad thing at all though.

its a gorgeous girly girly pink, not too bright, not too dull.. just perfect.. the pics make it look a bit darker than it is.. or maybe thats my screen?!
as mentioned with the other colour i bought, it goes on lovely etc.. however there are a couple of bad points unfortunately.
most disappointingly, it doesnt ever seem to set properly.. i put it on a couple days ago and made sure they were dry before doing anything.. however as the 2 days have gone by, ive noticed there are lots of scratches and marks printed in it, as if it hasnt ever dried properly.. and its still doing it now. i only done a bottom coat, 2 coats of this then a top coat, which is what i'd normally do..
and the other bad point is that it started chipping after a day :/ - but wasnt noticable until 2 days.. if you change your nail varnish all the time like me then its not a massive problem though.
to be honest i love the colour enough to not be fussed and remember it was cheap too!

next is the earrings i bought.
i ordered some clothes online at new look and one of the tops wasnt quite what i wanted so i took it back and got some earrings instead..

roam earrings: £5.50

as soon as i saw these i knew i had to have them! the bottom ones are pink with light pink sparkley diamantes and the top ones are gold with iridescent diamantes. the picture doesnt do them justice at all, they're so sparkley and pretty and nice and you should go and buy them too :)

roam earrings: cant remember how much.. £3ish?!

i love pink :) everyone knows i love pink. and pink looks larvely with black and silver. so i like these a lot. they look nice on too.. yep, i like them!

last but by no means least..
benefit porefessional. the freebie from the glamour mag: £2.00.

i bought one of these in superdrug saturday and used it last night. WOW!
i'd never had any products by benefit before, infact id never even heard of it before i joined blogger! but ive read so many good reviews about this particular product that i knew i had to have it. how chuffed was i when i heard it was going to be a freebie with glamour!!

so i got one and tried it last night. i am one of those really unlucky people with large pores (rarrr!) and i definately was not disappointed. i was putting it on and like was "omg...! ...omg!" it was like magical.. it made my skin look 'normal' and i was sooo happy! i recommend this a million times over. - and i went out and picked up the last 2 copies in asda too.  if you have big pores then you need this product in your life, trust me :)

anyone else tried anything i bought? - if so what did you think and why? xxx


  1. cute earrings! xx


  2. i love the last pair of earrings they are so cute , i like the polishes too I've used 2true before but i found i needed lots of coats as it was a little watery maybe it was just the one i got ? xxt

    1. thanks :) yeah i found i needed 3 generous coats even with the light pink one.. and it seems soo awkward to hold! which colour did you get? xx