Sunday, 24 June 2012

about me tag

i was browsing through blogger and stumbled across lauras all made up beauty  blog, where she's done a post with questions and tagged anyone and seeing as i love filling in questions i thought why not! so here goes :)
I tag: anyone and everyone!

Vital Statistics:

Me: tiffany

Nicknames: tiff, tiffy..

Birthday: 25th september '88

Place of Birth: west suffolk hospital

Zodiac Sign: libra

Male or Female: female

Occupation: -

Residence: bury st edmunds


Hair Colour: naturally choc brown but i dye it darkest brown.

Hair Length: long :)

Eye colour: blue

Best Feature: if i asked aaron he'd say boobs or smile lol

Height: 5'4 (almost)

Braces?: never had em

Glasses?: meant to wear them for reading :/ oops

Piercing: each ear pierced twice and my lip.
Tattoos: a large star on my forearm, a heart on my little finger and a swirly thing on my ankle

Righty or Lefty: right

Your 'Firsts':

First best friend: cousin stacy

First Award: yeh right lol 

First Sport You Joined: i used to play netball and quick-cricket for the school does that count?

First Real Vacation: disneyland paris in 2000 was our first proper family holiday.

First Concert: ooh i cant remember, i used to go to loads all the time.

First Love: aaron is my first real love.. arr!


Movie: pretty woman

TV Show: home and away

Colours: pink

Song: my favourite song ever ever is prince - purple rain

Candy: choc peanut butter cups, yumm

Restaurant: ask or beefeater

Store: new look

School: i left school 8 years ago i think?!

Book: katie piper - beautiful or kelly osbourne - fierce. couldnt put either of them down

Magazine: closer is the only one i have never missed in over 4 years

Shoes: birkenstock sandals. soo comfy.


Feeling: not 100%

Single or Taken: taken

Eating: nothing atm

Typing: this lol..

Online: obviously lol

Listening To: tv.. animal cops housten lol

Thinking About: what me and aaron can do today!?

Wanting: some luck!

Watching: tv

Wearing: jim jams


Want Children?: yeah :)

Want to be Married: well im engaged so yeah!

Careers in Mind: no idea :/

Where do you want to live?: anywhere as long as its our own place!

Have you ever:

Kissed a Stranger: yeah.. was drunk :/

Had Alcohol: yeah lol.. although i rarely drink nowadays.

Smoked: yeah i used to smoke but i gave up 3 years ago in may, woop!

Ran Away From Home: no but wanted to, just didnt have anywhere to go!

Broken a bone: no, touch wood.

Got an X-ray: no

Broken Someone's Heart: doubt it lol

Broke Up With Someone: yeah when i was younger and it didnt really mean anything lol

Cried When Someone Died: yeah, obviously.

Cried At School: yeah :/

Do You Believe In:

God: no, im not religious.

Miracles: not really, no

Love At First sight: not at all. you cant love someone by looking at them! you have to know someone to love them. you can lust though of course.

Ghosts: yes, ive seen one.

Aliens: not sure. fascinates me though.

Soul Mates: yes, definately.

Heaven: no

Hell: no

Kissing on The First Date: well i have so i cant say no can i lol..

Yourself: sometimes i do, sometimes i dont... depends on the situation.
your turn! :) if anyone else does this, leave a comment and let me know so i can have a read :) xxx


  1. Great to see this about me tag post is being passed on! Enjoyed reading through your answers :)

    Congratulations on getting engaged by the way! Not sure how belated the congrats is but hey.

    Laura xx

    1. could resist - just love filling things in!
      and thankyooou :) xx

  2. Ooh I love these kind of things. Might have to give it a go!

    1. ah you should :) let me know if you do! xx

  3. Just started following you my dear :)