Monday, 18 June 2012

who means the most to you?

for me, that is an easy question to answer.
without a doubt there are 2 people in my life that understand me, never fail to make me laugh, can always cheer me up when im down and who i know are always there for me whether its for a giggle or an offload of all my problems! i honestly think i would be lost without these 2. i love them both massively and appreciate all they do for me and hope they know how much i think of them and that im always there for them too.
so you're wondering who im on about? well i can tell you for certain its not my parents or my kid sister. we're not close, we never will be and im slowly accepting that.. but thats another story!

the 2 people i am on about is aaron - my fiance and stacy - my cousin/best friend.

me and stacy:
we've always been close, since we were little.. and im always on the left in pictures?! lol..
if anyone ever read our longversations or overheard us, we'd probably be chucked in a loony bin, i kid you not. we call each other frank (long story! but we havent really used our proper names in over 7 years!!) and we have our own 'frankionary' which, should it actually exist on paper, would be bursting at the seams with all of our sayings and words.. and would leave somebody shaking their head at the end of it! :D

most of my best memories have included frank.. most of them between the age of 17 and 21 are drunken memories, but good memories none the less! also, there isnt many cheesy 80s songs that dont hold fond memories for us either :)

frank is more like a sister to me than a cousin. if you ever work blogger out and read this frank, wuvvvoooo xxxxxxxxxxx

she also has the most adorable daughter in the whole world, mia. she is so cute and i love how she calls me frank :) :)

shes deffo gonna be a heart breaker! isnt she just the cutest little girl ever to be born?!
i think she is :) shes such a spitting image of frank as well, dont you think? bless her.

next is aaron. 4 years this year.
sometimes i think if i didnt have aaron, i dont know what id do. hes my rock. we laugh every single day and we tell each other we love each other every single day without fail. he always knows what to say or do and he is always there for me.

i love him so, so much and he makes me SO happy.
we also have funny sayings and stuff, not as many as me and frank but ive known her forever! the other half of my best memories include aaron. we have had so many good times and im sure there will be loads more to come. i hope we grow old together xxxxxxxxx

so who means the most to you? xxx

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