Saturday, 9 June 2012

big brother 13 housemates - my opinion.

anybody else love big brother?! i certainly do and im so glad its still going and its back on :)
me and aaron have both watched it from the start and thanks to sky plus we dont need to miss any of them, woop!
so i thought i'd do a post about big brother and give my views on the housemates so far.
ill also mark them out of 10 for how much i like/dislike them. 1= i dont like them, 10=i really like them. ill do another of these posts further down the line once we get to see what they're like more.

ashleigh hughes: she hasnt had a lot of screen time at the mo so so far im not sure if i like her or not. i know she swears too much, which i dont like.. and she come out with some weird stuff when she was drunk but that was prob the drink talking?! i like her common essex accent though! 5/10

adam kelly: he's the one who has been in prison for numerous things then turned his life around and now helps youngers going through the same thing. again, he hasnt had much screen time but from what i have seen, he seems like quite a nice bloke. 6/10

arron lowe: i thought he was going to be another 'pretty boy' that fades into the background but after watching last night, i warmed to him a little. - he was honest and said exactly what he thought/how he felt to/about victoria to her face instead of saying it behind her back which is a good thing in my opinion. he seems honest and not 2-faced which is always good. 6/10

benedict garrett: another one that hasnt had much airtime apart from when caroline was asking him about his career doing porn.. he doesnt seem to have much about him though but maybe there is more to him and we are yet to see it. so far he seems like a bit of a pointless housemate. 3/10

caroline wharram: okay so i live on a council estate and im the most down to earth person ever. this girl is posh and talks ever so proper. im not a fan of posh voices at all! so as you can imagine, im not liking this housemate so far. i wish she would sort her hair out too. 2/10

chris james: i really like chris so far! it makes me chuckle how he looks soo camp and has a squeaky voice and dresses a bit camp too.. but he's straight and a bailiff! he seems quite a likable character so far. i do think my opinion of him may change though, im not sure of how genuine he is, he seem like he could bitch and stir a bit? i dunno, we'll see! 7/10

conor mcintyre: there isnt really anyone in the house i think is good looking personally but he's the best looking of all of them! havent seen much of him yet but he seems nice enough.. hopefully there is more to him than looks, time will tell. 6/10

deana uppal: im not a deana fan at the moment and im unsure if that will change. she seemed to play herself up before she went in and has disappointed so far. when she found out she'd have to nominate on the first night her reaction impressed me. but she wimped out big time! her excuses for nominating were lame and she could have done better. she doesnt seem very genuine but its early stages.. 4/10

lauren carre: oh my goodness her mouth is huge! and her laugh is proper irritating but she seems alright. she's not a girly girl, shes more like one of the lads so hopefully she wont be bitchy and 2 faced. i dont have anything bad to say about her but im not sure if i like her or not yet. 5/10

luke anderson: he's a bloke but not. he looks like a bloke but he's got a lady garden. and a wife. but i quite like him. he seems nice enough, i think he'll be pretty genuine and hopefully not too boring. he was quiet at first but now he's told everyone he was born a girl and they've all taken it well, hopefully he'll relax and join in more. potential winnder due to background story. 7/10

lydia louisa: her other half used to be semi famous. she keeps bangin on about how she doesnt want people to know as she doesnt want to be judged.. so how did they find out? keep your mouth closed and they wont know and you wont need to keep causing an atmosphere over it?! she also sold a story about jack osbourne and i like the osbournes so i dont like her much. 2/10

luke scrase: who? he really blends in. he looks quite like arron too which can be confusing as there is so many of them in there at the moment. i cant even think of anything to say about him because he doesnt stand out for any good or bad reasons! 3/10

sara mclean: im not keen on her accent (probably cause it reminds me of my old boss who was a dick) but she seems like a really nice girl. she comes across as down to earth and genuine, hopefully she's being real. she's been a pal for luke a as they met at auditions, they seem to have a friendship forming. she's pretty too. 8/10

scott mason: another one that talks far too posh for my liking! i dont like his hair - why would you do that?! he hasnt had much airtime yet so dont really have an opinion of him yet.. im not sure if ill ever like him based on the fact that his voice annoys the hell out of me but we'll see. 2/10

shievonne robinson: i think she seems like a good housemate so far but she needs more airtime. she comes across well at the moment so im hoping she wont disappoint once we see more of her. 7/10

victoria eisermann: i wasnt keen on her so im glad she left last night. she seemed like a right misery and who wants to watch a misery! it probably didnt help that she was the only older woman in there and everyone else is young but big brother is a once in a lifetime opportunity so i feel she should have made the most of it and made more of an effort. 2/10

becky hannon: she was one of three wildcards and went in after victoria left last night. and boy did she make an entrance! she ran in shouting "come on you b*st*rds!!" and run right around the house before jumping into the pool! shes bonkers in a good way and i think she'll be really entertaining to watch. its also a breath of fresh air to see a girl in there that isnt stick thin! potential winner and my fave already. 9/10

have you been watching big brother? who do you like/dislike so far? xxx

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