Monday, 18 June 2012

7 things in 7x2 days

there is one blog i can honestly say i have thoroughly enjoyed since i first joined blogger and that is sprinkle of glitter by a very pretty girl named louise. if you havent already then i suggest checking out her blog :)

anyways, shes been doing a post called 7 things for 7 days where she sets herself 7 realistic goals to achieve in 7 days.. like things that you keep meaning to do; finish a book, cook, clean etc.. and has just done a post [link here] about others joining in the fun and maybe making some new blogger pals along the way!

i have decided to join in, however instead of 7 days, im going to do 14 days so i dont feel too pressured!
(7 things in 7x2 days... 7x2=14.. geddit?! oh dear!)

the 7 goals i have chosen are:

1: gym - now my foot is starting to get better (i tore the tissue in my heel a few months back) i want to get back down the gym to shift some weight. im hoping to start back this week, if not then deffo next week.
2. finish my book - im currently reading the big fat gypsy weddings book (i find gypsies and travellers so fascinating and intriguing) im over half way and although its a really good book, i have a pretty short attention span so books can take me ages no matter how good they are!
3. tidy/clean/organise - our bedroom has become a little bit messy again so its deffo in need of a good sorting out. cue a good cd with the volume up.. and some pretty good awful singing!!
4. cook - i always have a meal waiting for aaron when he gets home from work in the week anyway but there are a couple of recipes ive been meaning to try out so i need to just go for it!
5. visit my grandparents - they only live 2 streets away but i dont see them as often as i probably should so i really need to do that. my grandad thinks a lot of me and loves when i go to visit.
6. aarons birthday - aarons birthday is coming up (9th july) and i really need to get my backside into gear and find him a present! i have a couple of little bits but im really struggling this year for what else to get!
7. sort out/ebay - i have a double wardrobe and 5 large storage towers chock-a-block full of clothes and ive run out of room again, oops! so i need to have yet another sort out and stick things i dont wear anymore on ebay.. then i can buy new stuff with whatever money i make, yay!

so those are my 7 things that i intend to get done in 7x2 days :)

each time i complete one, i shall post about it so keep your eyes peeled!

are you joining in too? - let me know! xxx


  1. I love Louise too :)

    Great goals, they're really good cause they're realistic but gonna make such a difference when they're done :)

    Looking forward to the posts of completed goals!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. aw thanks :) should get to tick one of them off tomorrow, fingers crossed! are you doing it too? xxx

  2. I always procrastinate when it comes to ebay! haha I love watching Louise's videos on youtube! now following :) xo