Thursday, 14 June 2012

pretty nails & instagram (14 pics)

hands up if you larrrve instagram! *raises hand*

i just wish more of my friends did too! i have a few on there but none of them post as much as moi. if any of you have instagram, feel free to follow me: xtiffyxx
all of these pics were taken using instagram. i love the effects and how it can really help inhance a picture and make it a bit more exciting.
i always take pics of my nails, i have just under 100 nail varnishes and paint my nails a different colour every week. so here are a few of my favourites :)
they're all taken between the christmas just gone and today.

'w7 - metallic jupiter' with 'china glaze - cg in the city' on top:

'saffron - colour 53' with 'george (asda) 3d glitters - starfish' on top:

'saffron - colour 59' with 'nyc - # 021' on top:

'nyc - uptown':

'nyc - park ave' & 'nyc - uptown':

'rimmel - blue my mind' with 'nyx - pink avenue' on top:

'gosh - flamingo', 'barry m - matt white', 'gosh - black passion' and a silver nail art pen:

'china glaze - ahoy!':

'china glaze - pink underground':

'2true - shade no. 47' with 'nyx - pink underground' & 'saffron - colour 07' on top:

'china glaze - afterglow' with 'nyx - pink avenue' on top:

'barry m - peach melba' with 'nyx - pink avenue' on top:

'china glaze - laced up' with 'nyx - #021' & silver nail art pen on top:

'china glaze - laced up' with a nail art sticker:

id love to be able to do nail art (i have tried!) but im just not very good so i try to get nice nail varnish and do what i can with it like the nyx - pink avenue with shiny foil bits in it or nail art stickers or diamantes - simple things that make it look a little less boring.

so, what do you think; do you have any of these colours too? do you have any tips on doing simple nail art? do you know any good tutorials on youtube? xxx


  1. love your blog hun i just started one and would love your support xx

    1. thank you :)
      am following you :) follow back? xx