Saturday, 30 June 2012

NYC nail polish on offer

So at the moment, Superdrug are doing a 2 for 2.99 offer on NYC nail polish - instore and online here! i think its only til 3rd july so if you havent been yet, you have 3 days left!
As we needed to pop into town today, it was only right i took advantage of the offer :)
Unfortunately for me, everyone else seemed to have the same idea beforehand so there werent as many colours to choose from as there usually is. I was hoping to get 4 but i wont get anything unless i know ill actually use it so i just got 2 :)

sorry about the poor picture quality! i cant afford a stupidly priced camera! - you get the idea though.
i got 'gramercy glitz' which is the one on the left and 'lights-camera-glitter' on the right.
they state you get upto 7 days wear, which is unlikely on my nails but we'll see!
ive only tried the colour over the pink i already had one at the moment and im pretty sure gramercy glitz will become one of my faves!

i purposely took this blurry so you could see the colour of the glittery bits. they're mostly blue, orange and bluey/green bits. on its own i imagine it look pretty much clear with sparkley bits but looks fab on top of other colours.. i put it on barbie pink and it looks lush :)

again, i purposely took this blurry. its another clear one but this has mostly silver glittery bits in it with a few multi coloured bits plus some bigger pieces that are blue and silver. because of the blue bits, it doesnt look very good on top of the pink i had on but black, white, silver, blue.. they'd look good i reckon. ill prob wear it on top of black if im goin for a night out or something.

one thing i did notice (and that made aaron winge) was the strong smell of them. they're quite strong compared to many of my other brands. once they're dry (which they do quite quickly) they dont smell though - unlike the glittery ones i tried from asda - they smell chemically even after a bath!

also, i only needed one coat of each for it to look nice which is always a bonus. oh and they're nice to hold! overall i am very pleased with my purchase. just wish i could have bought more!

next week aaron is taking me shopping in ipswich (cause i wanna go to primark!) and for a nice meal out so hopefully ill find lots of nice bargains to show you all after :) - we was meant to be going this week BUT as it happens, im the worlds bestest fiancee - aarons mates asked him if he wanted to go out drinking tonight so i said we can go shopping and for a meal next week instead. arent i nice! :)

have you taken advantage of this offer? - if so what colours did you get?
do you know of any other offers on nail polish? xxx


  1. Thanks for sharing this offer! I wish I'd seen these today when I went shopping :(
    Gramercy glitz looks lovely, it looks similar to Barry M Pink Irridescent, and that's one of my fave ever polishes!! :)

    Laura xx

    1. yeah i love it :) makes plain polish a bit more exciting!
      i have it over barbie pink at the moment and i cant stop looking at it haha xx

  2. Thank you so much for following dear!
    I hope you have nice day :)

    1. you're welcome. you have a great blog!
      hope you have a nice day too :) xx