Wednesday, 27 June 2012

7 things update 2

as you may (or may not) know, i joined in with the 7 things in 7 days post from Louise over at sprinkle of glitter. except ive chosen to do mine in 7x2 days :)
if you dont know what on earth im on about, click here!
if you missed my first update and would like to see it, click here!

im pleased to say ive nearly ticked them all off! however, im sorry to say im rubbish at remembering to take pics to prove it.. oops!

so as you can see from the above picture, i have got my backside into gear and cooked, visited my grandparents, sorted aarons birthday and had a good sort out of my clothes/shoes for ebay.

one of the things i cooked was lasagne. i know i said i wanted to try new things BUT i dont cook this very often anymore because its quite bad for you and we've been trying to eat better.
everyone thats tried my lasagne proper loves it! i dont thnk i do anything overly special to be honest but it is pretty lush :) maybe ill do a post on what i use and how i do it next time i make it.
this is what it looked like: YUM!

the second thing i done was pasta and meatballs. id never done meatballs before and always wanted to so i thought why not! it wasnt as nice as my lasagne but for my first go it was alright. i put phili and herbs in with the pasta to make it less boring so the pasta was nice but the red sauce was too tomatoey, a bit tangy. i know for next time though :)

another thing i done was made choc crispy cakes. i know they dont need cooking but i thought id add it in.. i hadnt made them before and aaron really likes them so i thought id make some for him, arent i good! they were soooo delish! very sickly though. ill have to share how i done them too. i deffo plan on making them again!! mmmmmmmmmm....!!!

next on the list was to visit my grandparents as they're only a street away and i dont see them very often. oopsy.. i went round yesterday. they're both alright, apart from grandad has to have an operation saturday as he can barely move his hand and is in a lot of pain after a fall in town where he broke his wrist.. so i said ill pop in next week as well to see how he got on. nan is well, as always :)

next is aaron birthday. ive bought him some socks as most of his seem to have disappeared and he keeps moaning about it and i also got him some oral b replacement heads for his toothbrush - another thing he's been moaning about not having yet not doing anything about!
i am also planning on booking a weekend away and a nice restaurant for the saturday night, ive had a look at a few and have a good idea but payday isnt til tomorrow so havent been able to book it yet so will depend if they're all booked up yet or not! he was talking last night about hopping on a plane for a weekend away so ive also been looking into that too but prices change every day so i cant really do anything til tomorrow.. but at least i have a shortlist so its as good as done, right?!
i also want to bake him a cake.. ive never baked a cake before so should be a laugh! lol.. ill keep you posted on how that goes!

lastly, i sorted out my clothes and shoes for ebay. it feels great sorting everything out and even better when you get some pennies for selling them so you can go buy some new ones. as well as selling on ebay, im also addicted to buying things. i often find some bargains on there and bidding is SO addictive. if i really want something, losing out is NOT an option! lol..

are you doing/have you done your 7 things? let me know! xxx


  1. You've done really well with your 7 things!
    You've gotten the birthday sorted haven't you! You're so orgainised!

    Hope your grandad's operation goes well :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. yeah i do love to be organised and write lists lol :)
      and thankyou :) xxx