Saturday, 16 June 2012

big brother 13 housemates - my opinion updated.

so when BB first started, within the first couple of nights i done a post [here] with my first thoughts on each housemate. i have to say, my opinions on most of them have changed somewhat since then so i decided to do another post. again, ill score people out of 10 for how much i like/dislike them.
im really enjoying watching it so far, although i do think they should give them more tasks.
the no laughing task was pretty good - especially chris getting a pie in the face! get some!!

becky: i still really like becky. she speaks her mind which i love and wish people done it more. i think a lot of the housemates arent as keen on her but at the moment i dont really get why. we dont see everything though and they can edit things to make it look better or worse so we'll see. 8/10

ashleigh: she seems to have toned the swearing down a bit which is good but i still dont really know what to make of her.. she was sort of all over luke then told people she didnt actually like him so was going to stop whatever was going on with him... then was all over him again! 4/10

adam: still really like this housemate. he seems genuine and an interesting person with a lot to talk about - i just wish he was getting more screen time so we could see more and get to know him more. i think he'll go far. 8/10

arron: he's quite cocky and arrogant.. i dont personally think he's good looking but i think thats the only reason he stayed last night - cause he's a pretty boy. sometimes he seem alright, other times he annoy the hell out of me.. 4/10

benedict: he always has his head tilted upwards when he's talking to people and his bottom jaw right forward, its a bit weird! i dont particularly like or dislike him still.. he just blends in. 3/10

caroline: after the date thing with chris i started to like her a bit more but there are still moments when i think 'nope i dont like her!' she come out with some very funny things about chris that made me laugh so maybe she's not so bad afterall... 5/10

chris: i said in my first post i liked him but thought my opinion would change and it did. at the end i was constantly thinkin 'yr a knob mate' so im glad he's gone now. he seemed very snappy with certain people (like becky) and most of the time i feel it was really uncalled for. 3/10

conor: hes not one of the big personalities in the house so he's not getting any screen time so another kinda pointless housemate at the moment.. liven up conor! 3/10

deana: i feel a little bit sorry for deana. i didnt like her at first but i dont dislike her now.. just feel sorry for her. she doesnt seem to have a close bond with anyone so i think she feels a bit left out. i especially felt sorry for her when luke started goin on about her drinking. wtf! 5/10

lauren: still dont know what to make of her but all she seems to do is cry! i feel a bit sorry for her when she says girls never like her cause shes not that bad but maybe she should stop crying and make a bit more effort. i like that shes down to earth. 5/10

luke a: he acted like a right girl the other night over food, becky didnt know he'd planned it all but he sulked off like a right girl... which would make sense really wouldnt it. i dont dislike him but im not sure i like him as much as i first thought. 5/10

lydia: she needs to go. seriously. she seems to want to make a song and dance about everything (geddit?! lol) which causes an atmosphere. plus, she doesnt need the money - she doesnt need to win so her being there is pretty pointless. has anyone heard her laugh yet? 2/10

luke s: he would still be blending in if it wasnt for the little thing goin on with ashley. - which is so not genuine. he doesnt seem to have anything about him - boring! 3/10

sara: another one that doesnt seem to have much about her. shes very pretty but omg what a knob when shes drunk! what was that whole crying about the royal family thing?! get a grip woman. i think shes just a pretty face (with nice hair) and thats it :/ 4/10

scott: his voice still annoys me but he seems friendly enough. i certainly dont dislike him but im struggling to think of good things to say! oops :) 5/10

shievonne: still like shievonne but give her more airtime BB!! she seems pretty genuine and down to earth and nice. hopefully we will see more of her in the coming weeks. 7/10

is anybody else watching BB this year? who are your favourites and who would you like to see evicted? xxx


  1. never knew that there's BB also in other countries :D
    it's quite a funny show!


    1. yeah i think quite a few countries have it now :)
      do you watch it? x