Thursday, 7 June 2012

yay! my rilakkuma phone case arrived!

rilakkuma is a cuuuute jap character.
i first found out about rilakkuma when i started designing phone cases (here!)
i am such a big kid sometimes.. and this is one of those times!
if you can look at my phone case without going "arrrrr!" then... i dunno lets test it! :D
my phone case with my phone in it:

without my phone in it:

and it even arrived in cute packaging..!

i bought it on ebay and it cost me £5.75 with free delivery. - mine is for my htc wildfire s. they're much cheaper for more popular phones like iphones.
you can also get them in the original brown colour or creamy white and are made for many different phones.
the person i bought mine from doesnt currently have any items for sale but if you search "rilakkuma phone case" or "bear phone case" (as they're not always listed as rilakkuma) then you'll deffo find them :)

do you have any rilakkuma items? xxx


  1. so cute I've seen a hello kitty one for my iPhone but my phone is on its last legs so I'm waiting to buy it xx

    1. ooh i never thought of hello kitty, my sister would love that! x

  2. This is adorable! I just followed, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it :)