Monday, 25 June 2012

music music music

music music music. i larrrve my music. im pretty good when it comes to music quizes like guess the song etc. i just love it. cant go a day without hearing music.
so ive decided to do a post on music :)

first off im going to share my current favourite songs:
(no particular order - links will take you to the video on youtube)

flo rida - whistle - i love all his new stuff and most of his older stuff but not that applebottom jeans one. nooo, cant stand that one. this is such a summer song, just need some sun now!

flo rida - let it roll - another summer tune - this makes me wanna get up and dance so bad! - but not bad like the bloke in the video hahaha - a must watch!!

nicki minaj ft. chris brown - right by my side - obviously her latest song would be in this cause i do love a bit of nicki :) shes my favest :) this is more of a chill out one. she looks so pretty in the video too. lucky bish!

pitbull - back in time - when i hear this song i simply cannot keep still! gotta love the song from dirty dancing in it and the little dubstep bit... and pitbulls dancing in the video ahahahaha..

sean paul - she doesnt mind - i dont care if he'll be 40 next year, id still marry him. phwoar!!! he is a very sexy man! i also wouldnt mind if he re-released this song over and over, geddit?!

some of my all time favourite songs, ever ever:

prince - purple rain - i go into my own little world when i hear this song. its the only song by him i like and im yet to hear someone else sing it and me like it.

westlife ft cristian castro - flying without wings - this song is going to be mine and aarons first dance song :D the lyrics just seem so fitting (soppy i know!) and i absolutely love this version with cristian castro. it gives me goosebumps. and yes, i do daydream about dancing to it too lol..

shakespeares sister - stay - if i could only pick one favourite ever song, this would be it. mum told me once that i loved this song even when i was little. i just love it, plain and simple.

chris brown & keri hilson - superhuman - this song gives me goosebumps too, its such a lovely song. i love keri hilsons voice.. if you're anything like me, its better off being loud so you cant hear yourself trying to hit the notes hahaha :)

B52s - love shack - who doesnt love this song?! its such a happy sing-a-long! used to dance to this on friday nights out clubbing with my cousin when they played 80s cheese in one room, swear we were always the youngest... and the drunkest with the most energy lol! good memories :)

i had to pick just 5 current favourites and 5 favourites ever or id have kept adding and adding to it!
what is your favourite song at the moment and favourite song ever? xxx

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