Monday, 11 June 2012

my hairdressers reviewed

looky at my hair! this was taken after i had a WCB and curled at john michael on saturday. i've always had it straightened afterwards but my hairdresser suggested curling it as i keep on about how i like my hair curly but struggle doing it myself..! this was after walking round town with the wind blasting it:

i LOVE it! anyway!

i first started going to this hairdressers when i was 17 (im nearly 24 now) and to be honest, i had completely wrecked my hair when i first when in, looking back i feel so sorry for the girl that done it! (hannah) i had hacked at it myself for a couple years and dyed it nearly every other week to the point where my hair had started falling out.
after a few cuts it was under control and in much better condition. i kept returning and i ended up with lovely long, healthy hair, styled beautifully - hannah done a fantastic job!

we ended up moving out of the area for nearly a year and stupidly i stopped going to the hairdressers.
when we moved back last year, mum paid for me to have my hair done at a different salon and the girl made a right pigs ear of it (and it wasnt cheap) so i decided to return to john michael.

hannah had left by then so i had to book in with somebody else, which i didnt mind.
i've now been going again for just under a year, a girl called sian does my hair and she also does a fantastic job and shes so friendly - hence i keep going back!

i highly recommend this salon to anybody!

one thing i really like about this salon is the atmosphere. there's nothing worse than going to a salon where you could cut the atmosphere with a knife and you can really tell half of them dont get along and its bitchy.
this salon is not like that at all and never has been since i've been going. the staff arent the bright orange dippy girls you see in some salons.. everybody seems very genuine and friendly.

they have salons in ipswich (x2), newmarket, colchester, great yarmouth, gainsborough and bury st edmunds - which is the one i go to.
i get a wash, cut, blowdry & straighten or curl for £35 (every 12 weeks) which i think is a really good price (compared to places like tony & guy -which i dont rate) considering i know i'll never leave disappointed. you also get a complimentary drink. (i always have coffee. i dunno what they do to it but its so nice!)

click here for the JOHN MICHAEL HAIR website

they also have a beauty salon upstairs: click here for the BEAUTY at JM website

where do you get your hair cut and how do you prefer it styled at the end? xxx


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  2. It looks beautiful, I love wavey/curly hair, gives me a bit of much needed volume!

    1. thankyou :) yeah same, i feel like my hair looks too flat sometimes! x