Saturday, 2 June 2012

mini new look haul - bargains!

so, i sold some of my clothes that i dont wear anymore on ebay and with the money i made, i bought some new stuff :)
anyone that knows me will know very well that i pretty much only shop in new look! its been that way for like.. 5 or 6 years now! i dont strictly limit myself to new look - i also like select.. and george at asda and matalan have some nice bits every now and then.

i havent shopped in top shop for years and i have never purchased clothing in river island. although both shops have some really nice things, they're both stupidly over priced for my liking. i love a bargain! and 9 times out of 10 you can find similar items for way cheaper!

i have always been the same in that i wont buy something just cause its in fashion. also, i wont stop wearing something if i still like it and its gone out of fashion.. if i like something then ill buy it and ill wear it until i decide i dont want to anymore.

because i dont follow fashion and just buy whatever i happen to like, i have so many different styles. i personally think its a good thing! i dont want to look the same all the time and i dont want to follow what everyone else is doing and look the same as them either!

anyway, here's what i bought: sorry they're not all personal pics, have lost my camera and the lighting on my ickle phone was shhhhhhhocking! forgive me? :) ta!

1. 32" white linen trousers. £12.00 (was £19.99)  here!
i have these in black and because they're so comfy, i had to get white too! they have an elasticated waist band, which i love cause there's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable! they do these in the normal range and the inspire range. mine are from the normal range.
2. coral aztec bubblehem vest. £6 (was £7.99) here!
i have loads of their bubble hem tops cause they're brilliant for every day. the only one i didnt have was pink - weird considering its my fave colour! :) this one has coloured stitching round the edges to make it a bit more exciting. it was from the inspire range. until my foot heals and i shift some weight, i can buy tops in the inspire range aswel as the normal range but buttom half i can only buy in the normal range!
3. white flower bubble hem vest. £9.99. here!
again, this is from the inspire range. it has come up a bit big but they dont go any smaller as its inspire and i love the print so its staying! i need more light colours in my wardrobe for summer so this will be perfect! cant wait til the sun comes out again so i can wear it :)
4. stripe and bird print shopper. £6.74 (was £8.99) here!
id been looking for a new bag for weeks - im so fussy about bags.. and clothes... most things actually..! - but had no luck.. until i saw this! just what i was looking for. a bargain bag thats cute and summery :) i love the pattern and i like how it has a draw string so its not such a plain shopper. a girl can never have too many bags, right?!
5. coral gem hair slides (x2). £3.50. here!
i like clipping one side of my hair back in the summer when my thick hair (that acts like a scarf) gets on my nerves. i take the top layer from the side opposite to my side parting and clip it back slightly, its a nice summery look (especially with wavy hair) and now i've got the summery hair slides to match :)
6. black studded bulldog clips (x2). £3.50. here!
i could not resist these.. they're covered in gems and they catch the light.. purdy :) im not sure when ill wear them but i pinky promised myself i would so obviously i will... wont i?! :D

where do you usually shop? xxx

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