Friday, 22 November 2013

E.L.F Studio Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose.

Last month I had a little spend on the E.L.F website for the first time, you can see my haul post here. Since then I was a busy bee, got ill and then had problems with Blogger errors! Now I'm back and raring to go again, woohoo! :)

One of the products I couldn't wait to get my mitts on (among many, I might add) was this E.L.F matte lip colour in tea rose, since seeing Miss Budget Beauty use it in one of her videos.

E.L.F Studio Matte Lip Colour Tea Rose review.

I like the packaging, it's simple without looking cheap or boring and it twists up for more product which there is 2 inches of inside. I was expecting much less so was pleasantly surprised. It will last quite a while, making it great value as it only costs £3.75. Online, it is described as jumbo which I disagree with but it's not a problem as it means a more precise application.. Speaking of application, it glides on easily and doesn't pull at your lips - I hate when products do that!

E.L.F Studio Matte Lip Colour Tea Rose.

I love the colour of this product, it's a purpley-pinky-nudey kind of colour. I'll be honest, I did expect it to be more pinky than purpley but that could be down to the colour of my lips? I like it nonetheless. I do usually prefer a matte lip because it lasts longer than a glossy lip.. Plus when the wind blows my hair doesn't stick to it!! It easily lasts a few hours without the need to touch up although of course, everyone is different and it depends if you're eating/drinking too obviously. I don't find it's all that moisturising, in fact it can be a little drying which for me it isn't an issue but if you suffer from dry lips you'd want to wear lip balm with it.

E.L.F Studio Matte Lip Colour Tea Rose.

Overall, I really enjoy using this product and have found myself wearing it most days. I really wish I'd taken advantage of their 50% off offer a few weeks ago because I'd like to try the other colours too but they're well worth the money full price so I shall definitely order a couple more in the near future.

You can purchase the E.L.F Studio Matte Lip Colour here for £3.75.

Do you have any of the Studio Matte lip colours? Can you recommend any of the other colours to me? xxx

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Where have I been?

Sorry I haven't posted in almost 3 weeks.. Here's where I've been and why I've not been posting..

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that the first week I missed, I was super duper busy. I was working a few of the days and seeing family the other days.. The best part was seeing my cousin, Stacy who I haven't seen for over a year, even though we live in the same town!!! I just happened to bump into her in Asda and we arranged to see each other the next day which was lovely and hopefully we'll get back to seeing each other regularly like we used to - we've always been close.

The following week I became quite ill :( It started on the Saturday, I was feeling heady all day then started going from boiling hot and sweating to freezing cold and shivering.. Then both at the same time! I had an early (and restless) night and woke up feeling the same.. Monday I felt like I had tonsillitis then Tuesday I could barely get out of bed. When I did I felt dizzy, disorientated and like my head was going to explode. I'd never felt that bad before and text Aaron. Usually he'd reply saying "aww, you'll be alright, have some rest" but he was quite worried and came home right away. He went to the local pharmacy, explained my symptoms and they suggested congested sinuses and gave him some tablets.. I took these all day along with pain killers but nothing would even take the edge off.. I had so much pain behind my eyes that it hurt to look at the TV or my laptop/phone or even look side to side and my head was thumping - a thousand times worse than any migraine I've had - and I suffer often with those! I struggled to sleep that night and woke up feeling even worse Wednesday morning. Aaron took the day off and took me to the doctors.. After being poked and prodded (don't be rude!) I was told I had sinusitis and given antibiotics and codeine. The codeine took the egde off within an hour and I managed to have a good sleep for most of the day and all night. The next day I wasn't too bad and Friday I felt almost human again.

I feel myself again this week, thankfully. Aaron really looked after me, as he always does.. He took care of everything round the house (cats, cooking etc) and made me food and drinks. He's a goodun.
So after all that I'd really missed my blog and was hoping to get some reviews up this week - following my E.L.F haul - but every time I try and save/publish the posts, I get errors come up so I'm a little bit stuck for now but I will keep trying and have posted on the Google help thingy bob.. If this works then it must be something to do with the pictures.. What a palava!!

Hope you've all been well :) xxx