Thursday, 31 May 2012

photoaday: 29, 30, 31.

a number, your personality & something beautiful.

a number:
i've chosen 21 because my 21st was the best birthday i ever had! i managed to talk everyone into helping me pay for a limo so we could go to the city (over an hour n half away) in style where the better bars and clubs are. luckily they're all lovely and said yes and it was a brilliant night!

this is 8 of us getting picked up from our town, we picked another 2 up on the way :)
im 3rd in from the left holding a "21st" balloon! the limo was lush, we had free bubbly, mirror on the ceiling with funky lights and a wellll good sound system which we took full advantage of!
this was also one of the last times i had a proper good night out.. i dont enjoy it like i used to.. am i getting old? :/ lol..

your personality:

i think this pic shows just what im like - silly! i dont take myself too seriously and i love to have a laugh and mess about :) this pic was taken about 4 years ago on one of mine n aarons first camping trips near the norfolk coast. i have absolutely no idea why i was sitting in the boot or why im grinning like a dope!

something beautiful:

this one was easy. anyone that knows me will know i fell in love with Wales when we had a holiday there last year. me and aaron went with my mum and dad and they fell in love with it too.
we stayed in mumbles just round from swansea and didnt want to come home! - its such a lovely place and the people are so, so friendly unlike here in suffolk where people seem so ignorant and miserable!

i took this pic at caswell bay. b-e-a-uuuutiful :)
i would live there in a heartbeat.
we loved it so much, we decided we're not going abroad after all this year, we're going back to Wales! this time we're going to new quay on the went coast, down from aberystwyth. just me and aaron this time, cant wait!

where are you going on holiday this year? xxx

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