Saturday, 26 May 2012

photo a day: 23, 34 & 25.

23: techonology. 24: something new. 25: unusual.

there was nothing else i could really pick.. i've written about my phone before but that really is the only piece of technology i couldnt go without. i dont really miss my flaptop when im away.. and i could watch tv on my phone if i really had to... so yeah :) my trusty little wildfire s :)

something new

for something new, i've chosen instagram. its not massively new but im new to it. i love making pics look a bit arty farty, i always have and this is the best one ive used so far. i love how you can find your friends on there too and see what pics they're taking. if anyone is fussed, my username is "xtiffyxx" follow me :)
the pic is of my nails with a black polish and 'china glaze: cg in the city' on top. i absolutely LOVE that polish, its soo sparkley and you can get away with just 1 coat - although i used 2 in that pic ^


i always love getting pics of the sky when its looking really pretty/cool/weird etc (basically when its not looking normal/boring!) and this was one of those pics. i tried to get it best i could but by eye, it looked like fire and it was soo pretty. we were driving back from my cousins in norfolk as the sun was setting, i look so many pics and my phone was dying so this is the best i got!

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