Monday, 28 May 2012

photoaday: 26th, 27th & 28th.

12 o'clock, something sweet & the weather today.

how can you get a good picture of 12 o'clock? :/ think ill skip!

something sweet:

mega yum!
i dont normally like cider (im a barcardi n coke girl) but on a hot day, an ice cold fruity cider goes down a treat! this one is my fave, its so tasty it almost doesnt seem like you're drinking an alcoholic drink. usually on offer in asda, 3 for 5 squids.. you need this drink in your life this summer :)

the weather today:

i think this pic best describes the weather today. hot hot hot! all the windows are open and the fan is on. i like it warm but i cant stand it when its this hot and its all muggy and sticky hot, not nice.. gimme the breeze and ill stop complaining though haha :)

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