Sunday, 20 May 2012

photoaday: day 19&20: a favourite place & something you cant live without

a favourite place:

my bed! the pic makes it look tiny but its a king size.. we had to get a king size cause im a major bed hog/sprawler and poor aaron was getting annoyed gripping onto the edge with no duvet in the double bed!
aaron always says i must have been a cat in a previous life cause i can sleep for hours! - its just such a comfy bed i cant help it!

i also want to mention our headboard. i bought it on ebay, a right bargain it was!
i saw one with diamantes where the buttons/indents are but it was a lot more money.. so we bought the plain one and got the diamantes seperate and i glued them on myself. i love it! :)

 something you cant live without:

this was easy peasy! (other than aaron - ive mentioned him enough!) my phone! a htc wildfire s.
i love it.
i cant even count the number of phones i've had. but htc has been the best of all of them. not only are they impressive in terms of the app market and how much they do, they're also the most reliable i've had. - im pleased to say that htc has been the ONLY phone ive had that hasnt had problem after problem and has just done what its suppose to and worked perfectly. this is my 2nd htc phone, due to being so impressed.
i have had just about everything apart from the 2 phones that anyone that knows me will know i have a deep hatred for!
blackberry and iphone.. aka crapberry and ipoo.

anywhere you look, you see broken blackberries and broken iphones. what does this tell you?
pants pants pants. not for me thank you. i hate querty so blackberry has never been an option, the buttons are way too tiny for my liking and everyone i know that has had one, its gone wrong.

i dislike iphone even more than blackberry.
again, everyone i know that has had one, its gone wrong. truth be told, most people have an iphone for its name and because everyone else has one. i had an ipod once, to see what all the fuss was about.. i sold it after a couple weeks. it was always jumping/skipping tracks and itunes absolutely ruined my beloved pink laptop (RIP) - since then i have vowed never to get anything by apple again, ever!
also, are their screens made of clingfilm or something? i cant look on a facebook for sale group without seeing an iphone with a broken screen!

2 years ago, htc won me over big time, fact. xxx


  1. my boyfriend has a htc and goes on about how amazing it is! May have to swap from iPhone...

    1. you definately should, you wont regret it! :) x

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  3. My boyf raves about his HTC too, but your phone case looks waaaay nicer ;) Your blog is very cute lovely girl! <3 <3