Sunday, 13 May 2012

skipping photoaday today. here's my weekend in a blog.

im skipping this weeks photo a day today. me and my mum really arent that close unfortunately. i wish we were but hey, we're not. so i dont get to talk about how great she is or how she's always there for me and how close we are because sadly it wouldnt be true.

so instead im gonna talk about my weekend, where we went and share what i bought :)

saturday we took a trip to Jimmys Farm (the bloke off the telly, Jamie Olivers friend) we've been before, a couple years ago and i really wanted to go back to see the cute piglets and stuff.
its changed quite a bit since we last went.. there were more pigs (i loove pigs, theyre so cute!) but the sheeps had disappeared :/ there was a few goats and a couple of cows aaand some peacocks and things but that was it :/
its free to get in to where the shop and cafe is but to see the animals is 4.50 per adult which isnt too bad. heres some pics i took and messed about on instagram with:

cute piggies!

there's also a butterfly house full of pretty flutterbies, it has a pond in there and its mega hot!




there is also a farm shop where you can buy meat and other fancy bits. its pricey but its all really decent stuff. the meat is all from animals from the farm and there are eggs, milk plus handmade bits like cookies, cakes, jams etc..
we bought some cookies and a pack of sausages. both were YUM!
the cookies where about £4 for 6 and the sausages were £10 for 15 - 5 different types, 3 of each.

left to right:
classic essex pork, suffolk beer pork, pork apple and cider, guarka lamb & suffolk farmhouse pork.

the classic essex pork was my favourite - it was like the perfect sausage!
then pork apple and cider - usually hate apple in sausages but it was subtle. lovely!
next was the suffolk farmhouse pork, then suffolk beer pork - both alright.
lastly is the guarka lamb. erk! too chewy, lamb shouldnt be in a sausage!

 anyway, on our way home we stopped in a town to have a look about.. heres what aaron bought me:

 hair pins, pearl drops whitening toothpaste, asda nail varnish, select clothing tops and leggings.

the hair pins were a real bargain - from family bargains! - 350 for 99p. im forever losing them so i thought they'll last me ages!
the pearl drops whitening toothpaste i saw on a post by natalievsbeauty and had to get it! i wasnt disappointed, i've used it 3 times now and i really can tell the difference already. this was also from family bargains for 99p.
the asda nail varnish i got today while food shopping after seeing it on a post by somebody on here (so sorry but i dont remember who - if it was you please let me know and ill edit!) it was £2. its mostly blue sparkles with some pink in there too.. you need a few layers for it to look good though.

the 3 tops are from select clothing and were £6 each which is a real bargain. i actually got the black one a couple weeks ago but thought i'd add it in! when i went back yesterday they were 2 for £10 so i got the blue and pink as im always going for black and need some colour! also they fit lovely and are perfect for summer. plus we've been talking about a holiday so i deffo needed them, right?! lol..
the leggings i got were 2 for £8 - again a real bargain - and i got both pairs in white as white things dont tend to last long!! i also have these in black that i bought when i bought the black top.
i dont usually shop in select, its usually just new look but they're getting so expensive lately (is it just me that thinks that?!) so got to bargain hunt! select have got way better and often have some really nice things - the quality isnt as good but if you look after them a bit more than you normally would its ok, you get what you pay for!

hope everyone else had a good weekend! :) xxx

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