Wednesday, 2 May 2012


so ive seen this on a few blogs and what fun it looks!
ill give it my best shot :)
its past midnight now but gonna do the first one now and 2nd one sometime after i wake up..
this is the thingybob for each day of the month thingy :)

1: peace.
i know im prob supposed to use my own pics and other than today i will but its a bit late to take a peace looking pic! so gonna share this..

the reason i chose this pic is cause it looks SO peaceful and me and my other half have been talking holidays since he got a new (well paid) job. we havent had a holiday in 3 years so we agreed that we want to go somewhere real nice with white sand and clear blue water... pretty much like the pic above. i think we could deffo do with getting away for a couple weeks after the last year or so!

can anybody recommend anywhere nice we could go on our holiday this year? :) xxx

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