Wednesday, 9 May 2012

photoaday: day 9: something you do every day


<- arr! well, something i do every day without fail is tell aaron i love him. since we've been saying it not a single day has gone past where we havent said it, which i think is lovely :)

i am also pleased to say there is never a day go by where we dont make each other laugh.

i think i am so lucky to have met aaron and even luckier that he liked me back! we met in a nightclub 4 years ago and i never in a million years thought he'd like me - i thought i was destined to be single forever, a cat lady in a little overgrown bungalow! lol..

we clicked instantly and everyone always says we're such a good, well matched couple that will last. i agree! we just get on so well, we're always making each other laugh and we know each other so well - probably better than we know ourselves!
i know that i want to grow old with aaron and i really will love him forever. he's the best thing to happen to me and i cant wait to get married (hopefully next year, how exciting!) and start our own little family. xxx

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