Wednesday, 2 May 2012

photoaday: day 2: skyline

id love to be lucky enough to have a beautiful skyline picture from my window or a few mins away but truth is im on a housing estate, surrounded by houses and the only thing a few mins away is the shops where the chavs hang out or a bus stop for a bus into town.
instead of using a cool picture from google images, i do have my own picture to share from when me and my other half had a few days in london a few weeks ago.

i took this as we was walking along that white bridge that runs right next to the train tracks.. it probably has a name but i dont know it!
i always enjoy going down to london, it just has everything there and theres always something happening :)
that particular day in london, aaron (my other half) had made me walk so far! we was gonna jump on a bus but he was like "oh lets just walk to there!" and we'd get there and he'd say the same. i proper moaned and i had told him my foot was hurting loads but he said "dont be lazy!" lol.. wasnt til we got back and i went to docs i found out i have tissue damage in my foot. he felt so bad, bless him.
thankfully it didnt spoil our few days away, although i was in a lot of pain at the end of it.
im on the mend now though, it doesnt hurt half as much :)

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