Saturday, 26 May 2012

haul - todays bargains :) wilkos!

So today i went to Wilkos.. I was only supposed to get some dye for a top... oops!
I got: 2 pink sponges, 2 packs of wilkinsons razors, pearl drops toothpaste, dylon clothes dye, coolmint listerine, rimmel mascara, palmolive bath milk & a hair brush. i also bought some sarnie bags and cling film but thats not very exciting! all of that come to just over 20 squids. lush.

2 sponges - 40p each. i chose them cause they're pink (i really had to root to the back of the pile for them!) i hate flannels - wheres the lathery bubbley stuff! - so yeah, sponge for moi.
2 packs of wilkinsons razors - £2 each pack. they're normally nearly £4 in asda/superdrug. ive used these ones for a few years now and they're my fave. they also have scented ones but they dont smell once the water has touched them so pretty pointless considering they cost like a squid more!
pearl drops toothpaste - £1. been using this about 2 or 3 weeks now and i've really noticed the difference. my teeth were stained from smoking (gave up 3 years ago this month, yay me!) but yeah, they do seem like they're getting whiter. and it keeps your breath fresher a lot longer than normal toothpaste too which is always a plus!
dylon clothes dye - £2.99. wellllll i shouldn't really have needed this BUT i won a top on ebay that said it was pink (and it looked pink in the pic) but when it turned up it was red and anyone that knows me will know i HATE the colour red (i dont really know why, i just do) i messaged the girl but she was adamant it was pink. obviously colour blind. id have lost more by sending it back as she said she wouldnt refund postage so i kept it and im gonna just dye it black. annoying much.
coolmint listerine - £2.75. well, everyone wants nice smelling breath dont they :) and this after the pearl drops is doing my teeth the world of good. smiiiiiiiiile :)
rimmel mascara: volume flash - £4.98. i usually get the pink one of this (cause its pink) and it has a slightly better brush but this was on offer (save a squid) so i got this one instead. - before the pink one come out i always got this one (the black and red one) and it is really good, so i got it again.. i wonder if ill prefer it to the pink one or not...?!
palmolive bath milk: cherry - £1. i have quite sensitive skin and palmolive is just perfect for me. I have tried so many different brands and i always go back to this one. when i shave using a different shower gel i nearly always come out in a bit of a rash which obviously is a pain. I also find this with their deodrant, which i've been using years now. even if i cut my armpit shaving, i can put deodrant on and it wont sting. perfect :) my fave is the coconut one but thought i'd give cheery a go. plus the smaller one is usually just over £1 in supermarkets and this is double the size and cheaper. bargain!
hair brush - £1.38. ive been looking for a hairbrush like this for a while (a cheap one) - they're like 10 squids in superdrug/boots etc which im not willing to pay so was well chuffed when i found this! i have really long thick hair and the brush i was using was really pulling and ripping at my hair but this is so gentle and pain free, i swear i fell in love all over again tonight when i tried it out! :)

have you bought any bargains this weekend? hope you're all enjoying the sun! i got sun burnt on my arm and chest from just going round looking at cars today! oops! :/ lol xxx

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