Wednesday, 16 May 2012

photoaday: day 16: what you're reading

right now im reading the big fat gypsy weddings book. its realllyyy good!
i loved the big fat gypsy weddings tv show too, i dont know what it is about gypsys and travellers but they just really fascinate me.
i dont agree with certain things they do and think sometimes they can be hypocrites plus theres the bad stuff you hear in the news BUT im still so intrigued by them.
in the show they wanted people to see they're not all bad. i think there is good and bad in all people, not just gypsies and travellers.
i think some of their morals are good, some suprise me and some i think are a little strict.
one thing i dont understand is how they're strictly against their own going with anyone non gypsy or traveller, yet they want us to like them and stop thinking they're all bad.
if a gypsy or traveller goes with a non gypsy or traveller, they're usually disowned by their family.
it seems to me they think so little of us non gypsy/traveller lot yet they dont want us to think little of them which is unfair. they're not all bad but we're not all bad either.

heres a pic of my bookmark that aaron got me randomly :) isnt he lovely! x

not sure if you can see but the silver heart says "i love you forever" :) :)

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