Monday, 2 July 2012

7 things: completed. & review

hopefully by now you know what im on about? :)
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the last thing to do on my list was finish reading the book i was reading - big fat gypsy weddings.

finally, i have finished it and overall im really glad i bought it. out of 10 i give it a generous 6.
my reason for this is that there were parts of it that got a little boring. but the good bits are really good! there is things in the book that wasnt on the tv show and if you liked the show, im confident you'd like this book.
as ive said in a previous post, gypsies and travellers really fascinate me and i really feel that there is good and bad in all sorts of people so i dont think all gypsies or travellers are bad, its just that the ones that are have given the rest a bad name.
i think after reading the book it definately comes across like the ones with more money are the better ones (and tidier and cleaner) and the ones with less money (that we see trashing wherever they stay and stealing things) are the bad ones. i could be wrong but thats just the impression i get.

the one thing that still bugs me after an insight of their life is how much they hate anyone that isnt a gypsy or traveller. they want us to know they're not all bad but it seems they're unwilling to accept that we're not all bad either. i dont hate gypsies and travellers or even dislike them so it really bugs me - they say we shouldnt judge them because we dont know them but they judge us before they know us. we dont have rules that we cant speak to gypsies or travellers but they have rules about mixing with us.. it seems very contradictive doesnt it?

appleby horse fair 2011

i used to live in a town in norfolk and there was a family of gypsies there and they were rough as f***. they werent the nice, friendly people you saw on big fat gypsy weddings at all - far from it. they werent clean and tidy either - their house and garden looked like a bomb had hit it! - there was junk everywhere and it was filthy, much like the above picture.. you could spot them a mile off in town and they'd really make you feel uneasy because they had right gobs on them and were always in a large group. they had a tipper van, obviously, and drove like nutters, often pulling out on people, almost causing accidents and laughing their heads off about it.
THIS is the sort of gypsies and travellers most of us know and these are the ones that give the rest of them a bad name. probably because until the show, most of us didnt know that some of them may be decent human beings.

maybe they could try and see it from our point of view sometimes. there are bad in all sorts of people, not just them and not just us. if i made friends with a gypsy or traveller without knowing, then found out, it really would not bother me in the slightest. if they made friends with one of us without knowing and then found out, it would be a different story no doubt.

do you know any gypsies or travellers? - have you had a good or bad experience?
have you read this book or watched the show? let me know, lets chat! xxx


  1. Ive watched the show but have never met a 'nice' traveler. All the ones I have seen/met have been like the ones you described in Norfolk, they stole, lied, left loads of crap, never treat the horses properly and were just horrible people. I agree with you about gypsies hating none gypsies too!

    I really enjoyed your post, xxx

    1. arr thank you :)
      glad im not the only one that has never met a nice one! xxx