Wednesday, 18 July 2012

new look/boots haul

firstly... where has summer disappeared to, eh?! i had to pop into town today for a new look order i had delivered to the store... and had to dress in my winter clothes... seriously! merrrrr.
i dont like it too hot cause i get all hot n bothered... but i dont like it all dull and dreary like this either cause it just makes me feel rubbishy!
anyway, as i said, i had a new look order to pick up so i thought id pop (by pop i mean over half an hour.. oops!) into boots while i was in town and spend my advantage card points.. i had £17 worth, yay! - this doesnt mean im a shopperholic though cause id been saving them since i went to college 7 years ago! lol :)
so this is what i got..

multi-coloured maxi dress, blue top and a bag from new look.
face masks x2, nail polish x 5 and a free mag thingy bob from boots.

ill start off by telling you i wont be writing about the dress in detail because im sending it back. unfortunately its really ill-fitting.. such a shame cause i really love it but i dont wanna look a numpty!

for £7.99 i couldnt resist this blue top, i really like the colour and its such a great every day top without being too plain. its from the inspire range. at the moment im lucky that i can shop in the normal section and the inspire section for tops and dresses.. but only the normal range for bottoms as im an 18 on top and a 16 on the bottom. me and aaron are on diets though so hoping to lose some weight and get back in my size 14 clothes.. i dont want to be skinny or anything, just a nice comfortable size 14 :)

i larrrve this bag!! - i love quilted things. and a girl can never have too many bags, right?! i dont actually have that many though.. only 6 or 7 (my pink pauls boutique one is the most used!) also, i really dont go for certain brands with things.. if i like it, i like it - its that simple.
this bag is £9 in the sale.. they do have it in a light pink but i dont like the shade so got this one instead.. its reduced from £18 so a proper bargain :)

when i walked into new look today the first thing i noticed was that literally half of the downstairs part of the store was all sale rails! i did have a quick look but its such a jumble sale i just cant be bothered sometimes.. and after walking in the rain i just wasnt in the mood!
so if you're after a bargain, head to new look!

i havent tried the peel off ones from montagne jeunesse before, ive always used the clay ones or self heating (feel so strange!) so i had to give these a go! i loove peel off masks, they remind me of when i was at school and used to smear PVA glue all over my hands just so i could peel it off! (did anyone else do this?!) i love how bright and fun the packaging is on their face masks too. as you can see the first one is pomegranate and the 2nd one is cucumber and they were 100 pennies each :)

i have just under 100 nail polishes. i've also stopped calling it nail varnish now lol..
me and aaron worked out i have over £300 worth of the stuff.. woah!
i love doing my nails and having a wide choice to choose from and its very rare you'd see me with the same look on my nails.. i like to mix it up :)

these 2 polishes are 17 by boots and cost £2.99 each.
the dusty pinky colour to me is a very grown up, cute but subtle colour! i think ill use it for meals out and family get-togethers more :) it has a slight shimmer to it but not in an oldy woldy way - i think its gorgeous and i just know ill feel all grown up wearing it! (weird?! lol) its called royal rose and is from the lasting fix range.
the blue one is so summery and nice! it has subtle silver shimmery bits in it, making it extra lovely. once the warmer weather gets here i know it will get lots of wear. its called catwalk couture and is from the fast finish range.

these 2 polishes are by rimmel and both are from the lasting finish range. they were 2 for £4.
i was drawn to the rimmel polishes cause they were on offer.. i kept looking and didnt see any i liked... then i saw another bit with a few more colours on and found these 2 beauties! wahey!
im really liking purple at the moment and i have a really dark and a medium shade so thought id give a lighter shade a go! i dont think ill wear it on its own but ill deffo be wearing it with pink or pink and blue. its #702 and called marshmallow heaven.
i love pink. love it. i have so many different shades of pink but im pretty sure none of my others are the same as this.. i really like it against the purple. i really like it on its own too! i just really like it haha :D (not that you can tell, right?! lol) its #025 and called strawberry fizz.

this polish is max effect by maxfactor, its #45 and called fantasy fire.
this really caught my eye as i was walking past. its such a tiny little bottle (about 4 or 5ml?) so the £3.99 price tag was a bit annoying as ill probably only get a few uses out of it but i really couldnt not get it cause it looks gorgeous! i have seen a few bad reviews on this but not everything is to everybodys liking so im hoping it doesnt disappoint me. i havent used it yet but ill deffo be reporting back once i have.  its a deep purpley colour mostly but its got shimmery blues, pinks, orange, green.. everything lol.. is it called multi-tonal? something like that! i hope it looks like it does in the bottle when its on my nails.

have you bought anything in the new look sale?
have you got any of the nail polishes i bought? - what do you think of them? xxx


  1. love love love the look of that max factor nail varnish, they're teeny pots for the price tho!!x

    1. it does look gorgeous in the bottle.. sadly it requires about 500 coats to look like that on your nail! x

  2. Those nail polishes look lovely xx

  3. Lovely haul!! Love that bag soo cute and stylish at the same time :) Following you back now! Ixx

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