Monday, 30 July 2012

weekend in milton keynes

for aarons birthday i booked us a weekend away to milton keynes.
we went the weekend just gone and stayed in a novotel hotel which was really nice. we usually stay in a premier inn but there always seems to be a problem so we paid a little bit more for something better and it deffo paid off!

at the hotel - no make up!

we left friday morning, stopped at little chef on the way for breakfast and got to MK around midday (it only takes an hour n half from ours to MK without a stop) we checked in and then headed out to the shopping mall, yay!
firstly can i say, without a map or asking people for directions, we'd never have found our way back to the car hahaha! we're not used to such big shopping centres - we dont even have one in our town!

mango & passion fruit frap from starbucks

we had a quick look about.. went in new look and was a bit disappointed to be honest.. i *love* new look usually but i thought being a city and in a massive shopping centre it would have been bigger but it wasnt and i only bought one thing! i was very impressed in superdrug though as the MUA selection was way better than our town.. i bought a few bits from there too.
we had a starbucks then went cause we were hot n bothered! we found our way to the xscape place and had a meal in wetherspoons.. i didnt take a pic of my food cause it didnt look great and my steak was over cooked. merrr! after, we got some pick n mix and headed back to the hotel to watch tv and chill out :)

saturday we had breakfast at the hotel (it was really good!) then headed out to find some retail parks.. i did ask on reception where the retail parks were but both girls didnt have a clue what i was on about! then i looked a right tit trying to explain it.. "errrm.. like an industrial estate.. with big shops?" lol im rubbish at explaining! we decided to just drive and find them ourselves, which we done.
unfortunately we didnt go in ikea cause we dont have a home atm and didnt want to tease ourselves with all the lovely things we couldnt get! however, i did make up for that in boots and bought lots of nice things :)

saturday night we headed out to TGI fridays for a meal. it was possibly the best meal ive had out, ever! :O
strawberry daiquiri (yummm!)

we got seated near a family and the baby was sick which really smelt bad so we asked to move before we got our food, luckily they were really nice about it and moved us!
i ordered ribeye steak and aaron ordered sirloin on the bone. they were both cooked perfect!!
we pigged out big time and had desert.. aaron had a sundae and i had choc fudge cake which was sooo sickly i just could not finish it! - but it was lush!
id never been in a TGI fridays restaurant before.. it was a little noisy like F&B but the food more than made up for it! i wouldnt hesitate in going back.

we went for a walk to have a look about and to try and stop the full-over eaten feeling we both had then got in the car and headed to willen lake for a nicer walk :)

it was really pretty there as the sun was setting. the clouds looked funky and the swans coming in in a V shape made us giggle. it was lovely and peaceful and kinda romantic i suppose! after a little walk we sat on a bench for a bit just staring out at the water, it was so lovely :)

at willen lake
after a while we headed back to the hotel, had a drink in the bar (bacardi n coke mmmmm) then went up as we were both knackered!

sunday we had breakfast at the hotel again then headed back to the shopping centre, this time to look for new trainers and a jacket for aaron.. we didnt find either as he's really not liking the new trends at the moment - yellow/red trousers, cuffed hems on trousers, deck shoes, girly/camp tshirts... he said to me "i dont want to look like ive just stepped out of the only way is essex! they look gay, im not gay!"
- i completely agree. i hate that look on blokes! i want my man to look like a man and be manly!
aaron doesnt own anything from places like topman and h&m.. the brand he wears the most of is henleys and he likes new look (when they dont have the camp stuff in! although if i didnt go in there he probably wouldnt either!) and JD too.

aaron was messing about!
after the mall we headed back to the hotel for a final time, grabbed our stuff and checked out.
on the way home it decided to absolutely pee it down! merrr!

funky new design window wiper or slow shutter speed on the camera phone...? hmmm lol..

overall we both said we had such a nice weekend and it was so good just to get away from things for a few days. i didnt wanna go back! lol..
although the weekend was good, i dont think i would go back to milton keynes. its not a bad place at all i just expected bigger, better and more shops i think.. although maybe we just didnt find them all? i enjoyed leicester and birmingham more for shopping and unlike other cities in the uk, the roads are in grids so it can be so confusing.. aaron said it was like being in canada again!

the most disappointing/annoying part of my weekend was the pure ignorance of some people!
ignorance is my biggest hate. there is just no need for it at all.
the amount of times i moved for someone or held a door open and didnt get a thankyou for even any acknowledgement.. it makes me so annoyed because i absolutely always thank people for those things! (leicester was the worst place for this - and its nearly always a foreign person)
the worst one was when i was walking and a girl turned backwards and walked into me. at this point i would be like "oop, sorry!" straight away without even thinking about it. but no. this blonde skinny little runt turned, looked me up and down (judging if i was worthy of an apology maybe?) then made a face and walked off. i was gobsmacked!!

i havent included anything i bought as im going to do a seperate post on that! - this post would have been huuuuge otherwise!
what did you get upto this weekend? xxx

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