Thursday, 26 July 2012

8 fears

as you probably know if you've been reading my posts lately, im away this weekend.
as im writing right now its thursday. im hoping i can save the posts as drafts and publish them on my phone.. if you're reading this, its worked! lol :)

8 fears.

if im on a ride at a theme park or fun fair, im not as bad, although i wont look down or i close my eyes! but if its by foot, like on a ladder or something, im terrified! i shake and my legs go to jelly. i dont like see-through stairs either or piers because you can see through *shudder*

i wouldnt say its a phobia but its not far off! even small ones.. just no! i cant even kill them, they proper freak me out. i usually freeze... then run or get aaron to get it! luckily he's not bothered by them.. phew!

i used to be fine with it but the last few times ive proper freaked out.. cold sweats, shaking, feeling sick.. i have no idea why though! it just come from nowhere. i hope one day i can get over this cause im missing out as im so reluctant to go abroad on holiday again after the last few times :/

im pretty sure most of us are scared of dying.. i really hope its not painful, dont we all? - not that we get much choice obviously. it just really upsets and scares me that one day i wont exist.. goodness knows how ill cope when someone really really close to me dies.. i dont even wanna think about it.

i do not like storms at all! the thunder scares me way more than the lightening cause it just sounds horrible and scary! when i was young, i used to sit in my parents bedroom next to the bed cause i dont like being alone, i never woke them, i just sat there quiet til it went away. last year i was home alone and there was a storm and i was really freaking out big time!! im not toooo bad anymore if im with someone though.

small boats.
aaron took me on a row boat once. never, ever again. it was suposed to be romantic but i was so scared! i nearly fell in the water trying to get in and then was too scared to move at all because it rocked about so much! i just kept imagining water leaking in which made it worse cause i cant swim!

i dont mean like the drug!! - i mean like going fast.. more so in a car. on rides im not too bad but if im in a car and the driver really has their foot down i do not like it at all. especially round corners/bends.. there really is no need to scare me like that! just saying ;) ooh and i would never ever get on a motorbike. no siree!

quiet roads at night.
when we're driving along a back road at night, i always think 'omg what if someone jumped out and tried to attack us!' while i know this is highly unlikely, its not impossible either! ..i think ive watched too many american films!!

what do you fear? xxx


  1. I'm surprised, I thought I would be afraid of at least one thing on your list. I am more so afraid of aliens, and cockroaches! They are gross. and the worse!

    i'm a new follower and look forward to your upcoming posts :)

    1. it would be boring if we were all the same :) i can imagine cockroaches are very gross but i dont even think ive seen one before lol x

  2. This is going to sound completely ridiculous but i'm petfified of touching jelly babies, powdery floury texture it just really makes my skin crawl! At least you have valid fears haha xx

    1. i completely get what you mean lauren! - i dont like the feel of flour much either! especially cooking with it! xx