Sunday, 29 July 2012

6 places

6 places:

i had a week away in wales (mumbles near swansea) last year and i absolutely loved it! the people were so, so friendly compared to here in suffolk. it was also very pretty where we went. i just loved everything about it so we're going back this year to the west coast of wales this time and i cant wait! if i could live anywhere it would be there.

i havent been there with aaron (yet - we're hoping to have a weekend this year) but i went with my family, a load of cousins and auntie and uncle about 12 years ago. we went to disneyland and stayed at davy crocketts ranch - it was brilliant! we also visited paris and i really enjoyed it. i dont get why people dont like the french, we thought they were really friendly!

i went to ibiza with aaron 3 years ago, my parents paid for us to have 2 weeks which was my 21st bday present. when people say ibiza you automatically think clubbing.. can you believe we went to ibiza and didnt go in a single club!? we stayed in san antonio bay which was ok but if i went again id stay in es canar as its a much nicer area (less riff raff, less people trying to sell you drugs!!!). there are so many nice beaches and restaurants away from the drunken touristy bits, best holiday we've had together :)

i went to turkey with my cousin stacy when i was 17 (she was 18) it was very much unforgettable!!! we booked it last minute (6 days) and had to eat cheap food/go without meals in order to get drunk each night as we didnt have enough pennies but it was worth it!! so many funny memories that we still laugh about, even now - 7 years on!

my bed.
seriously, we have THE most comfiest bed, ever! would you believe we got it from........ carpet right!?! as if carpet right sell beds lol. it was in a sale and we knew it was 'the one' as soon as we laid on it! its a kingsize as aaron says im a bed hog lol.. well i do like to be comfy!! i think our bed is the reason i can always fall asleep at any time and why i never want to get up!

ive never been but i would absolutely *love* to go there over christmas and stay in a log cabin with looads of snow outside and a lovely fire going and a cosy blanket for cuddles with aaron :) doesnt it just sound so nice already!! i cant ski or anything and the thought of it terrifies me so i wouldnt be going for that - just the snow and the cosyness!! :)


  1. Ahh this post is so cute :) I've been to Turkey twice and loved it!! I've also been skiing in Austria and it's not as scary as it seems. Definitely recommend it :). Following your blog now xxx

    1. aw really? i think if we were ever to go i would deffo look into it but i am such a big wimp! lol xx