Wednesday, 25 July 2012

10 facts about moi

i love things like this and it gives people a chance to get to know you a bit more.. i think everybody should do it... right now :) lol

10 secrets:

im really shy.
im fine with people once i get to know them a bit more but at first im terrible - although i have got better since being with aaron. it used to be so bad that i wouldnt get on a bus alone or pop up town alone.. i now do both but not with as much ease as id like!

i was bullied at school.
it wasnt physical bullying luckily but the name calling and tormenting made me hate school so much that i stopped paying any interest and left with poor grades. i was an easy target because i was shy and didnt have many friends.

i quit college half way through a (health and social care) course.
this is one of my biggest regrets. id made friends unlike at school but enjoyed having fun and going out so much that i stopped caring about college. one day my tutor spoke to me and told me i could do better and to buckle down and i told her that wouldnt be happening because i quit. she said i couldnt do that and i said i could and did.. this is why i think putting the leaving school age up is a good idea - i was only 16 and just didnt care like i would have if id been older and more mature.

i rarely wear make up.
i can imagine the gasps of beauty bloggers right now lol.. honestly i only wear make up probably twice or 3 times a month. i dont think twice about walking down the shop or nipping up town with no make up on. although i do think i look way better with it on, i just dont see the point unless im meeting up with friends or having a night out/meal out.

i dont like flying.
in an airplane of course - red bull does not give you wings. i used to be fine with flying when i was 17/18.. but the last few times i've been on one ive got my panic on, felt faint, got sweaty palms, cold sweats, struggled breathing properly.. it was horrid! so last year we went to wales and this year we're going back cause we loved it. we have said we want to go to the usa for our honeymoon though which will of course mean flying but it will be so worth it!

i havent read fifty shades.
and its 99% likely i never will. books like that just arent my sorta thing. although i like to read, i wouldnt say im a massive book worm at all and much prefer biographies and autobiographies or books about things that intrigue me like gypsies/travellers, dreams, ghosts etc.

im pretty good in the kitchen.
when i lived at home i wasnt interested in cooking whatsoever, its not that i couldnt do it, i just didnt *want* to. when i first moved in with aaron and his parents i was quite happy to let his mum do all the cooking but when we moved into our own place i had to learn and i picked it up really quickly and with ease. its all about timing, organisation and common sense, which luckily i have plenty of. we're back at aarons mums atm (long story) and i cook for me and aaron every night, i love it and he loves it too - luckily! - he's always saying im a good cook :)

i have no idea what i want in life.
obviously i want to marry aaron one day and maybe have a kid together but i have no idea what i want to do work wise. im so bored of sitting home every day (although i do like that i have time to clean, tidy & cook proper meals) but i just dont really know what i want to do. luckily for us aaron is earning a really good wage but i would like to be bringing some in myself. id absolutely love to work from home but have no idea how to get work that way.

i dont have a close bond with my parents or sister.
some people are so close to their family but im not one of those people. for reasons i wont go into right now, we just cant seem to get along. i would like to get on with my parents better but i just dont see it happening. and my sister i dont want anything to do with at all. may sound harsh but i have my reasons. she is really close to my parents so i think thats why im not close with them but i have aaron and he makes me happy. he's my family, best friend and fiance all in one :) x

i dont like apple.
iphones, ipods, imacs.. they can all lick my big itoe! (toe.. lol?) everyone i know thats had an iphone, its broken, fixed, broken, fixed.. all you see on for sale groups on facebook is iphones for sale... with a broken screen! i had an ipod once to see what all the fuss was about.. it crashed and skipped songs (usually when i was singing along... embarrassing much!) and itunes absolutely ruined my beloved barbie pink laptop (RIP) so i got rid of it (after only a few weeks) - useless crappy thing. phone wise, HTC all the way!!

there you have it, 10 random fact about yours truely!
your turn! let me know if you do it too, we'd all like a nosey :) xxx


  1. lovely post - it's like to know about you as a person to a greater extent :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. I can be really shy too... I get so insecure about being seen on my own!

  3. This post just made me respect you so much more, Tiffany!!! I love how opinionated you are, and how different your personality is from many "normal" people out there!!!