Monday, 30 July 2012

5 foods.

5 foods:

indian food.
my favourite take away. i always have mushroom rice with chicken tikka masala and a keema naan. mega yum! i hate spicy food so would never even give curry a go but aaron pestered me and kept saying i dont have to have a spicy one.. so i gave it a go and now i love it! mmmmmmmm....

chinese food.
my (very close) second favourite take away. i also enjoy cooking chinese food too (- i highly recommend gok wans book as its more healthy than a take away but still has all the taste there) i love mushroom chow mein, crispy beef, smoked chicken and char siu pork the best.

roast dinner.
i love a good sunday roast! pork is my favourite but i also really like chicken. i love my roast potatos crispy, my veggies soft and my gravy thick and full of flavour :) perfect! aaron cooks the tastiest roast i've ever had, he's such a good cook, although i do most of the cooking as he works very hard :)

i love lasagne so much! the best lasagne ive had is from the restaurant 'ask'. ive tried lasagne from so many places, i have a top 5! the other 4 places are just pubs in our area. i cook a pretty good lasagne myself too, everyone thats tried it has always really enjoyed it - yay me!

when me and aaron go out for a meal, i either have lasagne or steak.. more often steak though! i used to always pick rump but i never, ever have it now. sirloin is wayy nicer and far less chewy so thats what i have. beefeater do lush steak and cook it so well, same with TGI fridays. rib eye and t-bone are also very tasty. yummers!!

what are your favourite foods? xxx

my posts will have more structure starting in august, if you missed the post and would like to know what on earth im on about, click here! :) xxx

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