Thursday, 5 July 2012

shoes shoes shoes!

so.. the other day i realised most of my shoes hurt my feet - and usually cut them to pieces leaving me with very sore feets :( - so i dont wear most of them half the time!
i have decided that i should probably try and find some 'decent' shoes that arent going to do that anymore and chuck the crap ones! - so ive been hunting about.
most of my wedges are falling apart or hurt my feet, i dont like my pumps anymore (they make me feel so stumpy!), my trainers are okay - one pair are very comfy - but im not a trainer person really! i only wear them if we're going to be walking far or if we're going to the gym.. none of my clothes go with trainers! i did buy some nice sandals for summer but alas, they followed suit and hurt my feet :( they have a big metal buckle and it bruises the top of my feet, ouchy :/

ive seen a few pairs i like so im going to share them, do tell me what you think :)
ill start with the ones i actually bought last night..
i really needed some comfy summer shoes (so summer, whenever you're ready to turn up....!) and these look sooo comfy! my doc told me i had to start getting shoes that would support my feet more so these should do the trick! you can find them here!

i do like these too..

but i didnt find them til after i bought the other ones! however, i think the other side of the plastic hearts and the top strap might annoy and dig in a bit? they are really pretty though and would be fine on someone that doesnt have broad feets like moi. they can be found here!
they also come in black and you can find those here!

for a while, ive been thinking about getting some pink wedges.. i stumbled upon these little beauties last night and fell head over heels in love!

Enlarged Preview 7

i cannot for the life of me walk in heels unless they're a wedge! one step and id be flat on my arse - not a good look! but im absolutely fine in wedges, i find if the ends turn up, they're way more comfy too :) they come in black too, which are also nice but i have black wedges already..
anyway you can find them here!

next up is these low wedges.. i reallyyy like the black ones and the print ones. *want!*

i used to have some black ones of these (not from same place) and i wore them soo much and they were just knackered in the end and i had to chuck them. booo! ive been looking for some replacements since and i think ive found them! you can get them too, here!
and a different buyer has them in bright red, blue, green here!

so im not sure if i should go for the big pink wedges, the trusty black wedges or the print wedges!?
which do you think i should go for? xxx

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