Wednesday, 11 July 2012

engagement: my story.

aaron and i had been together nearly 2 years before he asked me to marry him. if you've read my good news post - [click here] if you havent - then you'll know aaron is actually still married and waiting to get a divorce as the mental case ex wont cooperate so we cant get married just yet.
it was my 22nd birthday.. i already lived with aaron and his parents at this point due to problems at home. i woke up early and was so excited so i woke him up too! after a while i asked for my present and he said i had to wait.. so i asked for my card... and he said i had to wait.
when we got up to get ready aaron told me i had to wear something nice/smart. i asked why but he wouldnt say and i still hadnt got my present or card so i was getting a little grumpy! he said to pack an overnight bag (wouldnt say where we were going or anything) and off we went in the car.

this is our old car (mercedes) that we went in, i miss it but it was too juicy!

we were headed down the M25 towards london and werent far off when aaron turned and said 'so do you know where we're going yet?' to which i replied 'nope' - i was gettin more grumpy cause it was lunch time and i wanted my card and present and thought aaron was very mean making me wait.
when we got into london aaron got lost and as im really good with directions he asked me to help (although i wasnt allowed to know where we were going lol) but i said no cause i was annoyed at him and said it was his own fault he was lost! i remember a friend at work txting me asking if i was there yet and i didnt get how she knew but didnt think anything of it!

eventually we pulled into this posh area (where we had to go through security guards to let us carry on along the road) and pulled up outside a really posh hotel. the first thing i noticed was the men on the door with bowler hats and posh suits. i couldnt believe it when we got out the car and they took the keys and parked it for us! how posh is that! (please note i dont come from a family with a lot of money - i grew up in a council house and we never had holidays until we were older - so things like this leave me gob-smacked!)
aaron had booked us into the four seasons hotel, canary wharf. he later told me (i asked out of curiosity) it cost over £200 for one night as he wanted a good room not a basic one as it was a special occasion. plus over £30 parking for one night (which i think is ridic!)

we had the doors held open for us to go into the hotel (i remember looking at the bloke and being like 'ooh blimey i like this!' lol) and it had marble floors. i remember la-de-da people sitting in the middle on sofas sort of stopped and watched us walk in which i didnt like but its to be expected i suppose when i walk in trailing behind aaron, looking around with my jaw on the floor! we checked in and the lady asked if there was a special occasion and aaron said it was my birthday. at this point i genuinely thought staying at this posh hotel for the night was my present and in all honesty if that was all it was id have been happy with it!
we were shown up to our room and this was our view.. gorgeous!

within minutes of putting our things down i said to aaron 'so.... can i have my birthday card now then!?' he laughed and he told me to sit in the window seat bit and handed it to me.
i opened it and the front said 'to my fiancee...' i had to read it again and was like omg omg omg! and heard aaron get down on one knee and i hid behind the card! LOL! - i have no idea why i did that, i think i was just so shocked! i peered over the card and aaron said he loved me and asked if i would marry him.. with my eyes peering over the card i nodded and he was like 'tiff?' and i said 'yeahhh... i will' and he hugged me :) then i hid behind the card again! he sat on the bed and he said 'are you okay?' and i nodded and he asked if i was sure and i said 'course! just very very shocked!'

aaron opened a bottle of bubbles and poured me a glass.. it disappeared rather quickly! i sort of hovered around the room for a little while and kept smiling like a proper donut. i txt everyone to tell them the good news and my mum n dad rang and congratulated me. they told me they'd known for ages as aaron had gone to them to ask for my hand which i thought was soo sweet!
i had told aaron in one of our random conversations ages ago that i wanted a traditional engagement ring and he chose very, very well.

once i got a bit more back to normal and it sunk in a little (and all the bubbles had been guzzled) we decided to head out to get some dinner. we found a nice little italian restaurant right along the front of canary wharf. i cant remember for the life of me what i had because i was tipsy from the bubbles! oops! aaron kept trying to take a nice picture of me but i kept giggling..

after dinner (and the food had soaked up the alcohol!) we went for a nice little walk (arrr, romantic!) and found a tescos express lol.. we grabbed some munchies and headed back to the hotel room for a nice cosy evening in. the bed and the pillows were dreamy! they were the most comfortable thing EVER!

we had such a gorgeous view from our window (see pic below) the big bed was amazing, the bathroom was lush - a double jacuzzi bath , big mirrors.. all posh looking and to top it off i was given the best suprise ever! aaron deffo made it the best birthday id had and probably ever will have.

i had the best nights sleep ever and was sad to have to leave the following day. i had to keep looking at the ring to believe it really happened! aaron made that birthday the happiest day of my life (until we get married then it will be 2nd!) and it really brought it home that he was serious about me. - not that i thought he wasnt before but he was my first proper boyfriend and not many people spend the rest of their life with their first love but i just know i will :) since then we've grown closer and closer and have such a happy, strong relationship and really cant wait to get the divorce out the way now and save for a wedding :)

if any of you reading are engaged, how did you or your other half pop the question? xxx


  1. Wow, congratulations. How exciting and romantic! Bet you were thrilled to bits xx

  2. Wow, that sounds like the perfect day, and a lovely story, how romantic!

    So happy for you, just hope the divorce gets sorted for you soon so you can properly enjoy the rest of your lives together :)

    Laura xx

    1. thanks laura :)
      he can be romantic when he wants to be lol xx

  3. awwe. That made my day. Perfectly executed by your man!



  4. this story just brings tears to my eyes.... Aaron is just a perfect prince for princess Tiffany! I don't get to come across such a fantastic match;-)))

  5. congratulations! that is such a nice way for him to ask you to marry him:)