Sunday, 15 July 2012

aarons birthday

aarons birthday was monday just gone.
i realised i hadnt shared what i'd bought him in the end so thought i'd do a post on that.

i also have a mixture of other posts lined up for this week :)

i decided to cook a nice meal for me, aaron and his parents for when he got home from work. seeing as they all really enjoy my lasagne, i done that and hasselback potatos. aarons mum made dessert - choc sponge with hot sticky choc sauce. it was all very yum!

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for his birthday, aaron got tools for work from his parents which he'd asked for (hes an engineer) and i got him 6 pairs of socks (his always seem to disappear!) and toothbrush replacement heads - both of which he kept saying he wanted. i also booked 2 nights in a nice hotel at milton keynes for the end of the month and a table at prezzos for last night - which we didnt end up going to!
i booked the hotel in milton keynes as we really need a break from things.. there is so much to do there and its not too far away (about an hour n half drive) we've been once before but that was just to go to ikea. (i looooove ikea but there isnt one round here, booo!)
and i booked prezzo as we keep saying we're going to go there and dont end up going.. which happened again last night! i blame gok wan. no really! we got his cook book from tesco yesterday and wanted to cook like everything in it.. so we went shopping, bought everything we needed and cooked a few things... im doing a whole post on that this week so wont say anymore! :)

roll on end of the month!
can anyone recommend places to go or things to do in/around milton keynes?! xxx

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  1. Happy belated Birth Day to your prince!!! I'm so happy you, guys, had some great time with his parents! And staying at home to cook together sounds like a MUCH romantic evening than eating out in a restaurant;-))))